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Big Bear Chase Me! – The Great Outdoors (10/10) Movie CLIP (1988) HD

Big, big, whoo big… All right, we’ll make a big one. – Big bear.
– Big bear! No! True. True. Out there. We’re glad you’re home, honey. – Big bear… chase…
– What is he saying? – What?
– Big bear chase me. Up the stairs! Get upstairs!
Oh, my God, it’s a bear! It’s a bear, it’s a bear! Get off, you son of a bitch. Roman! Roman! Wow! Wow! Uncle, uncle, uncle. Oh, my God. Protect us! Hold on. Mom. Connie, stay down. Hit him with the poker. Look out! Big bear… Big bear chase me. This big. – Thank God you’re here.
– Shoot him. – It’s a goddamn lamp.
– But it’s loaded. I can’t hold out much longer! – Quit pushing me.
– Give it me. Shoot him. Oh! Right in the…

100 thoughts on “Big Bear Chase Me! – The Great Outdoors (10/10) Movie CLIP (1988) HD

  1. It was funny how the bear looked at Kate at 1:24 like he was saying "hey, mind your own business, this is between him and I" or a look to say "once I kill him, you're next just for saying that" since she, Cara, Mara, and Benny backed up.

  2. This is one of my first hard laughs in my youth that I could remember. I remember watching this with my dad, and the fur flying off like that was so cartoon like that I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. now that I think about it… shouldn't Chet have been dead after about two bounces because that bear looks close to about 900 lbs and could pop him like a grape xD

  4. FRED: That seemed funny for a bear to be nearly naked after all.
    SHAGGY: Well whatever animal we discovered, he's gone now.

  5. Very funny that the big bear became bald on the rear end by a gun in the shape of a lamp long after it became bald headed.

  6. 2:20 I’m starting to relate this to the climax scene in “Norbit” where the old Asian guy saves the titular character by throwing a harpoon at the fat lady’s behind, and then she runs away all defenseless.

  7. ow a bears butt but I don't remember seeing that because I thought he killed it I saw it before when I was young but I thought it was rated r

  8. One of my favorite movies! I've seen this movie so many times. Such a classic! So many great scenes and quotes! 🤣😂🤣😂

    RIP John

  9. Big… big… Hooo big… Big bear… Big bear chase… Big bear chase me!!

    Big bear… Chet still in shock 🤣🤣🤣

    Fantastic classic movie

  10. I had this and Uncle Buck on a two-movie DVD. But Uncle Buck was broken and glitchy due to scratches on the disk, so I only remember this.

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