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Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Weigh In on “SNL” Firing Shane Gillis – Lights Out with David Spade

Uh, you heard…
oh, about this in the monologue. Comedian Shane Gillis got hired
as a new cast member of SNL. They immediately fired him
about jokes he made in the past. As a former member of SNL,
I feel my duty to stay out of the fray
and let you guys comment. (laughter) Well, this is just
cancel culture. The guy
shouldn’t have been fired. It’s just a couple of things
back in his history. We gonna go through
everyone’s history? Or are we going to get rid
of every sketch that SNL has done
that involves race? Like, I remember John Belushi dressing as an Asian man
with a samurai sword. That was the whole sketch. -Or-or maybe…
-That was the whole sketch. -Or maybe we could have…
-Karate chopping bread. What was it, Mike Myers used to
play a Japanese host like this, and if they got
the question wrong, -they had to cut their hand off?
-SPADE: Yeah. And I remember nothing
that you did wrong. (laughs) Yeah. (cheering and applause) -I was smart.
-My thing is… Mine got cut at rehearsal. Did they go back and also try
to look at good things that the person might’ve done or are they just looking
for the bad stuff? Is it– You just scroll through
“Help cat out of a tree.” That’s not it. “Help grandmother
walk across the street.” That’s not it. You know?
“Said something on a podcast.” -There it is. I mean, you could
do that, -Yeah. You know what… you could honestly do that
to anybody. So I don’t get it.
And then I don’t get, if you say something like that,
you can’t work in a sketch show but, like, it’s okay, what,
he can work in a lumberyard? -Yeah. -Yeah.
-You know? He’s certainly gonna meet
more Asians there, right? Than on SNL. That’s–
It’s a joke about how SNL’s not hiring Asians. Jesus Christ,
now I’m in trouble? -Yeah.
-We’re not running for office! When is this gonna (bleep) end? You (bleep) millennials.
You’re a bunch of rats. -All of ya.
-(cheering and applause) None of them care. All they want to do
is get people in trouble. See, see,
isn’t the biggest story that this is the first
Asian cast member they have? -Yeah. -You know what I mean?
Like, ten years, 11 years ago, when I came to America,
I asked to audition for SNL, and the response I got was,
“No, he’s not American.” So, you know, I know all us white people
look the same to you. I think,
when I was younger, on SNL, when you get hired,
the first, uh, move wasn’t to rifle
through your past -to make sure you get fired
right away. -Right. Because people–
the guy that won the Heisman and then, within an hour,
someone’s like, “Well, I went back 15 years
and, guess what, he did something shitty.” -It’s like, “Yeah, we all do.”
-I think, if you go back 15 years
in somebody’s life, someone should then go back
15 years in your life -and then find something.
-(applause) I mean, you’re basically– Hey, we went back and found out
he’s a human being. -He (bleep) up. So, I mean…
-Yeah. I don’t understand.
I don’t know. Whatever.

100 thoughts on “Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Weigh In on “SNL” Firing Shane Gillis – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. The comedy from the '80s couldn't be done today. People are too sensitive now and apparently can no longer take a joke. Revenge of the Nerds could NOT be made today (due to them being peeping Tom's.) Sixteen Candles couldn't be made today (due to characters having dru k sex – "How DARE (just) he!" – and Long Duck Dong.) Eddie Murphy's Delirious could in no way be made today (just for the Mr. T jokes if nothing else.) if the Oscars ever offered him a hosting gig, the SJWs and White Knight would Cancl him in 5 seconds flat and celebrities and politicians would come out of the woodwork to apologize for laughing at Delirious.

  2. Did any body see what shane said? He basically said "fuck ch***" a little less than a year ago. It wasnt a joke as much as it was a racist statement.

  3. There is a difference between what’s funny, poking fun in a semi-informed way aka joking VERSUS out-right maliciousness, disrespectful and insulting comments that are purposely supposed cause tears not laughter. I guess only good comedy can strike that fine line

  4. What the fuck is wrong with Jim Jefferies hair? Also doesn't his show take stuff out of context to make people look bad All the Time? Show business should just kill itself.

  5. Hey Bill you are sitting next to the worst spineless two faced rat of all. Check out Jeffries dishonest hit job on Avi Yemeni.

  6. So what you're saying is, if some white guy repeatedly says nigger, calls Obama a Jew Nigger, and then non-apologizes for that and says nigger is just his edgy comedic word, would you all be there to defend him?
    Or is racism against Asians just OK by you.

  7. Love Bill Burr. Disagree with what's happened here though. The podcast stuff is recent and it didn't look like a comedy "bit". Still cancel culture sucks, Andrew Yang dealt with this the best possible way.

    P.S. Jim Jeffries should shut the fuck up. What a two faced cunt.

  8. Love how this comments section is full of idiots defending a convicted domestic abuser. Or do you also think Jim manipulated Melbourne courts?

  9. 15 years or last year…apparently nobody's fucking counting. It was just a racist podcast but ok. 2 dudes talking shit about Chinese people, nothing new or innovative. The same racist tropes about Asians they've been hearing forever without even being funny. Murphy and Chappelle, at least had the decency to be funny.

  10. You are a piece of crap Jim Jefferies. I've seen the video of you selectively editing Avi Yemini to make him out to be racist. How dare you be on this panel and condemn "cancel culture"? You are part of cancel culture you floating toilet waste. I see you for what you are you hypocrite.

