Laughter is the Best Medicine

Bill Squire “Just Say Your Jokes”

g the sue c c cc hearings huh on panoramic views of ralph clark’s really
appreciated how is as a veteran of doctors that have
not been a great man and i know it’s like my dvd fill me his place a sold-out
once was the super pumped up and just not thank became personal work it’s driving me crazy have had the
skaters or click a week and a half and it will not go away every time i think it’s going to heal
accidentally by a day and it starts all over again and i can’t leave it alone
cuz i was cds i just keep talking it out of the great leggings are even worse you
could have the amount that we can cancel more like every addict but the times i
was there for guys like this relapse ratified opted to become an opera five
seconds and investing does away with war will will will will will will rule four thousand utah is over like guys that social good to make that
happen uh… i’m not all that shit twice before me once shame on me for me twice
please don’t come my mouth fair the same amount had now so is my dad outside some dent in fact uh… that’s why i
just like this ametro look nice uh… just rather had everything is not
even a nice to visit george forman came with my grill and uh… and i went out of the butterfly
obviously in the face and that’s not a good way to me women the
camera my body in the face because of my obesity really getting out of the money to you
in the face this me one of the grocery store people as we
were the junk food is like a doer twinkies and it doesn’t matter i have a
moral i got one phrase archenemy lose i think
bill is without our knowing that you just want to achieve the goal you have a
breakfast mix serial succumb to bolster yet from incoming bowls are about what kind of milk to use with dream it’s really good intensive care little expensive but it’s worth it it gonna treat yourself you lost weight to be put on a pair
pants and last time you had a man they’re kind of tiny may put them on a few weeks later
they’re kind of loose like a good for me costly even though i didn’t do anything with interns that you did with the scene we realize you’re our team publicly why
is my junk old these are sweat pants or even do that actually lost weight recently uh… i was like thirty pounds bank transfer that small smattering of
applause appreciate honesty other bills that then
and clapping decide one way to go if that’s ok cell allah’s way affects energy right
like i grew up eunice shitty food in them became addiction and just was my
fair way to be happy that like i would something like had his friend he’s worse than i ever
did needs terrible but he’s really skinny because he’s got krone’s disease so psychology disney is a good evening catching if you have
agreed on my camera giving severe blood is that does not a good disease i shit
my pants all the time silverlight leisure skinny av stretch marks but i’d like to think of a stretch marks
i’d like to attend the set to use the flames just all over again living on my leg talk about a fire crotch but take my shirt off and public
relation manager tacitly trans fats from our cleveland ohio bmx that’s out there alex boards even on from there you know that i thought the best thing
that good names good intimidating enjoy the cavaliers are cuz she was sort of that we took out of ur back in where the aliens or shiju the bone
marrow treaty the yankees indians goddess of the indians a fuckin
adit heather well somewhat on the stinson we got the browns rang shit on you lucien ourselves for the whatever that
is why put on using run by a spark many touched a outs india’s blade runner the beginning of
the year result cited to their winning games that’s up to the people start on the
games again he kept like nobody goes last year that we’d like to twenty years
ago when they were they want like seventeen games you go you sit wherever you want his
great had to sit on the end of the dugout just don’t want to do they’ve had other bases are loaded is
the level of bond gives a shit geo in or our team mathematically women
from the playoffs foreplay in the area list for christ
sake night in a professional william h will
be taking plus whatever the weather in cleveland you know moves to cool a cold-weather
isle of cold weather like to watch people fall down i was at the grocery store parking lot
and january there’s this guy walking his car one hand hit a big bag groceries union himself or just text in a way but the thirty year old girl with a
family dinner not paying attention to the big patch of
african american eyes about twenty feet in front of the home ed that mobile and also my rachel is
eight billion to warn this man but i so he’s asleep the phone herself a little devil show marshall isn’t bad capture phone so i got out as our film rain as great
as we need billion exist rocha bank they flew up into the air he’s on the ground they start landing
and he said he played on the ground discovered in eighties cries x_-thirty
approved online on hiding out really well and said late mike said him a call from doing billions whose deaths are due diligence the
students use your phone liberal but he felt i think it’s eleven african-american
ites uh… appreciate that people get nervous when
