Laughter is the Best Medicine


The back of my shirt says “sea you never” so for obvious reasons I had to buy it Hey guys it’s Molly here again for another video and if you’ve been around my channel for a while you know me well, you know that I a huge huge fan of standup comedy or of comedy of any sort comedic movies, anything like that and when it comes to a comedic movie or a standup routine I think I’m the sign of a good comedian is that they can make well done joke about pretty much anything, everything’s fair game, they’re not afraid to go there and they know how to do it well that said I think when it comes to comedy in the real world, when you’re making jokes with friends or with family there is a line and I do think we all have those things about ourselves that we’re totally cool with poking fun at or making jokes about with our friends whether it be that you’re short like me, I make a lot of short jokes, my friends make a lot of short jokes about me or whatever we all have that thing that’s our thing that we make jokes about we also pretty much all have like that line and for everybody it’s a different it’s a different line. I know for me one of the things I make a lot of jokes about and my friends and family make a lot of jokes about is my blindness. Now to some people they don’t know how to react at all when I make blind jokes “is it ok to laugh?” some people when they see my friends and I making blind jokes or my family and I making blind jokes at each other they don’t quite get it they’re like “oh my gosh that’s so mean, what are you doing?” but my friends know the line, my family knows line and I know the line that exists for me and there’s a few reasons why I’m such a big fan of the blind joke. The first one is I find it just really useful as like a tension breaker, I often if I do something that’s totally embarrassing related to my blindness then just cracking a blind joke in that moment, being able to whip one of those out is really useful to like break the awkward tension that people feel because people just tend to not know what to do when an awkward situation occurs due to my blindness so by me making a joke everyone’s like “phew, okay we don’t have to deal with it it’s okay she went there she dealt with it she broke that awkwardness for us” I use it a lot when I’m in situations where I’m meeting somebody new who’s either never met me or never met a blind person period so they might be super awkward about the topic and it almost becomes this elephant in the room and so for me cracking a blind joke in that moment makes people realize that like it’s cool it doesn’t have to be the elephant in the room I’m comfortable with my disability, I’m comfortable talking about it this is not a taboo subject, we don’t have to ignore my blindness and it really helps people and I know whenever I meet new friends I always joke that like I know a friend has really become a true friend when they get the point of not just being able to laugh at a blind joke because like I said oftentimes people feel super uncomfortable when they first hear a blind joke ’cause they’re like “is that ok to laugh at?” which it is, I’m hilarious you should always laugh at my jokes I’m just kidding I’m not, I’m not very funny but I try no my – like my friends when they can actually get to the point of making blind joke themselves and knowing what a good blind is and what it’s not a good blind joke, because I don’t know it’s not even if about a line I think there is such a thing as like good blind jokes and bad blind jokes and I kind of just want to sit and talk about that with you guys because I feel like you guys are my friends and I see some of you making blind jokes in the comments which are sometimes hilarious sometimes less, but mostly funny so I just thought same way I would talk to my friends and my family about it – I would just sit and talk with you guys about it the unfortunate thing is you guys can’t like talk back in real-time so it’s more so going to be me talking at you but I really want to hear what you guys have to say about the subject in the comments section below as I always do and then we can kindof have a more back-and-forth conversation about it down there. So for me I think it’s funny when it actually took some kind of wit. There was some kind of thought process that went into making that joke and what I mean by this is a lot of times I’ll get people, you know I’ll say something like “oh I saw this cute top at the mall the other day” and the person will be like “did you? Did you see it? Are you sure you saw top?” and they’re just like pointing out the word and they’re like haha it’s a funny joke and I’m like well it’s not that funny like we all know I didn’t see it with my eyes like you’re not pointing out new information, we all know I’m blind and by doing that it’s actually just kind of annoying like by being like “oh did you watch the movie? Are you sure you watched it?” and it’s like well you don’t have to be pointing what I can’t really do and I think for sighted people and this might be a whole whole different topic for a different day but I think when your sighted person it’s really easy to focus on the visual aspects of things so seeing something with your eyes, watching something with your eyes, looking at something with your eyes, but those words can be used to mean so many things. For me when I look at something as a blind person I look at it with my hands and when I watch something as a blind person I watch it with my ears it’s the same way you can use the word hear to mean different things. When you say “Oh I heard this thing” you didn’t necessarily hear it with your ears, so deaf people can still say “oh I heard this thing” because it doesn’t necessarily just mean that they heard it with their ears you can hear something by reading about it online and you still see your friends “oh I heard this thing” but really you just read about it. It’s the same thing with words like look, see, watch, us blind people we don’t totally changed our language to suit being so like literal like “oh I was feeling this cute shirt at the mall” “I was listening to this movie” so I don’t know it’s very annoying when anytime I say something that sighted of people associate with sight they like zero in on that word and point out that I could not have done that because it does mean multiple things and because it’s just like yeah we get it, we all know that, that didn’t take any like thought process, you didn’t – there’s no wit to that, you’re pointing out like a very obvious thing. So to me like I know that people are are trying I appreciate them trying because they know that it is something I enjoy but that’s just one of those ones where I’m like “mm, maybe not next time” and the other kind that definitely crosses a line to me so like that to me like that example is just something that I just don’t think it’s funny whereas this example is something that to me crosses a line that I’m not comfortable with and that I have to make sure my friends and family know I’m not comfortable with and that is blind jokes where I as the blind person myself cannot participate I think we’ve all been in situations where people make jokes around us that we don’t get for whatever reason, it’s like when somebody like when people are saying an inside joke and laughing about it and you’re just standing I like I have no