Laughter is the Best Medicine

bex mack having the only sense of humor ever

I thought we should talk after yesterday’s *dramatic pause* Quinn-cident. *snorts* Quinn-cident. Nice. But, seriously… What’s this? Food You bought food? Well, it was this or go with the magic beans the little boy offered to trade us for our cow Yes, I bought food. I
got everything on your list Just come back in a couple of days. Well, thank you
so much. Uhh, doctor…? it’s just Miranda. Miranda Patrick. Hey! Two first names Me, too. Rebecca Mack That’s a good thing, right? Two first names Yeah, it’s fun when you go to the movies
and you stay for the credits and look for the people with two first names
Sarah Jessica Parker is our queen. I’ll have to do that too. *IT’S SUPPOSED TO SAY MINDED* Um, well thank you so
much. Miranda Patrick. Thank You Rebecca Mack.
It’s just Bex. Would it be okay if I borrowed Andi today? We could hang out get to know each other. Please, please, please! Absolutely not. Get ready, you’re going to school. Please, please, please! What is he doing here? Did you
summon him? Summon? Yes, I said his name three times in front of a mirror. You ask first. It can be anything? Anything. Calzones, a genius invention or just a good way to burn your mouth? Bowie, be serious! You know I hate calzones; the cheese is always the temperature of the sun. Okay, um, Do you want to live in Shadyside forever? Oh, good one! No peeking Okay, my turn. Would you ever want to have more kids? Whoa! Coming in hot! Like a calzone, baby. Does your’s taste okay? Yeah. Your’s doesn’t? It just smells… weird. What? Oh! I fell for it again! Fifteen years of this! Oh! Wait, uh, mine’s smells funny, too. Oh, great. How stupid do you think I am? Stupid enough to fall for the decoy! Ohhh! Looks like revenge is a dish that’s too slow! Being there felt like old times, but it’s new times, now! This is my home and you’re my mom I’m your what? My mom? You called me mom So? That was the first time! Woah Say it again! Please don’t make a giant thing out of this. Who shouldn’t make a giant thing out of this? You. Mom! *adorable giggling* Again, again! Mom! Say it again! Okay! Mom, mom! I could get suspended! That goes on my permanent record. Forever Little secret, There is no permanent record. What? Yep, they made it up to scare kids. Well, it worked There’s also no boogeyman and you’re face will not stay that way. I’m glad you could make it. I don’t know if you remember me We met in the parking lot I’m the new principal, Dr. Metcalf And I have been looking through your permanent record May I see it? No. And your’s, had been empty Until today. Aww, it’s like my permanent record had a baby. You’re the kind of kid that made me want to be a principal. Ah ha! I knew it! It’s all Sudoku! He he, in your face! And you’re the kind of kid that made me want to be a dentist. Get out.

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