white comics before black people conflict you know when black housing for
white people are recruited we are doing things too i like races i just like go out the word
by people i knew where the constables without the show unlike the banks family for the fresh
prince of l aerosol at all black people were really rich
doctors and lawyers and they have to wear are some sweaters
all it was so mad about it you see we don’t forget and it’s always stereotypes that are
associated with black model makes sense that a long time ago tomatoes panelli
builders antiquated and stupid like the food black people worried watermelon fried chicken there’s like
one of the land fried chicken testimony in the world if there was a
came it was a fairfield watermelon fried chicken where you from iran it’s all good highly had it once was a legal here but
is really good consistent but by god black people got bad credit of there’s
only one so i got tired whether that rebutted by the bank that
dole is we have bad credit bad credit now like the that the american way by should you
don’t need the money you don’t have new in the bill shows up again that
china for making things affordable friday night i have and i thought i should be love
for knife on the things fucking magic it’s cost a million dollars buttercup they make it in china so super
cheap because you know their own that like it you you know whatever and i think because i’m not going to say an iphone
factory all day working for minimum wage put all that little shit together but i
don’t care ’cause already squinting all the time anyway the turnout last night that then get
back to work that when i phoned clyde now i don’t for as you can just pull our
allies and think i’m gonna be happy about that later tonight better well here’s one that is stupid because leah puts a lot of
pressure on black men it’s uh… that black men had big penises right an understatement big is a relative term
according to one person is a bit to another like my dick is huge compared to a grain of salt put a black eye with a big soaring ended that’s a little compared to a seven
forty seven and mike that would be way more seventy
five a seven forty seven my sister’s regina that you and i want it here you thought fashion allowed in this day and age old question
is this a while he’s a racist calm old-fashioned actually people try to use their raised
own something that everybody enjoys but hires people is a law my virtual are
really did wrinkles on my return so we do you had you everybody likes to drink it was the
worst and uh… you just yet drunken hurt before very often do and have a good time like it’s not
like japanese people going to get drunk lagoon trickled company delivered gets
on there drinkin singing karaoke father chairs
driving matter to win saint clair yeah that’s a that’s true that the
agents had better when the drunk because it’s on wikipedia well is that what they keep taking it
down i gotta put it back in well i got the italians is a little
metallica relabel government tell you know a motel and we look forward to know
that’s what he was starving to death in africa there is like a lot of them and not
really into it it’s not my thing i’m not exactly an out
of you noticed i a maverick and i like when flies call
around and i think that’s what i lied and uh… and try to keep from them i played with
them i let me just lies right off people get mad at someone shows like
montana is this guy i’ve met at something and uh… i said he was a
white guy he got mad cuz i called more wicker which is stupid is that you should be a mad about that michael black person and word yet you
can get met making that’s a terrible word i never use it wasn’t home by
myself watching football but but i use it for the white players too like that’s what they like you waiters like we’ve never oppressed
workers in this country you can’t get mad at that link there was a time in this country were
made fans of the insane clown posse into flames lake only delivers whatever press the
way there is a responsible parents you can’t wear those pencils or through
that means for us by us were not for them we have to wear
doctors uh… like my job has a comedian land smoke weed pretty much of my own they’ll drug test
for it because there is no them it just me that even if i drug test myself only although you can go over all this week
as you tested positive for marijuana armando always let myself down your really high anything is this
something that’s going to change the world do you think they do you have the
spotlight on the guy once i say this it’s just three things can be fixed right you like
and that we don’t borrow money intel on this and he can just put into it the them billington and was beyond some and like i had a small movement friend i get really high and uh… use to meet you and we were just both and i can’t stress that enough how high we work because this is what i thought like i
had this thought that i might when i say this out loud everything will be better and he’s like will tell me you got to me that he can you can tell
me and mattel leading i’m gonna tell you ms what’s that you know spaghetti eels our ally because not all was personal are broken how can they call spaghetti o’s and he was just because i was always