idea what’s going on it’s not funny to you and I think when we make jokes that should be jokes that everybody around us can appreciate and laugh and participate in or another example of this would be like sticking a sticky note on somebody’s back that says “I don’t shower” and letting them walk around all day with everybody laughing at because you see that sticky note and what it says, the person with it on their back has no idea why people are laughing. It’s – a joke’s only funny when the person the joke’s at the expense of is laughing about it as well so as an example where I’ve been in this situation because I’ve been in this situation on a number of occasions but one kind of good example I feel like I can give you is back when I was touring as a speaker with me to we and I was touring on the we day tour, after we day waterloo I was doing a meet-and-greet and during this meet and greet I was standing next to a bar table so like pretty – I’m really short so the bar table was like very high it was probably almost to my shoulder and I had a glass of water on the table and I had a line up of kids that were waiting to meet me, get autographs, photos whatever and I had my assistant there and some other people that were working on the tour and I was really really hungry because it has been a really long day so I turned to one of them and I said “Would one of you mind grabbing me food while I do this” so my assistant stay with me because during that period she’ll often take photos or if somebody has their hand out to shake my hand and I don’t know she’ll be like “Molly put your hand out they want to shake your hand” or they hand me something to sign but they don’t verbalise she’ll be like “oh Molly they have a pen for you to sign a piece paper so she’s kind of my eyes in that situation and helps me that way so one of the other people that was on the tour ran to grab me some food and it came back and they were like “oh I got you a nanaimo bar and I just put it on the table” so I was like “great thanks” and I you know to the kids that were all waiting I was like “just give me like two seconds I’m just gonna take a quick bite” so I reach my hand on the table and I start feeling around the table try to find it and it’s not there he had said it was next to my water so I found my water and it wasn’t there so I keep feeling around table and I’m feeling a little further and deeper into the table and I’m like “where is this?” and he starts to laugh and my assistant like saw what was happening and was like “stop! That’s not funny” and basically explained to me that anytime my hand would get close to the food he would pull the plate further away. So obviously in this situation like that would never work if I was sighted this is only working because I’m blind, because I have to feel around for it he can slowly pull it away in front of me without me knowing and the fact that he was laughing at it was just absurd to me because I think it was super disrespectful especially in a situation where I’m here as somebody who these people are maybe in some way like looking up to and he is mocking me in front of them and it didn’t feel like making a joke with me it felt like he was making a joke at me and I don’t think anybody else around thought it was funny I think a lot of people watching this were like “what is that man doing? Like this is not okay” and he was like “I was making a blind joke” I know you love blind jokes and that was one of those situations where I had to turn to him and I was like “you know, I appreciate that you’re trying to make a blind joke, because you know that that’s something I like but that wasn’t funny and here’s why” and explained exactly what I just explained to you guys, that in any situation whether it’s a blind person, a disabled person or not like making a joke that everybody cannot participate in or not – especially the person who the joke is at the expensive of cannot participate in – it’s not a joke you’re mocking that person, you’re making fun of that person and in my mind you know that almost crosses the line into the territory of bullying. I mean I don’t think it’s appropriate or ok again in any situation no matter who the person is, but that’s just me, that’s just my opinion and that goes for all of this, these are my opinion this is how I feel about the topic and I know that everybody again blind, disabled or not has their own opinion, their own line, their own idea of what they think it’s funny what they don’t and part of me thinks that’s what the beauty of comedy is when it comes like a stand-up show is – is I could go and laugh hysterically at something that another person doesn’t think is funny and that’s ok we have different we’ve lived different life experiences and I think our life experiences kind of tie into what we in turn find funny and there’s always gonna be some people that are more uptight than others I’m the kind of person I am not easily offended, I try to see funny side in everything, I’m very laid back, I’m very easy going that’s just the kind of person I am and that kind of ties into how I feel about comedy that anything does go with me for the most part except that line that I kind of mentioned in this video where I don’t even think it’s at the line of comedy anymore it is going more into mocking or making fun of and I think when it comes to comedy with friends and with family it’s always good to verbalise that line and if people are making jokes that make you uncomfortable tell them. Don’t let it continue, tell them up front like “Hey that’s not cool with me that actually hurt my feelings” because that’s the only way things are going to change and I even do this with friends if I see one of my friends making a joke to another friend and I don’t think my friend finds it funny I’ll be like “yo that’s not cool, Adam doesn’t think that’s funny like do you think that’s funny Adam?” and he’s like “no” like you know you have to communicate these things it’s the only way it’s going to change So I don’t know I’d just love to hear your opinions if you’re blind are you a fan of blind jokes? And if so what’s your line? What do you think is funny vs not funny? If you’re disabled like what do you think about disability humor are you okay with it or is that like a hard no for you? And then just general for any of my viewers who are your favourite comedians if you’re into comedy? Like what do you think is the line or you know what is the thing that you’re okay about laughing about what’s the thing that you have about yourself that you poke fun of is it blond jokes is it jokes about your nose or your religion or your ethnicity? Like what are things that you joke about and what are things are hard noes for you that your friends and family you think should know that are not ok to joke about I would just love to have a conversation about this topic in the comment section and hear your point of view. So over here you’ll see some other videos that you can click on, you’ll see my links below for social media, definitely check out my instagram I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that lately: If I have one, what it is. So my instagram is Mollyburkofficial just like it is here on YouTube and on my facebook page. Twitter is Mollybofficial because Mollyburkeofficial didn’t fit. So yeah definitely check all that out and I’ll see you next video, bye guys


