Laughter is the Best Medicine

Modi Jump in water Why do i jump in water All the votes went to Modi Where the devotee of Modi is going, there is a trek Do not kill the blind devotee boss Enough is enough Today, let’s decide the election What decision lets go to Modi’s house then And then speak to Modi Whether or not, Is he let us win elections and then Then Modi will say that i wont let you guys win the election so It is a decision Blind devotee Hey you where are you going inside Leave it go and give message to modi in Gujarati that Congress party has come in addition, tell him that landya also here And there is also poor farmer And tell him that our paw has become hot If needed, we are ready to fight wrestling Muslims or Hindus do not make any difference to us then you can go inside lets go defeat congress stop it! welcome congress party why you came here hello mr modi, i came here for promotion promotion this is Gujarat There is no propaganda here hush, get out of here please let us do the promotion of my party then why are you so soft, say it louder

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