like to do that’s so important hacksaw blade that is true like that truth is so important obama never actually back by legacy and he was born however the first time ever get like
super high like i was like would really like and so did a few times but never
like took hold of my brain and like change me management this one time it was awesome like i was like you know you don’t like
the first time you how you don’t get that had because of the time i got high and i i like i was giggling holding the door the refrigerator for twenty five
minutes hang so i get really high and i’m like this is so amazing i gotta
write down again to tell people what felix economic computer open the
document start typing mysore road liked it feels like magic it’s a lightning rod of positivity will be to see it which is pretty funny all by itself right was even if i gave you understand that i
got high media we ordered a pizza and then send them star rating and was able to get out three sentence
fragments in forty five minutes and i think that and i know i think it because about a
year-and-a-half later i got a email from my wife with the subject what the hell is this and that document attached so i i really unlike our got really high
and that’s what i was doing at the moment and she’s like well i can assure you you
dick is not magic it is not a lightning rod of positivity it’s like a him bowl of mediocrity way to get the pizza from my career i two inches yeah drinking whiskey and i know it was he uh… because i think on the attributes
of wherever it was made like if i drink you know that’s canadian
whisky when i drink it i’ve become my so you
can leave you know michael come on over my house though of some party on serb-held here with you a great time isn’t importance if you’re going i am i doing irish
whiskey unicycle later become like a drunk irish catholic on the google
blesses board falls on the road with me because i am pissed drunk jack daniels or become a drunk uneducated southerner become like a regular southerner lectures any southerner freemasonry uh… turnabout in more parker’s novelli alphabet all right we don’t need
a quitter she did alaikum letter seagram’s together that
you were to put the words together your senses group the senses ago they get
paris before you know you got books books you gave shit says so when the bobble matter fact is only one that we really
need that school letter three i miss you so much going on this is so much money that i tried word like to return to your your interest for
being with us reverse their drinkin make you know you
get he was a trick you with the names and stuff like so they can never be really come again
the work he’s best thank you used to be something that they make it
went up in milwaukee i know that atlanta and it is the best it’s gonna be so good
i a cannot which i guess in milwaukee aaj you got me that’s the good of the things
like this dot at the gravel that a lot i ran a cleaning peter that like milwaukee’s best uh… pass blue-ribbon
they want a blue ribbon for what my guest spouse will be a suburban last november uh… i was in western
pennsylvania in their it was hunting season and they
had bush beer in camouflage cans so the deer when it’s
seeing it which i guess is a good idea into you
set it down a cashier they don’t walk over here should we watched right on it you when they do go to play games with
my friends would play games drinking beautifully gains in the dole reasons return again to little to learn and so forth but there’s a lot but i really did like him but never have
every day for that game he don’t know that game as i believe
that never never never uses something you’ve never done it’s the other people playing the game have done that thing and they have to drink and i can play
the game to those who much weird shit how your way to drop by example disorderly never have a ever pleasure myself in the subway restaurant guess who drink you hang in there and i’ve got a statement that was
addressed and and i was i gather was that time when i instantly as the you know i A workday closed up in turn off the lights
in punched out and aware and the gloves are
for the health coach well you know that one of some of the
like never have i ever being in the shower and to my hand and thrown into the
electricity hurting him right ads i want to get back at the
right way when i guess i was on the cannot look at it turned out to sharjah ride on taking
shape and start all over on the kind of time so they had two options that situation
you play a little game in cornwall utah sydenham hair if you do that go under
had not overhand not the super bowl you know what it’s
like it’s like diving the smallest splash the better that’s what i feel the other outages to
do it in the thailand and stomp it down the drain embedded the slipping hazard and i am safety first and i know it is a link that’s really
gross but it’s actually my wife’s favorite joke because that’s how she knows no one will sleep with me after she hulk
like i can’t i kid you know my life because i don’t
have noted that you know what i really wanna fuck that guy a chance in
his hand let’s do this stupid and when the pipes on the face really