  1. I feel you. I have hearing problems problems. (I'm not deaf). But I joke about it a lot and my friends too. But when people try to mock me that we're it draws the line. I had people talk very quiet well I was sitting next to me and laughing at me because I couldn't hear anything they were saying.

  2. its kinda fucked up but i had a rough childhood and my close friends know that but i deal with it the same way you do, with comedy. I always joke that i have daddy issues and make cutting jokes with my friends (despite all the scars on my arms) but it really just depends, like my friends make jokes that i think are very funny but its very awkward when someone new comes in and thinks its ok to start saying stuff like when i do something clumsy "aww did your dad hit you too hard in the head" and we all just look at him like wtf

  3. Im late to the party but I’m short and I make so many jokes about it, my old manager used to even call me “shorty” and that was fine when he use it. Then others started using “shorty” at my expense which was definitely bullying. My line is drawn when they keep dragging it on. no matter how funny the joke is they play on it and drag it out rather than just laughing and moving on. It becomes really immature and it stops being funny really fast especially when someone repeats the same thing over and over.

  4. As a native American i dont like drunk jokes, but i dont care if non natives wear Pocahontas/indian/native costumes for Halloween.

  5. Something EVeryong I KNow Jokes ABout Is My Sexuality, Im Bisexual And Legit Everyone Jokes About IT XD, Liek Today My Friends Were Like, “If A Straight Person IS Straight, Is A Homosexual Person WONKY?` And I Laughed Legit FOr Like 3 Hours XDD

  6. Heh. I'm blonde and have always loved blonde jokes. I have quite the collection.

    A blind guy walks into a bar, sits down on a stool and says "Hey! Want to hear a blonde joke?"
    The bartender says "I don't know if that's a good idea. See, I'm blonde and the guy next to you is blonde and he's a professional wrestler. Then there is the guy over in the corner, he works with the mafia. He's blonde. You still want to tell your blonde joke?"
    The blind guy shakes his head. "Nah. I don't want to explain it three times."

