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100 thoughts on “Beyond Scared Straight: ‘You Look Dusty’ Top Moments from Alternative Lifestyle Unit | A&E



    “Half this pot full of crackheads.”
    “Not me girl”
    “I didn’t say you.”


  2. They need it because somebody didn't provide the fear of reality in them !! The meaning of Life…….is what YOU make it !! Save them before it's too late………🌾

  3. I believe the reason why this works isnt because they're genuinely scared although to some it obviously is, but the realization that although these people are jail torn and socially deprived its something they've done that fully understand and sincerely dont want these kids lifes to be also, and I think that's what derives that fear, no they aren't freaking crazy jail people, they're people like us in jail for what I'm beginning to do

  4. I went to basic training in fort Benning and as crazy as this sounds the way they talk brings back memories of the dirty south haha good times

  5. I watched plenty of scared straight episodes, but in this one episode, something I terribly wrong. Why do all these inmates seem clinically insane? Look at their eyes and facial expressions!!

  6. @1:28
    "Smokin? Half this pod full of crack heads"
    "Not me, girl." 💅
    "I didn't say you."

  7. In summer school we visited the county jail. The inmates were yelling at us, lol! Omg! We were just there for a tour not a scared straight program.

  8. You've somebody that's in for burglary telling kids or anyone else for that matter that it's messed up to steal things that people work hard for. Yep, sounds just about right!! Here is something to put into action and it's not very hard to do yet it's actually common sense and the most basic of common sense at that. Make sure you film and post stuff that actually makes since instead of stuff that's created by dumbasses!!! Smh….. You've 1 job, just 1 and you failed even at that!!! Lord have mercy!!!

  9. It's a man but it's a girl. This is the logic of alot of humanity these days!! Very sad I say! I'm not gonna ask if it's sad because I know for FACT that it's.

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