bad but you can’t there’s a retro so status was on the off on their likes
and causes them it’s your fault a satellite you got three kids from
previous marriage that’s why i wrote that you know three girls around i don’t think that
raising kids that if you’re in a fees easier trees boys mini-series curls his boys again you don’t shit might have been a parody or suzanne amazing parents has to stop my dick in a bag computer
once if you’re going to use the whole is not
just any part thereof just it’s a little tip it is now yes he’s great and i i’m not a very angry person but no
one can make you mad like a child can literally get mad and i mean really angry try put gloves on a five year old testicles that’s too far bus depots no that’s too far that’s too close stood for honor too close to far too
close to forge a close too far too close to forge a close together but the
pockets worldwide scheduled two days you’d never think of
money on the other day we are clean the room under their bet we found a poll of urine so it is one the growth pena bold let me
just put it on the back and even though it was my band of the
quizzes from indianapolis ek split their bigger the better money they say they that you get you can be
ready for but one day britan ramp for the back
seat you when the girls you know jennie keeps do you know wing ki i can’t hear that s that’s forever that’s in my brain for
ever and there’s so many things wrong with
that statement first of all she called robb by name she to want to be any confusion as to the corporate was second she’s it keeps means you can look up what chances to get out of recidivism followed by digging in not around or
amongst her when he which i guess is what they call their
benjamin is i don’t know why perhaps because looks like a single i
closed turned sideways such as my hunch based on individual
rights but my fair promotes changes she wasn’t
even embarrassed or ashamed chooses i only sometime n they are so mean really mean to each other at lake
there’s three little girls the college of names all the time thank you a question of fat and ugly nightsticks systems jewel of the same recruited and like i have brothers go about one
sister two brothers aware me to each other to blow it up sticks and stones
will break your bones but names on the river usa levels have
been some sticks and stones beat the shit out of the child that’s only do we hurt each other all
the time not even we’re fighting for each other when playing games we played
stupid games like mortal kombat not not the videogame image grown
version we play in real life and that’s how he played we took a rock
put inside the sock you know for painting the retire over on the end of it with
wrote across the room internship each other and uh… replenished once i’m there
between one point one time their basin with amit industries which
is our country everywhere out of the one joint house like twelve
mother brothers wilentz run it seems like and they have identified the good story and uh… so if that’s been the thing around i
shotgun across the room a rash on his feet perfectly do over here meals airborne for a moment many slams down on the ground right on
the cell bullet shattered i know we are americans do might come and see what i got a ruin the
game but now we had a problem with the figure
with the tell my parents will be going to tell me play mortal kombat because then i think that video games
were bad influence and they take away so instead we told they were acting out a scene
from the bible hoping to take a bible away reeves excuse all the time they caught
on to us after awhile like i remember seeing the bible with some dash on the face of the roman
candle thank god said let there be light so i
shot in the eye targeting roman candle here illegally yeah that kids of my neighborhood home
account there’s actually one i’d like to know
why like last year we got a pool from walmart not dragon and uh… a spill over the water them for up all the kids and they would start
creeping over my house like beyond that i was a little they come up with that talking to ask me
questions here that the prequel will click the flu you pool the reporting live from the report and
of article well with the leader world the call to the kid i’d like you walked
over to the pool he looks at me and he’s like this maliciously kill you and water bill we shouldn’t know thinking in those of
the their house over there their vacation they will even now what the wifi password uh… i think if you send me like
seventy eight dollars a month mary has been made some of the deal with you and we’re late
it’s although there are a lot of pretty girls and that we have pretty girls at that whatever i can tell us a look at
the end of the hello thought was the only bitches drunk let’s not do so again especially now so
you can talk more the govern your drug i can play
interesting pain so that we didn’t happen it’s going to have sex in parts of your
ugly method for liam out there but as those
are hard to get into and we had rocket easier piled them on the reasonable level like being made up of that i had to do
it anymore laces didi defense attorney crazy item thirty thinking just because