  7. Me who's fully sighted walks into walls just about every time I walk
    Molly who's blind can literally walk around her apartment without walking into anything

  8. I wear glasses and can't see a thing without them and people can't seem to get that snatching them off my face isn't funny. When I say I can't see without I can't see anything without them. Just blur. Nothing more. Past my upper wrist is blur and if I'm talking about my sight and you make a good joke I'm cool with it but if like we're just hanging out and you make a joke I just feel uncomfortable and I'd most likely leave. I find the first one closer to bullying than a joke and the second one is just… there's a time and place for everything and nobody that I meet seems to get it right
    Oh almost forgot I'm also black and almost every white person meet (me meeting a white person is rare since my community is mostly black so I'm not saying whites are racist or anything) makes a black joke and that is no black joke is anywhere near funny. Especially when they call me things like crow and then get offended when I get upset and show it by calling them snowball. Like boi no… you gotta find the line between funny and mean. And for me that line is pretty thick so it ain't that hard

  9. I make all the gay jokes about myself. The only jokes I don’t like are “Do you find x attractive?” & using slurs in your joke

  10. I have an air bubble in my head and when people would find out they were very uncomfortable about it until I would say that it explains why I am such an air head.

  11. I was actually lambasted by my friends for asking a disabled public speaker if he makes jokes about his disability.

    I literally asked “Do you ever make jokes about your disability to cope?” And he was really nice since people were getting out of their seats ready to find me and hit me and he actually tried to calm everyone down and said that I had the right to ask the question and he replied (he was paraplegic) “Yeah me and my friends make jokes all the time. Like once they had a frat house game night and asked if I wanted to host twister. I’m fine with jokes like that.”

    And afterwards I was confronted by many people trying to tell me that asking that question was out of line.

    As opposed to what? Asking about his catheter, like everyone else??

    I think he was more comfortable talking about jokes about the disabled than he was talking about how he can have sex in front of Highschool students…

    I just had to put that out there. If someone just ASKS about jokes I don’t think it’s reasonable to shout hearsay.

  12. I agree. There is a difference between joking and being funny versus plain bullying. Like me and my family laughing about how my dad and I are bald my brother is cocky and arrogant my mum is short chubby and not very feminine. All laughing together. Wheras my ‘friends’ or classmates would laugh and say ugg look at how you write, look how awkward he is or making mr bean noises or booting my football as far away as possible right when it was time to go in from lunch. One is fun the other is bullying.

  13. A woman is at home naked getting changed when she hears a knock at the door. Who is it, she calls out. The blind man, replied the voice. So the woman shrugs and lets the man in. Nice tits, now where am I hanging these then said the man, surprised.

  14. I love how you make the distinction about really seeing something with your eyes or just using it in context. When I coached volleyball, we would always talk to the kids about taking in information. We would ask them what does the word “look” and what does the word “see” mean. We would have them define the words without using that word in the definition. Basically by the end, we would come to the conclusion that “look” meant focusing on something and “see” meant understanding. So when you look & see something, you’re really focusing and then understanding the information you’re taking it… However it is you take it in! Love your videos Molly! I was paralyzed in a car accident nine years ago this January. You inspired me to start my own channel and I use you for inspiration all the time! Thanks girl 🙂

  15. So when i was younger i had cancer and last year i returned at going to school and one day at the bus going back home a girl accidentally threw a little piece of paper at me , she apologised and i said that it's ok it has happen to me something worse and i meant that a bird has pooped at my head (long story) and a guy who was sitting on the back seat of mine (who knew that i had cancer) said "yea not like you had cancer or anything" and i think that violence is not the best answer but i slaped him and his bro slaped him and i felt sooo good and then i didnt talk to him for a month

  16. I'm short too (although not as short as you) and I love short jokes. I actually can't think of any short jokes that I didn't like.

  17. Video explained it perfectly. Only thing I might say is that it's wildly funny when you – the person – actually do change your language. The other people around you have this moment of "That was an odd choice of wor- OH RIGHT haha"

    And I would have punched that dude in the face for the plate-moving shit. That's so obviously not a good faith joke.

