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Bird Jokes! episode 3 season 3

[Music] puppets tell jokes your source for bespoke web humor oh but spoke memes made special for you right you bet it dies we take the best jokes we can find and we leave them out of these amazing episodes that sounds about right let’s see we have left over today in the news today our favorite puppeteer Caroll Spinney is retiring from playing Big Bird he did it for 50 years that’s a lot of time to be in a bird suit we’ll miss the love he brought to his work in an honor of Caroll Spinney we have some bird jokes is this actually an honor shout out to my favorite show curator jokes dot Boyz they have jokes by all kids and we’re using some today did you just give a shout out to boy’s life yep welcome to 2018 kid let’s get joking here’s one by Connie from alto what do birds speak oh I haven’t a clue foul language oh oh oh because foul it also means don’t explain them but but the puns what if they don’t they’ll watch it again they’ll get it they’ll share it with somebody else don’t explain them but it’s really hard not to explain them nobody needs to hear you think oh let’s tell another joke that’s a good idea what do you see flying around churches beats me birds of prey did it yeah that’s funny what type of animal plays the guitar Toby a strumming bird what’s a bird’s favorite Christmas store what is a bird’s favorite Christmas story the Finch who stole Christmas okay here we go last one what do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel a poodle and a rooster what a cockapoo I’ll do cockadoodledoo here let me try cockadoodledoo cockadoodledoo oh that’s fun hey looks like we’ve reached another end of the episode of puppets tell jokes thanks so much for hanging out with us if you could please subscribe to the channel and share the jokes caboodle do

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