the guys talking to you he’s hitting on nice guy i’d like to talk to people after show a few weeks ago that these
two girls mckinney what’s up and they’re right mary and mary and has a great rest so it doesn’t matter still happen without a car to drive just kidding cupertino partly made that was once a month
something happens the makes marriage nearly impossible and it’s not we are thinking it’s cosmo it’s every month is a new issue cosmo
when they come out of these lists app ten reasons wyman asshole wintertime when your man’s cheating on
you in the reasons are all bullshit he smiles o he’s watching football used she did the gamble browns fan but that’s not fair doesn’t have that in
men’s magazines like maximum isn’t like a list of five ways to tell that you
ladies lying you can’t use the devil busting out of the ladies in their
relationship you have all the power right yet because you have the vagina really like them though there are still a penis that inside me uh… huh to further if you take care plans due to
wash it you’re done ladies your stuff is complicated there’s chemistry on and on the anyday
t_v_a_ younger mix ups downs the strike at you for the
option that doesn’t have a poll aki the warm stopping for being a man
right and i tried to every time you do it that cover up in the winners do believe
that give the neighbor away it’s so much more the careful not to read the liner uh… but then above ground pool joke another make above-ground agendas but
they do they’re cheaper you’ll get a deal you learn things when you’re married you
don’t want to know about learned about tampons and everyone to know about
tampons bynoe bottom now when i first i made it seem all the time two ways when the rapper one had to take
money from a dollar supplies and my job baron knew how they worked uh… might
one day i was home by myself and so on simply brand-new sitting on the counter
in the bathroom and you know curious gathered to watch
mythbusters on experiment such a gilligan united together take the
rap rock as good a plastic sheet on it supple that offer complete with sort of
the stone now on king that’s all it does order partly to
little problems were a park is not a big macs will be to me just insult anything and that’s strange because they have fought the red dragon uh… wrecked the whole matcher sounds
like a cool thing gonna kill me the dumping water tissot got gigantic and no matter what does it give it a
little plastic bills you put in water in a few moments later you have a dinosaur
source punch medicine again just for the attic as i
said that s pore sponge he will mostly had dined at the at the
latter precedents responsive might be better to do what we’re doing
to help a few moments later you have a dinosaur
squadrons they should do that really sonia gandhi
taken out of the ship is something you love like flowers are shoot have a man’s belongings when you read the put a lot of pressure
on you tend to be happy and you know like the wedding the wedding day itself has way too much hype in this
country like an animal don’t like to go to one is owned by sisters wedding on
too long hedges into trouble that you might thousands are bridesmaids mckenna look
the same and they were in the same dress favorite
of making the same stupid joke with who you just look just like the dulwich wins and i was like now they don’t know but
before and after from weight watchers commercial one one of the little fatter i a m it was funny ’cause the battle cry and
uh… and then the theory or guilt is like i
know i can’t leave the key compare me that that that how much sister mixed yes bud like the the the way you the weather is
going to be the best of your life so make it specials like to be the best
thing you want to get plan for the best day like my when it was
great not the best in my life busting my life january first of two
thousand a unexplained my wife is a lady she’s never wants of her life archit
hoops pete pick the boulder none of that stuff and i try not to that’s tougher on
her but i can’t help it especially farting you know it and you
can for if we shit your pants nineteen that’s the point when he gets becomes a
silent or a liquid either i have a toilet seat covers is troubling
time but she’s a lady and she’s never letting
like that happen until we was newsy partici metro super drunk soldier with a lead the party early so
as we leave in the party the hit everybody in the neighborhood counting down the new year any service were walking she stops if you think started purple her head rolled back to she’s grown still young people count three too happy new year there are screaming and
so they have a great time at that very moment my way through up and for it at the same
time never my life and happier cycle that over her head for the rest of
our lives they have made the automatic either with
me and in some of the shopping a bath and body works no way for people dealing we fight like about little things like
music but what we’re gonna watch a grim watchin a movie with your husband or
wife for for growth and say what you
something like the notebook about forty minutes into it she positive yelling at
you in crying at you the same time so if women diamond
capital management llc acronym and much less in the whole time jiji on a leader in
