Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hey Lily aren’t you gonna help your
sister with all those grocery bags? If she didn’t have her head buried in her
phone she’d realize her sister needed a hand!
Seriously Lily? Fine I’ll open the trunk, geez! Say if Lily keeps your eyes glued
to our phones shall we never see this print coming if you have a fake hand
like this one you can totally scare your sibling into thinking you had a terrible
accident after you stick it in your sleeve place
your arm on the edge of a car door or trunk
just like this once the trunk closes on your fake hand It’s Showtime I’ve got to
open the trailer ha you’ve been totally fooled Lily oh you scared me half to
death Lana when nature calls it’s always a good time to ponder a life some most
important questions Lana come here what do you want
can you snag me my phone pretty please okay hold on finally whoa I have like 20
unanswered texts what’s happening everything’s going dark hey Lana what do
you need now would you be a doll and snag my charger I’m going to % C fine
incoming Thanks all right let’s do this puppy up and
back in business Oh looks like you’re fresh out of toilet
paper there man you kidding me well go ahead and caller wanna can you
come here a sec what now oh we do need toilet paper I got you
girl for this you’ll need a lint roller and a
roll of toilet paper that I’ll put together like this lastly you’ll need a
blow dryer plugged in of course perfect watch out
piranhas armed and ready here’s your toilet paper coming in hot Amy will
teach you not to force your friend at we don’t need while you’re stuck in the
bathroom I hope you have another roll waiting Amy
are you in there just barely I’m gonna get you back Lana doing a little light
cleaning on a Sunday is always a good idea okay looks like I’m just about done
uh Amy you’re gonna help out your friend there looks like whatever’s going on on
her phone is way more interesting than cleaning why waste all that energy when
you know you’re neat-freak friend is just gonna do it all anyway yes I’m exhausted from all this cleaning
probably because I’m the only one doing it hey Amy what would you mind doing me a
favor and push down that trash over there
dude just clean out the whole apartment after all pretty please
good movie it’s the least you can do for your friends oh man
Frank was awesome and messy one at that oh no my sock is soaking wet
I hate you Lily well looks like Amy’s going to have to clean the floors after
all I know that made a big mess but it is totally worth it
maybe next Sunday you’ll set aside some time to help dust yeah Amy what you
cooking up tonight Mia spaghetti hog rubs well one thing’s for sure you’re
really good at slicing up those onions but what’s a girl to do with all these
onion skins next time you have a bunch of onion skins lying around while
cooking stick them into a bowl next pour in some boiling hot water go ahead and
stir them in there for a minute or so you this onion water is looking pretty
nasty okay so now what oh no are you going to serve this onion tea to someone
yuck for the hot onion tea into a mug over a strainer so that the skins don’t
get in there really doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill chamomile or and
ginger tea doesn’t smell like it though when you’re getting ready to serve be
sure to bring a cup of regular tea for yourself so it doesn’t look too
suspicious and don’t forget the lemon for some added flavor for Amy’s birthday
Nia prepared a little tea and how nice Gary you go mmm I can’t even
swallow it Wow Mia a prank on Amy’s birthday
nothing like a rom-com and a big jar of pickles on a Friday night
crunchy want one Mia just the hairs in my nose twitch ah looks like Mia is that
quite a sweet tooth uh-oh looks like Sofia is definitely up to something
naughty if you want to do your pickle hating friends dirty make them BIST
tasty treat stick small to medium size pickles onto a stick just like this go
ahead and give those pickles a chocolate bath you never know this was a plate of
chocolate pickles would Jack don’t forget some colorful sprinkles to really
make them look mouth-watering hey Mia I made you a special dessert since I know
you loved chocolate so much oh I want those things in my mouth that don’t mind
if I do did you hear that lunch no this is the
saltiest fruit I’ve ever tasted wait a sec these are pickles you know I
can’t stand the things this next prank is a two-person job make sure you’re on
the same page before your next victim comes into the picture
follow my lead okay Sofia here she comes what’s up me up hey can I see your straw
for a sec trust me I won’t bite okay here you go
abracadabra alakazam count with me 1 2 hand the straw to your buddy who will
quickly flop in back into your friends drink and boom holy cow how on earth did
you do that Amy were you a wizard or something
if being super sneaky means being a wizard call me Harry Potter teamwork
makes the dream work and here you go to order some burgers
and fries you’re on earth is Vicki she should be here by now
man whatever well if she isn’t gonna be here for a few minutes if you want to
teach your friend not to be late this little trick is definitely one they
won’t forget take the straw from their drink and Pierce it in a packet of
ketchup then put the whole thing right back in the cup it’s the easiest April
Fool’s prank ever right now all we have to do is wait for the show oh boy here
comes Vicky natural touch natural hey so sorry I’m late traffic was awful thanks
we’re ordering I’m so hot from running in out it goes Oh Helle how could you do
that to me that old man over there did it what oh I’m gonna get you Hallie no
April Fool’s Day would be complete without a good old-fashioned snake prank
am i right break out your family or roommates by dropping one of these
rubber bad boys into a sink full of dirty dishes epic yes I’d love to watch
another episode of The Office thanks Netflix
oh it’s Vicky’s dish duty way to be a buzzkill Vicky oh so that’s
what a week’s worth of dishes looks like no better time than the present I guess
all right one plate down Oh get into our dirty dishes I’m never washing dishes
again oh look how peaceful Vicky is in her slumber too bad it’s not going to
last much longer at your next slumber party try out this next trick if your
pal keeps slippers next to her bed find some double-sided tape or sticky
material and stick those shoes right on top of it Oh careful there
looks like Vicky’s gonna start our morning off on the wrong foot literally
remember if you’re pranking next to a sleeping friend you’ve got to be extra
quiet don’t forget to stick both slippers there Helle oh right
here goes nothing well good morning Vicky did you get enough beauty rest no
time to sleep in it’s up and Adam for you jeez I feel parched glad I put this
glass of water here last night mmm yeah that’s the stuff all right let me slip
on these guys and get going oh why aren’t I going needless to say if that
glass of water didn’t wake you up that fall sure did the trick

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