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Bihar Head Massage by Ravindar (Neck Crack) | Episode 9 | ASMR

Aditya: Don’t put oil, okay. Ravindar: A very little will do? Aditya: Yes very little, just for the name sake. Not the whole packet, just a few drops.. Ravindar: (on a phone call) Are you coming? Come fast homie.. Aditya: Very little…ah enough bro enough! (phone beeps message notification) (Crows Cawing) (Birendar Enters) Birendar(Barber’s Elder Brother) : Hello everyone. Birendar: When did you come to Village? Aditya: Hi, a day before yesterday.. Birendar: Everything fine? Aditya: Yes. Birendar: Will you be staying long? Aditya:No, not for a long time; couple of days more. (GOODBYES & GREETINGS)

100 thoughts on “Bihar Head Massage by Ravindar (Neck Crack) | Episode 9 | ASMR

  1. I'm not sure if I would Trust a guy spraying liquid out a sprite bottle to crack my fucking neck

  2. why did they look so shady at the end ?? especially the way dude looks into the camera..did they pay in drugs or something.

  3. Aditya seemed angry in the first 45 seconds. He gave Ravindra some mean looks. Like he was saying "Put the fucking phone down NOW".

  4. No problem. I know the way these people think. I've been around enough of them. They have class system. They pick on there own people, who makes more then what. What degree he or she has. They judge what car you drive. It's all based on cast. That's why some of them don't look happy. In India all the poor cast Hindus do Barber.

  5. Im sorry all my Indian friend,me just curious..Is it cold in there?? see most people use jacket on them..even Aditya wore long hand jumpers..
    i never travel to sorry..

  6. Some of the looks on The man who’s receiving the massage face is like dude get me outa here! NO TIP FOR YOU SIR 😆

  7. wow, I wonder if he could spare that drop on oil. lol I would not be able to relax in a place like that. Too noisy and very dirty.

  8. В Индии в вязаной шерстяной желетке? Вы серьёзно?

  9. Macam ye2 sial dengan telefon buruk die, pale buto memekak bunyi hon je, quality bodoh x payah buat video la babi

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