advance and it was a little dvd symbol for processing try to get some exploding smart they’re part of any argument but then again apologize i would
apologize to my wife immediately but she does something very strange chile apologizes when she means it sadly this whole thing which is actually thinks about what you do talks all her friends which isn’t to say
she’s sorry forget like takes like four days tossed off rent read a book she heard about oprah just sit down write a letter drive to the post office and mail it back to our house will be some of the secure baby i love
you so much i know that you love me and i’d like to apologize for my actions
uniden it was wrong with me to show your credit
card story while in the garbage and delete your face but the cap i may have overreacted but you have to see what i was coming
from because every time a new girl into as a
friend on face book i’m pretty sure they reported that the trend stealing from me no she was your cousin still to be rewarding well and retention there if you can
submit to talk about them like wednesday it’s garbage man and that means all the garbage in the
whole house has about not just in the kitchen you have to get out the bathroom rooms in the bedrooms in the basement of
the campaign because even though they’re making that’s when you made me you agreed to take care of them for me even though i never told you so please try to do these things because
if you don’t do your part and i can’t do my part you know don’t throw it in a row love your wife usually package plan getting letters sorry about how my dear for peter sessions from the heart at says a ladies room up more sensitive sectors things you can say to women uh… to send them off the deep end was the worst thing calment up if you have it one fat two counts the contest it that’s like the way good-looking called
me anything you like most guys on kayla cable your faghat polje picasa scarborough yes uh… like ways you hate that word liza the it’s like be able to sort of say a
treatable and third michael keaton initial panama everybody in a case might looking overseas
especially think you’re great but like that that works for you ladies
that they get done so that you make a plea physically you feel something we in into recently
pretty someone just because the down inside you know kinda true lake inside every woman earlier this little
tiny cut nugget ray and it’s consistency veneer and it’s not your fault that is
that it’s there because of the things we do like my wife a comment to us what you
think that you do the laundry room again into the laundry into the laundry and sleep in trying to
be her high school in texas all day get around to it busy and that cause it to grow like you know
like a kidney stone and just gets bigger and better but you can break it up with cranberry juice like a kidney stone yes do you think the
pulverized the cup not easy to use diamonds and then you can make that were even
more powerful if you put other words in front of it
like he’s a fat oblique i’m going to finish it cuz i think that a car
insurance like you say that you know if you have to buy
a new windshield immediately like again even do a research on the
issue once and maintaining and really really in medicaid bill your cock
fucking mother fucker mob did mobile mother focal cable your cock sucking mother fucker well which is it and my sucking cock so my fuckin mothers or my really court made it orders amount of the day can you throw
back in their face inlet now this country i i i honestly
believe that man are better than women yet they thanks for your support fellas and ladies just relaxes in based on
science are factory thing is just and an addictive so enjoy the ride but here’s my theory over the past few years
of releases movies uh… the twilight saga and his movies as this kid named taylor
liner and girls club and they’d like mark my words friends
are like my god to underscore just he’s beautiful if i saw him walking down the
street i can have sex with them i’d just present myself a cake and he
has more now when they are saying as they were
all in the thirties and this kid was like sixteen years old here’s the thing with about three houses
down from either cisco their names tiffany and c sixteen to starting next week g patch here’s the difference ladies none of you and your love an opportunity s sex with him on mapping out beautiful just off the place
for that team only a six pack a smirnoff ice or
trouble filling my fantasy and i resent and that is my mentor the for the most part we all recessed but he was such a double standard that
like if again older lady teacher sings for the young student everybody
super excited like all my guide you about that fourteen-year-old boy that
super lucky that thing that hot sixty you know
twenty six-year-old teacher he’s great i’d love that guy but if we get older man teacher that’s you know fifty or so things of fourteen overall was like i
did that guy he’s a router bagundi he is but sources
twenty six-year-old teacher you know why that’s just happens you guys he can’t you can’t that there’s a there’s a device that
makes it so you don’t have sex with a sixteen-year-old girl it’s called their personality sixteen year old girl beautiful thing so
