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Black Mirror Episodes from Medieval Times

– Welcome one and all,
to a tale of despair, wherein the new technologies
all good folk must beware. – What be this then? – ‘Tis a new anthology play
about the dangers of technology. Ye Mirror Black. – Behold, our play the first. Being the tale of a young jack-a-nape who hath learned to read. – I’ve heard good things. (trumpet blowing) – Young shepard, why dost
thou not tend thine flock? – Why, the young shepard
hath put so much of his mind into this book that he
hath become but an object, and I hath become sentia. – Nooo! (laughing) (applause) – Be this even fiction? – That could happen, that
could totally happen. – Could happen? It hath happened. – Nay. – I never see youngins
without books in their hands. Never look up. Walking around. Whose to say they won’t
go crazy and kill someone. – Ay, obviously one
must lead to the other. – Oy. – There was never such
a tale of woe to now then Winn who hath replaced
his hoe with plows. (trumpet plays) – Yorgs. I have never seen such
a convenient implement such as this here plow. – You know I’ve been thinking about getting meself a plow. – Oh yeah. – Behold.
(squeals) Thine plow hath dug a hole onto hell! (gasps) (applause) – Oh now I shall never get a plow. – Oh no, me neither. You know I heard this one
was based on a true story. – I believe it. – Yeah, I believe it. I believe it could happen. The devil is everywhere. – We all do long for
greater ease of living. Yet laziness can lead to great misgiving. – Young archer why does thou
not practice at thine target? – Behold, I hath brought
my new technology. A crossbow. – Be that the same character
from the first one? – No it’s a new one each time. – Ooh, that’s fun. – Yeah. – Ah, I hath shot mine bolt, but it doth take too much time to reload. – Mmm. – Take mine longbow. (grunts) – Alas, I have become too
weak from the technology, and I cannot even hold it, and now I have the plague. – [Both] Noooo! (applause) – Strange twist indeed. – But who can tell from
whence the plague arrives? – Mmm, who indeed.
(blows nose) (trumpet plays) – Now be afeared ye
goodly sons and daughters for want of walking less
whilst fetching water. – Hark and behold, what
new technology be that? – ‘Tis my new yoke what lets me carry more water than before. – But if thou carries two buckets mustn’t then thou carry three than four than numbers greater still? – Mmm, well reasoned. That’s what me told my
neighbor, he got a yoke. – Yoke, the convenience of the yoke has made me forget the lord mine god. – And now there art more bucket than man, and we must storn thee
in the village square. – Noo! – Mm, that be my favorite one.
(applause) – That one? It’s so over the top. (clanking) – Well it be why I like it. – Oh, you know the town crier hath ranked them all from best to worst including the christ mast placed starring John the Hamm. – Oh, I love John the Hamm. – Me too, such a handsome man. All five teeth still there. – Wow. (applause and trumpet) – Well technology will
truly be the ruin of us all. – Well, I’m off to go bury me eighth son. Be you coming? – Nah, I’ve been to enough
funerals this morning. I think I’m going to go
cover myself in leeches. – All right. – Pamper yourself, you
know, that’s what you say. – Sure, self care.

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    Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

  2. Y was pronounced like "th" so where "yee" means "the" it is pronounced "the". (yee meaning you plural is a false cognate and pronounced like it is written)

  3. I thought the buckets one was going to be too heavy. becoming a bucket-man was a nice twist. (Though,I don't know why I was expecting that- what showed fits the theme)

  4. Oh hey… this one was actually pretty funny. Kind of just realized I haven't seen a video from this channel in about a year or so. I think they stopped giving me notifications.

  5. Is that bit with the book a satire of christianity in the medieval period or christianity in America?

  6. The concern over too deep an immersion into literature is not a medieval one but of the 18th century.
    Particularly Goethe's Werther had been tied to a string of suicides that seemed to ape the character.

  7. I scrolled down after the bit with the book and immediately saw a video about mimics from D&D with a book as the thumbnail

  8. Brennan's magestic legs distracted me throughout the entire vid, so I'll watch it again! …And again be distracted by Brennan's legs.

  9. Honest to god, I'd watch a show where Brennan just goes around being like… some kinda fuckin' bard or whatever.

  10. At least this would be able to stay relevant for more than a couple years.

    Unlike how nearly every early black mirror episode has become outdated due to the rapid advance of technology, with the only exemptions being episodes that don’t have realistic plots

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