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Beyond Vines April 2017 Part 3 (W/Titles) Funny Vine Compilation - Co Vines✔

you put her down Oh up this little I'm mini Superman nigga call us coming baby I'm here to save the day this could be you you put these women down my powerful divine protect all women in the quarter you got what the fuck are you doing he said my foundation doesn't match my skin tone that doesn't mean you stabbed him what the fuck is wrong with you Oh what since I'm wrong you can have him suck your dick you understand right now your attendance usually doesn't cause any concern but lately I want to set you up you've been missing the first hour I was saying lately you've been missing the first hour of your shit Oh something you want to talk about we can I can look your boss or if you I was saying if you want to take some time off if it's a person okay issue no I don't think I want you to take a few days off for nothing so no deep throat okay focus on getting here on time and we should get back together and I miss you I miss you too I'm so happy i aint no fuck bitch I never miss I'm a hundred percent from the field ever miss the fuck Philippians 3:14 well is life no me and you are bound to be together I don't did you say bow where are we going what about for one by one that's right I'm going to Kentucky nigga the fuck are you going to Kentucky why are you acting like this we could have been something I was going to meet your parents meet my parents the bitch the only people my parents with me are these coaches recruiters and Scouts and my nigga buggies ain't that right Moses 111 even with me sister jump that's my brother in junior high school a nigga you would defend her on my way to success but I understood it and things wrote it underneath you the lactis 814 Matta fact take a left Oh Joey did you called it called him 20 minutes ago again Wow hey guys sorry I'm late I had a long night and who's that oh that's my field hello you brought your own cook to the secret meeting no I do these chill you won't say anything dad doing speaking you said you know he's not gonna say anything either speak English so we got 30 men locked and loaded ready to go when I looked from the top yeah just like half an inch you brought your barber to the secret meeting he's chill you won't say anything right now chill then you'll keep it quiet no more people okay so then the 30 men are going to be there ready to go locked and loaded that's when you oh come on forget you have an executive council you brought your doctor to the secret meeting I have an infection in my arm holes are you serious and who is that hey we're here for the secret meeting you got supplier yeah my grandfather just got readmitted into the hospital and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a lot of time left actually wait one second can you say it again what can you say that again just real quick because it's um it's created sucked by your grandfather but I just wanted to just make sure I got it about my grandfather died yeah just just save one which I've just saved just the way you said it it's terrible but I like I want to get it so okay go ahead uh my grandfather's dying mmm wasn't exactly excited yes huh this is like it just sounds different than the first stanza way my grandfather no it's not oh do it right now you got me so you know I love my friends like that all the time well I tried tonage eat no it's not he's looking directly at me okay okay uh I you know what forget about it i'ma just I'm just visualized what I study I study for this I know I study for this opening up okay okay no no no papi to breathe yeah what is this dad does nothing I should I just sees me Dad you know Wow but that is you see me I want you to give this front pocket I'll go to the trails house they didn't I did with this the time they put that some of their food is he's so good look what you did well you're tearing this family apart it's easy just leave out a friend trying to be mekin 70 yen ever the same sense of it so those of you just sees me I didn't raise you to be like this a party food would just sort of it all right gone there thank you okay it's rain to about the whip up some dinner I'm sure he'll do it again our lady your teacher PG anodite okay I'll drop it is it big I somehow know Stuart gone don't get the flowers you need to water them hey so don't do that that's a no-no and this is amazing perfection Oh young man watch your mouth and watch me whip now I mean it xsg man look at your dad I'm looking at all right get up let's hit the hay and I'll hit the Quan Oh would you kids pump it down or should I say piped up hey hey hey so how was your day yeah it was pretty good you know I just I would you look oh my god you ain't protecting other niggas was going like that ain't where you sit right okay come out bro you think I bring in the side nigga right looking stupid you look silly there here's your hoops nigga ports niggas is my boys Levi – slaw yeah we was talking I'm realize we was talking to the same girl anger are Kelly Negros Irby I'm yeah we both are pushers shut the fuck up how could you cheat on dare ya dare my mama house you don't even know what you gotta say now look at you looking dumb looking stupid what you gotta say now huh we never dated who are you – what I bet she cheat right I don't know her I don't know bro oh my god why am I here why am I here but I have a job interview so you're just gonna leave how to go you just don't I gotta go he left

23 thoughts on “Beyond Vines April 2017 Part 3 (W/Titles) Funny Vine Compilation – Co Vines✔

  1. I Really hate how DeStorm acts in vines! he used to do some decent ones, but then for some reason, every vine he's been in he HAS to look like a gangsta, or talk like a gangsta. Its SO annoying

  2. ok nvm Bai I love the way of saying the best of the world of 0w0w0w the best @trash to to of which I think it would take to

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