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Beyond Vines April 2017 Part 2 (W/Titles) Funny Vine Compilation - Co Vines✔

gee huh all right throwing up in the headphones button speaking I snack oh yeah yes I just go to our close-up Oh Pizza MODOK ruh-roh anima get bar man later sit down right now hey how you doing I just have these few things so how are you doing today sir I've been good Oh looks like you're shoving trees yeah glad we killing okay will it be 20 hours even sir you go thank you it has a chip so I have to insert it your card the county here we go what I think I look at you pay your bills in this motherfucker well no exactly so just don't dumbass up look I don't have a long day I know you trying to kill me right now buy me like five minutes get my nap in you know maybe a little loose I got shit too so you know interacting come on I don't worry Lord Jesus name [Applause] you sleep Brants up do you remember that time 10 years ago that you were watching a Discovery Channel even cannot remember talking with your friend um yo knocks it was sunny outside I'm just trying to find out what did I study last week I don't remember anything you did last week and I was like what I was wrong you punk did you just clap yeah I'm gonna try out-of-body wrong you couldn't you why don't you use a hand your love on me but I stuck make me happy yo yes officer look at this look at this miserable oh my gosh well he's on his head rodents rabbits huh I'm good give my phone hey mom you still here yeah I missed the bus song so what they got to do with me it's just that I was hoping that you could potentially drive me to school ma you're really funny you're really fun mom well I gotta go to work so you have to figure that out Oh looks like I gotta stay home today no no you said Oh what you're gonna get the school- you have mom snowing outside oh my gosh you don't want the leather oh don't feel you got them three years ago well curl your feet because I'm not moving out so I gotta get up which is in ten minutes so I'm gonna hurt my feelings don't hurt me when did she run little pockets right now run it up right now uh okay yes you give me a second come on come on you know a wallet your wallet right oh yeah you look like you look like ya no no no no that's where you just call me a bad man about whatever your brother chicken sandwich thing and you broke them but you broke that's okay II just am I Danny no you broke ah you broke man um you wrote I'm use your Sigma players now I want to hear that shit man you broke you're broke oh nice throw best shit that's embarrassing no come on brah steal 13 I'll give you my Netflix password wrong with you thank you for choosing century 21 I'll be happy they'll be find your perfect home I like this guy already you know what we're looking for a home with an indoor slide oh I love slides no we are not looking for a home with an indoor slide talked about this we never talked about this we're talking about this right now no no interspike okay let's put the indoor sign on hold we're looking for a home with trampoline floors what I like bouncing who doesn't love bouncing are you go right it's so fun no no we're looking for the more traditional home with blue shutters and a white picket fence that does sound beautiful does that come with an indoor slide no no indoor scientist listen I know it's hard to find the perfect home slides bouncing picket fences all great with my sensory 21 expertise I can help you find out the best fits your needs thank you we definitely need your help don't get off the phone and pay attention to me I've been missing you for 33 years you've been gone my entire life I've ever bored you're still on the phone oh oh oh our employees of the extra mile drive customers great hey branch Enterprise we're here to pick you up [Laughter] oh boy go slow stop all that running in the house slow down you're gonna hurt yourself and you better not be in there jumping on that bed either stop jumping on the bed you're gonna hurt yourself you're not gonna learn to you're gonna stop jumping on the bed you're gonna hurt yourself see what did I say what did I say you hit your head didn't you use your head you don't hear now you got to feel take your clothes off and get out hurry up take your clothes off and get in the shower because you don't listen and when you finish them get in your bed because I'm sick of this you don't listen you want to do your whole thing all the time you don't hey girl oh you so you back yeah I spent the night so like so you smashed I mean like my niggas I need good snack I mean yeah smash mine hey brah yeah I can ask her in my car but so what why'd you spend the night she was standing at the top of a driveway and like it's really steep so I drove up and I was kind of like kick I can't go away okay that's not what I asked you I said why'd you why'd you spend the night because I was out smashing her mom oh okay yeah but she ain't care that you hit her kid though yeah that part was kind of fucked up yeah kind of turned me on though oh yeah I got a go where are you going I shouldn't tell you that where you going bro how much just I'm going to take this and yeah I'll see you real a minute to save this tree I'm sorry I'm running late for the Train what oh oh we would save you Jonathan right oh he's coming over here hey guys oh they're here yes do you guys have thumbs in a moment to save this tree y'all how some clowns that single thing – I rap on trail well I have the yella quinceanera quinceanera I speak Portuguese beautiful language hey keep it going same time tomorrow Jonathan that works hey ha ha ha God give why would you do that right you were so scared yeah I know I was so scared but why would you think that's funny I'm just I'm just kidding oh you were just kidding you're just kidding I think threw something at you fake well guess what your fake throw caused something very real to happen in 5 Dean ok fear you know like that okay I didn't know that was happening inside of you I think you should apologize be serious I've never been more serious about anything in my life this is so intense okay I'm sorry I'm not buying that say it like you mean it I'm sorry it's better you're forgiven so are you still didn't fuck me later I mean is that even a question yeah oh my gosh look how cute this picture isn't my mom just sent me a little Mickey [Laughter] oh my gosh good that is humor really funny Oh crying yes that is hysterical [Laughter]

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