  18. It's not really a joke specifically for the blind but one time I was visiting a friend who was blind and he doesn't need the light to go down the stairs. I couldn't find the light switch so I walked down the stairs in the dark and fell down them. My blind friend said "Are you okay?" I said "Yes I'm fine I just couldn't see because the light was off." my blind friend said "I don't need the light, I'm blind ya know" I did find it funny that me being a person who can see fell down the stairs of a blind person's house. 🙂

  19. I get what you're saying, I'm registered blind 20 200 (macular dystrophy), I'm quick witted, like puns and don't mind general blind jokes, the line for me is when I'm struggling to see and do something then have someone think it's time for a blind joke rather than help, I like jokes so maybe it's easy to think it's ok but there's a difference between a general joke and ridiculing someone that's struggling as it's more like bullying. Dan UK

  20. I’m deaf and I make jokes all the time because then no one can make mean jokes about me it’s away of taken the power out of there hands

  21. Our kids have a quick wit and crack blind jokes all the time. It really does break the tension and allows real dialogue, even funny dialogue to continue!

  22. I joke about my depression and my friends do to but when someone makes a joke about my self harming problem it goes beyond the point of comedy to just being rude cause. that's very personal information that I felt safe enough to tell you, and you abused my trust. same with jokes about me being gay I'm fine with that but, I had a friend once say a gay joke about me in front of the whole class and I got bullied for that the rest of the time I went to that school

  23. I just have to say (yes ik im a yr late sue me) I live in England but I came from America so I have a American accent so my friends and I always make American jokes and I love it bc it helped me get used to moving across the globe

  24. I make crappy blind jokes at school

    I’m legally blind
    Half the time, I don’t see them coming. I also have just one eye, so I’ll keep my eye out for my bad jokes and try to fix them

  25. I so agree with the statement " the joke is only funny if the person being joked about is laughing too" otherwise it's just mean.

  26. I'm a bi girl and my friends in the LGBTQ community and I make jokes about our sexuality a lot, which I'm totally cool with. But sometimes people outside of the community like family members cough Dad cough and they just make me really uncomfortable. Though it's ussually well intentioned since it's not someone with a shared experience it just feels harsh and idk uncomfy. It just feels invasive I guess, like that's my thing to joke about, ya know?

  27. The thing with moving the food away is…what's even supposed to be funny about that? The only 'joke' there is that you couldn't find your food when he moved it away, which it's like…obviously you wouldn't be able to? The number one rule of comedy is that it has to be funny.

  28. i have made it my goal in life to find where you like, break into your house, and steal gallop. he is just so cute!!!!!

  29. I totally love this. I always make Blind jokes to help people feel comfortable. “ Hey, could someone more sighted do this?” Or I crash into something and say “ Blind girl probs”…

  30. I totally agree on your view on jokes. I only found out about your channel today (through Tommy Eddison's channel, and by the way, his jokes are amazing)

    I decided to put a joke here, too. It's not specifically about blind people, but it still works. From "A bit of Fry and Laurie" (if you haven't seen it yet, I totally recommend it)

    "I walked into a shop the other day… 14 stitches!"

  31. My dog is blind. I refer to myself as his guide human. We often make little jokes about his blindness, but never anything mean, of course.

  32. I’m not blind, but I do have really thick glasses to replicate the lenses that are missing from my eyes. My friends call me blind as a joke and some others do too, even though I can see pretty clearly with my glasses on. I’m not mad about it because the difference is that it’s not true, i call my friend dyslexic and he calls me blind but ever since my mum reacted hurt for me I’ve almost felt awkward owning my disability, it’s like all of a sudden the joke which I loved making became me bullying myself even though I’m not. I just wanted to watch this to make me feel better so thanks!

  33. My dad was blind & he made jokes all the time. His favourite joke to make was if he bumped into someone/something, he would say, "Sorry, I didn't see you standing there.". Sometimes people would look at him & not know how to react, but he would start laughing & they would too.

  34. I'm not legally blind, but I'm visually impaired, so I make a lot of jokes about that. Poking fun at myself is how I cope with things that I'm insecure about, but there definitely is a line. I totally agree with you on what's not funny; I can't stand when people make "jokes" that are actually just mockery.

  35. I have type 1 diabetes and one thing that always crosses a line for me is like having a bag of candy and saying "I'm gonna eat this bag of diabetes", or something like that. That is NOT how you get diabetes.

