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BlastphamousHD REACTION: Try not to Die Of Laughter IMPOSSIBLE Challenge 11 Kids Edition

as you guys already know reaction channels are starting to get deleted so if you guys enjoy this channel make sure to come and subscribe to the backup channel I made for this what it is guys a super blasphemous HD and today we're here to watch try not to laugh kids failing edition just the title makes me feel bad for saying it on the inside I gotta watch the reason this video the link will be in the description down below which will also lead to the original posters channel which is the best fail moments Lego never felt so bad laughing so hard at something he's so cute I shouldn't be laughing because anyone who has had as disastrously hilarious of a childhood Adam I've had you know that you haven't truly injured yourself until you get up and run for no reason don't know where you're going just gotta jog the pain off poor kid except I usually sell like ten boxes you heard that shit god hey [Applause] [Laughter] I can't I cannot even laugh at that that that really is depressing fuck this is like a fucking try not to laugh and try not to cry challenge at the same time how did that the kid minute of age that would have been hilarious but damn that's I can't laugh at that it's too hot damn Oh Alaska need to come back [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] he's totally asleep oh my god you guys he's asleep yeah he's sound asleep I don't see how this is a fail maybe that's a win if I can fall asleep and still be awoke at the same goddamn time while still getting well rested brother that's a win I ain't even got a LAN to bed and I'm still resting I did not see that coming didn't see that coming plot twist that horse ain't about that fuck shit going down it's going down he's gonna laying right on that gate tell me he land on that gate come on Gabe come on gate wait don't hurt don't hurt too bad though don't land on it like penis first damn I call that the premises when the younger one was about to go down like that's not but what type of fuck shit is that like I swear to God if that was my brother I would hold a grudge for the rest of my goddamn life I know how you are now the golden get stuff you're gonna run on me I can't trust you now how how is this again I guess obviously explain this shit I guess ring around the rosey yeah it's again really I already know what's gonna happen they gonna slam him face-first into the ground I'm guessing [Applause] douchebag photographer in the front but know how to take a fucking picture fucking dick bag [Applause] do it that should be that should be included in Mortal Kombat 11 as a fatality because that there's no way that didn't do some real damage as fucked up I can't say shit man I did this shit just a kid this ratchet-ass way of entertaining yourself when you don't have money I hella did this shit as a kid oh this is gonna be bad oh he's fuckin up broken plastic pieces in his ass [Laughter] I can't be mad at that man that's what he gets for listening to Britney Spears and and dancing sex fully while doing it you know Rio that's gonna be the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure that comment like and subscribe so you guys watch the original video the link is in the description down below make sure to go check them out make sure to subscribe to them as well well blasts them says D twist again this is what blasphemous HD if you guys enjoy my raps from videos make sure to click the annotation on the screen or you click the link down in the description go over and subscribe to my brand new reaction channel I know you guys will enjoy all the videos I'm gonna be pumping out over there I've got a bunch of them have a great day and I'm out

49 thoughts on “BlastphamousHD REACTION: Try not to Die Of Laughter IMPOSSIBLE Challenge 11 Kids Edition

  1. Yo that I searched one was kind of scary to be honest that I should have kicked that little kid kill that kid ostriches have some really sharp ass nails they can gut a person really easy

  2. 9:29 is where I died🤣💀. I have four younger sisters and I do shit like this all the time with little to no hesitation. It’s just the guidelines to be an older sibling, I don’t make the rules😂😂

  3. Why would the parents let their kid ride scooter on that downslope like that. You know its dangerous for kids his age. smh…

  4. You don’t see us black people doing this dumb shit if you think it’s racist I’ll delete it just saying if it is sorry 😐 and the comment is gone

  5. 9:58 Okay act like the kid did not get hurt… And try to watch without laughing (keep clicking 9:58). I don't know how the second time i watched i laughed lol (im going to hell)

  6. 6:32 i had to rewatch that like 50 times it was soo funny when he hit the corner then fell lol 😆 😆 😆

  7. 8:43 I personally don't like this one. It annoys me how the other kids just sit there and don't even help that poor kid.

  8. I had the treadmill one happen to me when I was about 4 but it was backed up to a wall so I fell and ended up with burns all over as I had nowhere to go

  9. Kid's face grinds on the concrete
    BHD: I can't even laugh at that

    I really find it funny when it involves skateboards and/or crotch shots. While I can feel their pain, I'd rather laugh at it.

  10. 9:48
    Blastphomus: I swear to god if that was my brother, I would hold that grudge for my entire life…
    Me: Which sadly wouldn't be long cause the kid died (Why am I so fucked up in the head? 😐)

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