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Blade Runner – Comedy Recap (HISHE DUBS)

hey guys just a quick update before we
start go to this timecode if you don’t care and want to skip. Just wanted to let
you know that we are currently busy working away on the spider-man
homecoming written by the fans HISHE. We read through your 30,000 suggestions,
that’s not an over exaggeration, you guys came through with a ton of ideas because
you’re so awesome and we are building it now. So we hope to have that for you very
soon. In the meantime we’re also really excited about the new Blade Runner 2049
so we decided have a little fun recapping the original with our own
voices. We’re calling it HSHE dubs if you will. So we hope you like it. If you
do let us know what other movies you’d like to see us recap next and we’ll try
to make some more. Okay enough with the updates. thank you guys for watching
let’s get on with the show In the distant future! all right this test is to determine if
you’re a robot or not. I’m not a robot! the first question is about tortoises okay fine I’m a robot! I can’t wait to eat these noodles. Come with us to the police station I don’t wanna! You get to ride in my sweet flying car Hmm. don’t make fun of my flying hat. Weeeeeeee! *honk* I don’t think you’re flying in the right lane!
*honk* commenced dizzy landing sequence *barf* Hey Deckard I want you to kill some robots. Not interested. oh come on
pretty please? okay I make origami look these replicants I mean robots are
very dangerous but they only live for four years Four years? How long have they
been alive? Oh about four years. So…they’re about to die? What do you need me
for? Because you’re so handsome I mean you’re the best Deckard you’re
just the best I’m the best! He he he he the best! now go hunt robots! hi I make the robots what do you do? I hunt robots. I’m not a robot she’s a robot. I think I’m in love! hello
we’re the bad guys! and we want to live forever do you know how? no I just make
eyeballs! Go ask Sebastian! Hey I’m Sebastian. Do you want to come in my house, homeless lady? yes! what? I mean that would be lovely! this is my rave room. Do you like it? and this is my house. I make toys that are my
friends. welcome back, Father! Okay this is really weird. Hunting robots is hard! I’d rather just
dream about unicorns. Well hello, Deckard!
*nay* sweet. enhance enhance enhance I’m the best detective ever! enhance! Enhance.. OMG! a clue! hey snake lady do you mind if I ask you
some questions in my silly disguised voice? Throat Punch!
Oooh she didn’t buy it! hey come back here robot she’s running away oh sorry oh there she is! Blade Runner gun go! *pew* finally got one! You’ve got a fly on your shoulder! hey! just kidding. Come talk to the chief Keep killing robots. okay hey I’m a robot! hey how long will I live? like one more day. that makes me angry! time to die! *pew* I helped! you saved my life are you a robot? say kiss me! I don’t know how I feel about this. all right I respect your
decision. hey Sebastian why don’t you take us to your boss. I can’t. How about now? okay what are you doing here I wish to live forever, father. well I
can’t do that sorry mmm then I poke your eyes out Ow! My Eyes! There are robots at Sebastian’s house. Get’em! I’m best detective ever! hello any
robots here? excuse me I’m looking for a robot you look just like the one I’m
looking for are you oh my gosh! Time for gymnastics! Gotcha! Hey you’ve got a booger! AAAAGH!
You’ve got lots of boogers! I got’em! Check out my new trick! Ready? her goes! whatever you do don’t shoot me in the middle.. AAAAGH! You shot me! I hate you! You’re the worst! Shut up!
*pew* Honey I’m ho.. what the heck? I’m the best detective ever here we go I’m gonna get him! I’m the best! *pew*I’m the best Oh crap! I’m the best…I’m the best…I’m the best Surprise! break your fingers!
Ow I need those! My turn! I took my clothes off for some
reason yeah! I’m out of here! Is anyone in the bathroom? leave me alone! why don’t you ever call for backup? shutup! I’m the best blade runner ever! Hurgh! nailed it. I have a birdie now. holy crap
I’m gonna die saved your life! huh wow thanks what’s the bird? it’s later. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe okay all those moments will be lost. well you could have just written them
down or like pass them on to your children or something I can’t have kids
I’m a robot oh that’s right sorry about that. goodbye oh the bird I get it now good job killing all the robots thanks I’m the best It’s too bad she won’t live.
but then again who does? whoa that’s deep gotta remember that next time I look at
origami it’s too bad she won’t live but then again who does Whoa. All right I’m done.
We can go.

100 thoughts on “Blade Runner – Comedy Recap (HISHE DUBS)

  1. I just had a thought. So the most advanced replicants from this era can only live for four years. If Deckard was a replicant, he wouldn't have made it to 2049. He has to be human.

  2. So, as of writing this comment, it is 1-31-19, and according to the video, about 10 months is "the distant future". Even when you consider the fact the the video was made in 2016, three years isn't really "distant".


  4. Guy: you got a fly on the shoulder
    Decker: hey
    Guy: just kidding talk to the chief
    Chief: keep killing robots
    Me: 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  5. I can't believe this video finally got 1 million views! This film brings me memories, since I only saw the final cut.
    Well done, How It Should Have Ended! You nailed it!

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