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Blast Button Joke Program

The subtitles here are made by South Gamez, my job is to make YouTube for everyone! Today we have a really interesting joke program. It’s called Blast Button and it has an, ah, an effect unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, so let’s go ahead and run it. Y’see… It, ugh, doesn’t appear to do anything. Doesn’t look like it did anything, so let’s go to the start menu. AND IT EXPLODES! And then the clock also EXPLODES! *stuttering from the epic explosions* And, the ah, task manager… Gonna do a CTRL ALT DELETE here. Task manager… EVERYTHING EXPLODES! EVERYTHING! I find this highly amusing, I don’t know why. I just really like this effect. (i feel ya bro) Just make everything EXPLODE! Yeah, explosions! And then the bottoms gone so you can’t really click on it. So it’s pretty, pretty amusing, I really like it. So as you can see I just completely wiped out this window. So that’s about it for the Blast Button joke program. This payload of Viewer Made Subtitles is fully by South Gamez! I hope you enjoyed.

100 thoughts on “Blast Button Joke Program

  1. "so let's go to the start menu and it just EXPLODES. And then the clock ALSO EXPLODES." For some reason that reminds me of Billy Mays…

  2. there should be a badjoke when we move the mouse over the icons on desktop they should blast and delete in recycle bin permenantly (not my computer and reycle bin will blast)

  3. This program is REALLY easy to find.
    Use a magical little thing called Google.

  4. I want a remake of this one, not so much because I want it in HD (720 is just fine, does not have to be 1080), but because I want a video with a sound effect, similar to the one heard in TomKTW's video of the same joke program.
    Speaking of joke program, any idea why Microsoft Antivirus products mark this as a Trojan and not a joke program?

  5. I was about to make a Borderlands 2 joke, but I think this video came out before that. 

  6. If this joke was real in a nutshell:
    taps pc
    pc explodes
    rubs head in stress
    head explodes

    …hope this won't be real anytime soon.

  7. clicks on the windows logo all the windows in your house EXPLODE!
    clicks on my computer in explorer computer and monitor EXPLODE!
    clicks on the clock all the clocks in your house EXPLODE!
    clicks on google earth the world EXPLODES!

  8. It might be a glitch on my computer, but whenever it gets to 53 seconds into the video, it auto restarts. WtF?

  9. BOOM!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Virus.Win32.BlastButton is like a cluster bomb going off in your computer, but each blast only happens when you go over buttons.

  10. you cant download. it counts as a virus because it is hard to deactivate as it wasnt programmed with a time limit or a way to fix the problems automatically (restart explorer.exe)

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