  11. Jim jefferies is an anti-gun foreigner. he needs to go back to australia since he doesnt want USA citizens to have firearms.

  12. Stick to comedy dipshits. Just fucking entertain. Stop using your celebrity status to push your worthless opinions. You're comedians, do comical shit or shut the fuck up!

  13. Look up Jim Jefferies goading Avi Yemini in an interview to try and get him to say shit about muslims. Jefferies actually says some fucked up stuff. Look up the whole thing filmed by Avi if it's still out there. Not the JJ show edited version.

  14. Damn I heard about the guy was under fire by some assholes but I ain’t hear they actually fired him. That fuckin sucks. Swear to God I hate this new society. Let a man earn a living. He didn’t kill anyone.

  15. Shane is free to say what he wants, the internet is free to react the way it wants, SNL is free to hire/fire whoever they want. What's the problem here?

  16. Jim Jeffries is a POS. Avi Yemini proved that. Comedy Central needs to be cancelled for supporting and protecting that trash

  17. Well he wasn't actually joking but just making out right racist remarks. All his peers said he was racist. Everyone has a right to their oppinion, so doesn't SNL. They decided he's not good for business. "Let the niggers have Harlem" is not a joke is it?

  18. I honestly think to be an offensive comedian, you have to focus more on the comedy! I would have to call your sister a whore and make you laugh! Otherwise, I'm just a douchebag calling your sister a whore. I've seen his comedy, barely funny!

  19. First Asian SNL cast member….. and my boy Shane Gillis gets raked over the coals for anti Asian comments….. Did SNL sacrifice the Dawg to get publicity?

  20. Jim Jeffries is a hypocrite. He has embraced cancel culture. Trying to smear ppl as far right. Case in point Avi Yemeni. Fuck you Jeffries..

  21. Don't care what Jim Jefferies has to say about anything after he pulled that character assassination 'editing' BS. How is he not fired and why do other comedians who know he did this keep enabling him…fuck knows. He's a vulgar Ozzie stereotype and a nasty little sh!t

  22. Wasn't 15 years ago, guys. It was last year. And he didn't just make some off color jokes, he made many blatantly racist, homophobic and otherwise hateful comments. Just because people tolerated bigotry 15 years ago doesn't mean its okay today or last year. So, I agree, something someone SAID 10 or 15 years ago (or even gross things like blackface) should be forgiven if the person has moved on and changed. But last year? What's his excuse except for being a real asshole and bigot? Because it's not ignorance or "living in a different time"

  23. Why in the fuck is Jim Jefferies opinion taking into account after what hes pulled? Like Don King preaching to people how as a promoter you have to take care of your fighters…

  24. Shane's a "shock" comedian. After getting fired, he did a stand-up bit where he said that Trump's assassination would be funnier than any other President's.
    On the other side, Shane used to do shows for a comedy theater called "Good Good Comedy" in Philly and the theater made good money from Shane and as soon as he quit, Good Good attacked him. They were the ones who led the fight, not because Shane's material is offensive, but because the owner has an ax to grind.

  25. David Spade's career got seriously stalled because celebrities took his "Hollywood Minute" personally. Which sucks, because it was hilarious.

  26. before seeing that video I thought everyone was going after him b/c of racist standup joke, turns out it was a podcast between 2 guys. I didn't hear a single joke between the two. By the end of the video I dislike that guy Gillis was talking to the most.

  27. Cancel culture??? He called Andrew Yang a "jew chink." That combination of slurs isn't some form of cultural appropriation in need of additional academic citation,,, it's just moronic bigotry.

  28. Oh but if it's one of theirs like cuck Justin Trudeau, it's fine because he said sorry. Even though he did it in 2000 when everyone knew blackface was wrong then…but whatever. Because, liberals….

  29. shane didnt say anything 15 years ago…..that shit was in 2019!!! and it wasnt even funny (please listen to it before you say its comedy)…..dont confuse "racist" snl sketches with 2 white dudes ranting in their basement…i love snl and "racist" comedy because race is thing and we should be able to laugh at it (the japanese game show, the eddie murphey "white face" and more are so funny). but that mans podcast was not that at all…it sounded like when a middle school "cool" kid tries to take shots at an asian classmate for cheap laughs and clout points….not well thought out jokes, not comedy….but thats just me

  30. Wait, are they comparing 1980s to 2016? The guy used the c word when referring to the Chinese in 2016. Name one white comedian today who would do that to the black community and still get to keep his/her job on national TV. Here's a question to ask – why won't any of the three use racial slurs in their podCast or standup routines?

  31. The guy who led that charge is the real story here
    Seth Simons who is a failed comedian (Christ, the cringe of this guy’s ‘comedy’) but a hack SJW critic
    Oddly enough, this Simons creature did a huge purge of his Twitter posts when the Gillis story got legs

  32. HOW FUNNY,…… that jimmy boy made fun of hajjis (rightfully so), gets called out on it and tries to hide because he is a slave to the same cancel culture. Get off the internet CC.

  33. Fuck Jim Jefferies. That arsehole has ZERO credibility after he doctored video footage to falsely accuse Avi Yemini of making racist and xenophobic comments.

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