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BETHESDA Manage To Make Themselves a LAUGHING STOCK Again!!

hi everyone its as here from heel vs vapor folks on a beautiful and I mean this sincerely beautiful cold rainy day here in the UK it's been raining pretty much all day it's been cold and miserable I've never been so happy after this sweltering heat that we've had the last few days but that's by the body I saw I've got some residual chuckle going because this isn't the first time that I've recorded or attempted to record this video nor the second novice there is a part in this video where I just can't I can't keep myself together and I just keep losing it so I've decided screw it you know just screw it we're just we're just gonna have to deal with that moment when it comes if it happens maybe I'll be able to contain myself a little bit more but probably not Bethesda no no that's not the that's not the joke that I'm talking about but Bethesda are not a stranger to being the butt of the internet's jokes to be made of mean Mean Machine is what they are unfortunately the the means used to be quite endearing when when people had a lot of love for the company and then when they released fallout 70 shit and try to fleece people because they wanted a foot in the door of live services and just to sell you digital shined people kind of got a little bit more aggressive but then on top of that they try to support fallout 76 with an array of assorted external products the ROM which of course was badly designed and kept just spilling over and he couldn't pour a glass brother but the jacket the jacket was just just the straw not the straw that broke the donkey's back by any stretch but it's just like who who wanted this who asked for this it looked literally looks like somebody wearing a bin liner in the UK we have these blue bin liners with yellow straps and it literally looks like somebody wearing a bin liner needless to say that it soon became the butt of the Internet's jokes again this is it still isn't the moment folks if I can just shrink myself oh that easy on the left-hand side you have the fallouts empty shit jacket and then on the right hand side you have the internet's response quite honest with you I think this looks pretty pretty snazzy but you know all jokes aside you know all jokes are signed it doesn't matter if something does well and I'm sure that the fallout 76 leather jacket is sold out probably by now probably had a limited run sold out people have got their little prize and they're very happy Oh perhaps it's half price is it all is it all sizes well look big big chunky monkeys we can get a $450 they literally can't ship these things I'm so sorry but it's just so I just when I was a sees the video I thought that probably all sold out so it was just an internet meme and the probably all gone and then I checked the website what stomach I know this is so professional but ah Bethesda so I'm gonna tell you to this hero gamer article I'm only gonna link this out to coach you know I only came for the article for the memes little n cakes it's always Lee look it's Wesley Oh Wesley huh I'm dealt with you for a while mate hi Wesley so that's let's link this in the description box CEO check it dude but as part of QuakeCon is it but there's your announced that doom one two and three we're coming to the switch however there's a twist the twice being that you have got to create and log on to a Bethesda dotnet account to play it initially once you've done it once then you can play Doom one and two offline but you still got login once and create an account and doom 3 requires an internet login because of reasons and why because of reasons I'm gonna have to totally take a drink after were laughing because none of the games required an internet connection in their day none of them they all supported local multiplayer so there was no need for any of that so there's this technically no need whatsoever for any internet connection other than downloading the game that you're purchasing with these titles so nibble this tweet here Barnea by nibble just put it into shine looks like doing one and two require you to log into your Bethesda account before you can play after your initial login you can play offline as well do three requires you to log into your battlenet Bethesda net not ban on account to access certain features and/or content which of course you never had to do in the first place so let's just go back here so what does this really mean well you can speculate all you want right but there's this only one true logical reason why they're doing it they want to capture your details that's it they are desperate to capture your details why they desperate to capture your details my initial reaction would be to market fallout 76 to desperately desperately try and market fallout Center 6 to try and get something in your email inbox pushing or what we're doing we've brought patch 11 it's broken three quarters of the game and we're focusing all our attention on battle royale because we have no creativity because this whole shit show was created purely to make you buy digital shit from our store that's that's what they want to do and so of course how has the internet responded how has the internet responded to Bethesda the only way the internet knows how to smash them with memes so people who suddenly started just taking any picture from various events in video games and then switching out the dialogue to say Domane or a Bethesda content account is required to play this game please connect to the internet to continue oh no well that was peach do now it's a problem et9 here a participant anyway regardless then we got more Mario Bethesda account is required to play this title please connect the internet to continue and the people responding to the memes with more memes Street Fighter a Bethesda junkies it goes on and it goes on and it gel der it takes it to different places you can literally create your own mean for this I don't know I mean I I would give anything truly well not even anything but many you know hyperbolically anything to find out what the he's going on it Bethesda right now what is their you know their their mindset they they have to understand things like this because they're absolutely 100% unnecessary I'm just gonna be seen as antagonistic again now don't get me wrong I'm not gonna confuse the Bethesda of twenty well the Bethesda of current day to the 25 year old company cuz doom is just bloody amazing let's just be honest here the first do I would still quite happily play the first doom game no trouble whatsoever it is absolutely phenomenal but why do it but we know why because they want to capture details they want to get you on the email marketing lists they know that some people are gonna you know click off it but they know some people aren't and then know that they're gonna have more people to market fallout Santee shit to you know push the new day dune game to Market Market Market Market Market Market your sheep you sheep so well done Bethesda your good faith carries forth into the future so I hope you enjoyed a little chuckle if you did do get a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel follow me on social media and twitch for live streaming links to description box down below and I'll be back with some more stuff very soon you take care bye for now you

