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“Beyond The Laughing Sky” – DELETED DISNEY SONG ft. Hali Ducote

(It’s recording.) Oh! [Laughing] (The whole time.) The whole time! [Music] Hi! I’m Hali Ducote and I wanted to do a video for you guys for “Alice in Wonderland” week! It’s one of my favorite movies and, um, I wanted to sing a song for you. If you don’t know, the beginning of Alice, she sings a song called “In a World of My Own” and that wasn’t initially supposed to be the song it was supposed to be a song called “Beyond the Laughing Sky” and it got cut because it was too high for Alice. I would love to sing that for you and it’s a melody you might recognize from my other favorite disney movie. See if you know what it is! [Music Playing: Melody is very similar to “Second Star to the Right” from Peter Pan. [Singing] Why does the whispering wind sound like a lullaby? Is that the magic music from beyond the laughing sky? Why can’t the swallows remain? Where is the place they fly? Why can’t I go along with them beyond the laughing sky? If I climb the highest tree, where, oh, where would I be? Would I find the place for me in a land of grand enchantment? [Musical Interlude] Where do the clouds disappear when they go rolling by? I’m wondering about the world beyond the laughing sky. Beyond the laughing sky. Thanks for watching! I hope you liked it a lot! This is my first singing video and I was a little nervous and if you liked it, give me a thumbs up. Thank you!

100 thoughts on ““Beyond The Laughing Sky” – DELETED DISNEY SONG ft. Hali Ducote

  1. You have a beautiful magical voice can you do a song arial does I think you can do it please a song arial sings from the little mermaid

  2. Thank you! In my opinion, "Beyond The Laughing Sky" is a much better song that fits the scene and mood better.

  3. OMG SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PETER PAN! 😊😊😊😊😊Ily Hali you guys r the cutest family EVER!!

  4. It similar to Peter Pan! I love it! You are adorable and so inspiring. I want to be Wendy in Disneyland, but I'll never be as good as you

  5. omg, this was so heart-warming and beautiful. 💕 i would honestly purchase this on itunes. 💗 i remember hali when she was a face character at disneyland. love you, hali. i miss those beautiful moments when i met you as alice and wendy at disneyland.

  6. Can't handle the cute! And the melody is from one of my favorites as well. I was singing it in my head when I first heard it

  7. This is so sweet, Hali! I was just telling a friend about "Beyond the Laughing Sky" today at a party and so I looked it up on YouTube to post on her FB wall….and I came across this video. This is so darling, I love it. I didn't know you could sing so well. 🙂 <3

  8. the last couple weeks I feel so sad all the time and this songs makes me calm and brings me peace. Thank you for that

  9. Is there any chance I could have access to the backing track you used for this? I'm singing it in our show at college and it's by far the best version around!

  10. Could I please have permission to use this for a dance I'm doing? It's absolutely beautiful.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Was she Alice/Wendy character meet and greet Ai Disneyland??
    I heard that the actress who did the voice for Alice and Wendy did sing a line in "The second star to the right".

  12. I loved this so much Hali! Definitely recognise the tune from Peter Pan. Is it the same song? But seriously your voice gives me chills please do more covers!!!!

  13. 0:26 What? Kathryn Beaumont (voice actress for Alice) couldn't sing high enough to take on the song? That's too bad, but I do like your rendition of it. And the melody was re-purposed for "Second Star to the Right" in Peter Pan.

  14. I watched this video when I was younger and am rewatching it now. Peter Pan was literally my childhood and holds a dear place in my heart and this is in the tune of a song from it. Rewatching it now, I honestly feel emotional, you have such a beautiful voice.

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