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Black Widow Shot-By-Shot Trailer Breakdown

– The “Black Widow” trailer is here, loaded with Easter
eggs, first appearances, and details that might be major spoilers. What’s up ComicBook Nation, BD here with your Shot by Shot breakdown of the “Black Widow” trailer, taking a closer look at some
of the hidden Easter eggs and figuring out exactly how
this all ties to the MCU, seeing as this is the first Phase 4 movie. The trailer opens with a shot of Budapest, I know this, not because
I’ve ever been to Budapest, but because the Comic-Con footage used this exact same footage, and it literally said Budapest on it. We get Endgame dialogue about
how she used to have nothing but then she got this job and this family, but this time she’s probably
not talking about the Avengers like she was in Endgame, it’s probably talking about her Widowfam. It’s intercut with
footage of “The Avengers” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and buddy shots with Hawkeye, who might be a factor in this movie. According to their
dialogue in “The Avengers,” they have a history in Budapest, and this movie might finally explore that. – Just like Budapest all over again. (guns firing) – You and I remember
Budapest very differently. A long way from Budapest. – This movie is going to start right after “Captain
America: Civil War” ended, so Natasha doesn’t have a lot of friends and she’s probably on the
run in the Comic-Con footage, that’s exactly what Tony
Stark told her to do. The trailer makes it look like this de-aged version of Thaddeus Ross is hunting Natasha. but this
can’t be post-Civil War, as he wouldn’t be that young, so Thunderbolt is probably
popping up in a flashback from a time we haven’t seen yet. Back in Budapest, Natasha
heads into an apartment that had its door cracked opened, by the way, I’m mixing in some knowledge from the trailers I’ve
seen at Comic-Con and D23, so there might be some extra intel here, and things you’re not
seeing in this trailer, and she finds Yelena Bolova. They fight it out in the kitchen, spill into the living
room, and like any fight that ends with two sisters
choking each other out with insets of the sounds of
“The Winter Soldier” music, they have a shot together. It seems like Natasha decided to bail on that Black Widow program we know as the Red Room from
“Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and Yelena might have some beef with that, but their sisterhood prevails once Natasha catches those hands. It’s probably like a, I know
you must be really desperate if you’re back here, situation. When Natasha is standing beside
some destroyed structures, the convoy from earlier with
Thaddeus Ross is rolling up, and this might be the end of the movie, seeing as she seems to
be in her new hero suit, but it doubles down the question of why Thaddeus Ross is so young. That said, what’s in Natasha’s
hand might be important, more on that in a sec. A couple of action shots
we can’t make much out of but it looks like Natasha is
saving her other sister Melina, more on her coming, too, right after we, whoa, look at that white costume pulled straight from the variant cover of “Black Widow: Deadly Origins” comic! Okay, then we have Taskmaster in a very Nerf-looking
suit, using a bow and arrow which probably has no tie to Hawkeye, but might indicate a previous
encounter with Clint Barton, since Taskmaster can copy enemies. Budapest history, remember? Next up, Yelena is wearing
the same hero outfit that Natasha was earlier in that shot we thought might be from
the end of the movie. They’re definitely on a mission to bust out the Red Guardian, and they do, but he looks a
little more Mr. Incredible and a little less Captain America, and not just because he’s wearing red. A family dinner, finally,
okay, let’s meet everyone. Left to right: Florence
Pugh is Yelena Bolova, a rival to Natasha in the comics,
and an ally in this movie. They eventually become friends. Rachel Weisz is Melina Vostokoff, a Black Widow agent who always
lives in Natasha’s shadow. David Harbour is Red Guardian, a character barely used in Marvel Comics, but is kind of Russia’ knock-off
version of Captain America. And, of course, Scarlett
Johansson is Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow we know and love, unless this shot from
earlier of all those IDs changes her name, in
which case I will riot! More important things
at that dinner table! Yelena is wearing the green vest we saw Natashha wearing in
“Avengers: Infinity War.” Earlier when I said the thing in Natasha’s
hand might be important, I’m thinking it might be this vest, and that whole falling
from the sky sequence that ends the trailer might
be bad news for Yelena, prompting Natasha to wear the
vest and dye her hair blonde in honor of her sister who pulled her out of a bad, lonely place, like we saw her appearing in Infinity War. Melina goes on to become the Iron Maiden villain in the comics, but I have a hunch she might become Taskmaster in the “Black Widow” movie, not only because of the
family drama it creates and because it just makes sense to let the movie with a female
lead have a female villain, but also because it looks
like this diner scene leads to one of the cuts from
everyone running earlier, and Melina might not make it off that falling giant pole safely, despite Natasha’s best effort,
and whoever is chasing them might just find her and recruit her, whether she likes it or not. A second later, Red
Guardian fights Taskmaster, and that’s it for
Taskmaster in this trailer, but we do know there’s going
to be a showdown on a bridge, where the villain mirrors Natasha and pulls out the iconic shield, but we can’t show you that just yet except in concept art form. You can see that shield if you look closely at the
fight with the Red Guardian. Moving on! The sky literally falls,
Black Widow included, thus confirming Black Widow
has a thing for long falls. Too soon? Don’t care. At least we know she survives this movie, since it’s a prequel. What Easter eggs and
references did you catch in “Black Widow’s” trailer? Share yours in the comment
section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter, @BrandonDavisBD! And stay tuned to for more updates. I’m BD, I’ll see you there! (melodic music)

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  1. Its about time Black Widow got her solo movie. I personally loved The Winter Soldier and this has got the same vibes. The supporting cast look awesome and hopefully this won't be the only Black Widow movie. I want to see her infamous Budapest mission and her meeting Hawkeye for the first time. The start of Phase Four is off to a great start. The diverse era has truly began in the MCU.

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