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100 thoughts on “Bill Hader’s Most Obscure Impressions

  1. Bill’s “right off the top of my head” reminds me of Jim Carrey’s “it’s not like we didn’t plan it!” on Carson’s.

  2. "Hey, you look exactly like your pictures, I always get nervous for first dates, anyways, have you ever been attacked by an animal?"

  3. It's not his impression it's his face changing that's insane, would not be surprising if this guy is not from this planet lol😂

  4. these god damn "video will play after ad" commercials are OFFENSIVE. I can turn down the volume, but thats it. Its bullshit. Not as bad as those pop up ads that move with the screen you move…but almost.

  5. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who enjoys being interviewed more than Bill Hader. He giggles and guffaws his way through nearly every interview I've ever seen him do. It's actually quite delightful. He's having such a good time, I do too.

  6. My best impression is people thinking I'm white before they ever see me in person…. It's just how i talk. Could it be because I'm wanting to be accepted in the white community? Jimmy i will never sub to you.

  7. You know that guests sometimes, ahead of time, provide list of questions they would want to be asked, so they can prepare and make their interview funnier or more interesting. I think Hader did on this one.

    And talk show hosts hate this, especially hosts as spontaneous as Kimmel, Letterman, O'Brien. And they will try to make the "set-up" as obvious as possible as an f-you to the guest. I think Kimmel did on this one.

  8. Someone in here made a comment about Bill Hader doesn't wear suits a lot because he doesn't know to unbutton his jacket when he sits?…Well, what about Donald Trump? Have you noticed he almost always wears his suits unbuttoned when he stands and buttons them down when he sits — quite the opposite of what a well-dressed men shall do. Also the tie is waaay too long pass his belt and the knot way to small….And he has been wearing suits almost all his life….Go figure! 🙄

  9. How do they survive the fake laughs of the host. Like every single one has a method to fake laugh. Jimmy pushes the air he breathes like a mad man and this Kimmel guy looks like he is sitting on a ergonomic bouncing ball to help him keep the rhythm of his laughter.

  10. Hader is so awesome…if anyone deserves all the success of being a comedian, its Bill. I love that he can crack up and not in that annoying Fallon-fakery that Jimmy always does now. I hope Bill stays as genuine as he seems…true genius comedian.

  11. Пусть это будет 1 русскоязычный комментарий под этим видео. Билл талант!

  12. They have this one feller down at the bowling alley and he gets up on the stage and just starts shitting his britches.

  13. Bill is all ask reddit users.
    asks specific, targeted question
    Bill: No, but… (insert tangentially related story topic)*

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