you talk to me like a six-year-old what’s going on like cash out i hate you everything you do with garbage there isn’t that device for seventeen
sixty year old boy we give legato older lady like a cougar
counsel to submit hate sixteen-year-old boy what do you do
anything to hide its been hard for three days and she’s like i know landings the older like there’s just
certain things like he said you don’t enjoy the women and julian
like is a man isle of single woman get naked write this all of your beautiful most of
your beautiful and c hiphop records when a girl to the guy again a cabinet
if they said that the state of the better than narrow-minded and it’s a way to look at these because
you know he’s in you see a penis with a chance to get
your mouth your blood and probably in reverse order on you know i can now book it later that israel is like sending my
wife’s invited you but you’ll still doing physical ugly but there’s no one
can which is which is like to go downtown but she’ll still do it just
wasn’t more mcbride from do you think the skin back to work for me to sever the good
ones the ones you pay for their outstanding right such few guys now talking about ladies if you don’t do it and don’t do
it but don’t waste my time says race if you do something you do your best to
give a hundred and ten percent by members of the big if i did it would not want to get a
better view i want so that they would both like to
get how was it around the village using bills funny museums like a dickhead and it like that everybody haydn i love going down on you and love return
the favor there’s one thing i know how to do with the alright vandana and they do a good job so i want to
bring you pleasure onto me he screamed and i’ll talk about
one of those people are no strings like too hahahaha hopeful artist alley and stepping on your uterus all that i think it and then like it’s going
to have you in the back to see justin daman tunes really take my time don’t let my legs while you just how
freaky parade on uh… mood another the tenor of your homework divisions hard and just pictures one it to be unforgettable friday and i’m i
wanted to be so good that like when you start getting
closes a door that legally shit with your hips regis ter use that making those moans that you
don’t want to let up here u the div and when you finally at the climax that
moment arsonist or you make a face that looks like sloth
from the duties the it’s known can now having said that i cannot guarantee that kind of
intensity that kind of pleasure on every trip down there are factors that make it
impossible for to be one hundred-percent your mood and usually if you’re drunk that’s like
eight that’s like game over behavior drug uh… unite connecting to work at services where again they tell you story it’s tried again it’s not my house one night skin ready go out of town the next
morning my wife and i were having some treats and a lot of drinks miterrand unapproved workin black label runs finish it got real drunk we decided who want to pass the second time circular bedroom start doing sexy things
and i got that drum confidence from according to who walks on drunken
unplugged disgruntled someone from sunday maintenance that’s mine junk minnesota size that don’t like it could affect on
down on our and i think i’m doing awesome job obscure she’s lovely cheeky she saw a
few she likes it so much she can’t move fishing fell asleep right when she fell asleep the only reason i
knew that she felt so it was because she forgot my neck so i decided to stop layout like this is
a good point for the pin this on tried again next time as soon as i thought she woke up and she
looks down which was going to start is that you find it on my skin without missing a beat she does yes we
defer to look for cuba joe castle kinda backfired does not have to do
jokes about her firing that is the best day of my life one day madonna those were near kent state i go to
college gradually and increase was succesful like i
remember there but he got their scores back from s_a_t_ there are talking about
how well that is like the bill would you be a city at a uh… i got to be because you’d be high study really hard till a job well done in west virginia
and they really quick bread again he talked to her samoans i hate school though cuz i was typing
that made no sense they learn math the teacher this and negative times a
negative is a positive towards my bank the republican and those who got a
couple of over joseph maganda thousand dollars are getaway camarillo area i’m broken and that certainly has a
broken so when you feel bad for intended as an umbrella exothermic people from india calling me tell me the democratic are bills you have a problem the safety of the kazakh army of mc and
on the status quo could you please make a ban on your blood on this day attempting appear in a opic every last penny all late fees on interest everything if you can say caterpillar telepathic cap i will doctor tomorrow deadlock it’s gonna be rhinoceros that’s lover may have a very very much
the perhaps when the hot fluorescent bulbs ride campers

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