25 thoughts on “BETHESDA Manage To Make Themselves a LAUGHING STOCK Again!!

  1. Wonder why they havent released Fo76 on the switch yet, The graphics were so shit it would run no problem.

  2. Saying "fallout seventy shit" might sound funny but it makes the argument sound less credible when you resort to name calling. We all know its shit. But this video is still somehow worse. I'm out. No like.

  3. I mean who would buy that? It's expensive and who are really going to wear that thing in public anyway? No one

  4. The thing is I feel with Beth is, and this is coming from an EX fan since Morrowind, is that they're amatuers that never got any better. Yes they made popular games, somehow, on an engine that's WELL past its prime, but they were all buggy messes that needed to be fixed as we all know. Also, they refuse to use any other engine because I think they are just too comfortable with the gamebryo engine, learning to use another one now would just be too much for them and now at this point doesn't even cross their tiny minds to use anything else. It's THEIR engine and damnit they're gonna wring out every last ounce of whatever is left inside it.

    Another thing is, from what I've observed about them over the years, IMO they always try and replicate what others do, just in an amatuerish way, because they're amatuers, and that has only ramped up in recent years. Their "Client", the joke st…..sorry the ATOM store, microtransactions, hell even the dialogue wheel in Fallout 4 which they lifted straight from Mass Effect, they even got the voice actor that voiced Garrus to make full use of the dialogue wheel. If I put my mind to it there are many other examples.

    And don't even get me started about their legal shenanigans. They deserve ALL the ridicule that comes their way and I'm glad it is.

  5. Bethesda gets no credit for the original Doom games. They were created by id software. Bethesda is just acting as a publisher for them now.

  6. This is the beginning of the push to artificially make older games grindier and impossibly hard while selling "micro" trash-actions in them too.

  7. I wouldn't give them my email account, the last time people did give them something and more important like a credit card number for refunds they shared them with there friends publicly lol!

  8. Just imagine if you will, that your a huge fan of MMO's and have been since EverQuest, you're also a huge fan of Fallout, you've known since FO3 that a really amazing formula for an MMORPG set within the Fallout universe is waiting to be tapped… it didn't happen with Fallen Earth, so you waited.

    Then the one company that owns the Fallout IP makes and Elder Scrolls MMO… it sucks at first but then turns into a really great game! NATURALLY, you're waiting for Fallout Online yes?

    And then you got FO76…

    That's me and everyone else who bought into this game. The FO structure is here, it's great when it actually runs well… but it never fucking runs well and then you find out they don't even test their patches lol, or do ANY in house testing to cross check systems… they just shit it out into the wild.

    Imagine if you will.

  9. Making you sign up for a Bethesda account is obviously so they can inflate their monthly active users and subs so they can show growth to the shareholders.

  10. Didnt they get nailed for selling some of their cosmetics for "half price" This seems like a rehash of that.

  11. 420 is for stoners 42 is for everything 666 is the devil 7 is lucky 69 is a mouthful and now 76 is cringe failing.

  12. No way am I ever letting the glitch-masters have my details. They already proved they can't be trusted with other people (aka the retards who pre-ordered Fallout Seventyshit).

  13. I'm having the weirdest Deja vu, didn't we have this video months ago? Binbag joke and all? Anyway, have a like, cuz laughing at Bethesda is always fun anymore.

  14. Az, thanks for a great laugh. Youve got to get one of those jackets and do a video wearing it – that would be hilarious (actually wearing it in public, on a bus or in the shops – would love to see peoples reactions)

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