  36. Some people are well-meaning but socially inept, like me. I mean, I probably wouldn't have dared to do that in front of other so many other people, but sometimes I wanna "challenge myself" and wanna go out of my comfort zone and if I thought for some reason that this would be funny, that it would make you laugh and that it would help us bond (because in my head I'm doing something edgy and you'll think it's funny, because I went there), I could totally see myself doing something like that to "break the ice" (not anymore, but generally speaking something like that could come from me). The whole scenario probably played out very differently in his head. He probably imagined that you'll get what's going on and laugh it off or something like that. I really don't think he anticipated that you'd feel mocked (at least I would hope so, cause otherwise it'd be cruel to do it). But I can empathise with both sides here (assuming of course he wasn't intentionally cruel). I can totally see how this is so not funny when you're at the receiving end and how it might feel like pushing a wheelchair user out of their wheelchair and saying "haha just stand up".

    In the end though it didn't go well and everybody lost, which is unfortunate. I guess all I wanna say is people should be less judgemental, cause I see people being very harsh on him here in the comments and I don't think it's fair. We don't know him, we don't know his life. Maybe he's a very sweet and caring person, who just royally fucked up and completely miscalculated his actions because he was a nervous wreck and anxious about meeting you. I know that I would feel horrible if I had tried cracking a joke realised what I had actually done to the other person. If it was a genuine mistake and not arbitrary cruelty, he deserves another chance imo.

  37. Gallop's head is literally the size of your entire torso. Lol. He is HUGE!! I also know you're very petite so. He's Sooo cute! Almost looks like a great Dane here. Awww!

  38. I've had an eating disorder for 7 years and it almost killed me. My dog is obsessed with food lol. I mean I know most all dogs are duh but he's EXTREME!!! Like allll he thinks about and can focus on I swear. Lol & one day my mom said something about him so being my dog because he has an eating disorder (like me). She didn't mean it to be mean at all. I actually didn't mind because I've kind of thought that same thing and made light of it. Lol. However with that being said- I do not think eating disorder jokes are EVER appropriate otherwise honestly. Just nothing about eating disorders are funny to me. Idk maybe because I've suffered so severely from mine and almost literally died from it. & it's the #1 most lethal mental illness of all mental illnesses and I just don't find it amusing or something to joke about. Just me though.

  39. At the very beginning of my VIP life – I hated the thought of people making jokes..Used to upset me and freak me out. Im now however at the point where I too make the first joke at new situations, so everyone else can feel ok about joking. But, I agree entirely, there is a line, and the guy pulling the food away from you went far beyond the line

  40. So im physically disabled (cerebral palsy on the left side) and let me tell a lil story about my boyfriends cousin making me cry of laughter. So the cousin needed help with something at the store he owns. Moving shit basically. So he got me, my boyfriend, two friends and himself = 10 hands to help. When we showed up there, he made a joke about being all 9 hands and that we were ready. I love little comments like that. Not necessarily jokes, but just small details that kinda poke fun at my disability. Wasnt in a cruel, mocking way, but just the honest truth. I have two hands, but just one useful, and the cousin knows that. I laughed and cried because i make comments like that all the time, but theres so few that actually wanna say them to me. The fact that he did it without question was refreshing

  41. I think blind jokes ar ok my friends sometimes joke at it and I make jokes at some of my friends at their height

  42. i hate when some1 does says oh there is school on monday I'm depressed that is NOT what depression is grrrrr

  43. One thing I think is really important as well is making sure the person is okay with your jokes if you're joking about them, especially when it's a sensitive or personal topic. I have visible scars from self-harm and self-armed until relatively recently, and my friends and I joke about it all the time, even more when it was still happening. I also make these jokes around new people and encourage them to do so. But I would find it very rude if someone made a joke about my scars before knowing I was okay with it.

  44. Molly, if you are ever in Toronto when the Mood Disorder association does their laughing like crazy comedy show, you have to come out for it.

  45. I think I really started to enjoy blind jokes and understand that it was fun to make fun of these things and it kind of makes you feel more comfortable with these disabilities, makes it more real but also makes you less afraid to meet people with them, idk, it's a weird psychological thing I think. But what made me really enjoy the jokes was back when I was watching Avatar the last airbender and the blind earth bender girl, they didn't shy away from making blind jokes about her and they were never just mean, they like clever little jokes. Like when their in the air and looking for a tower she yells, "OH THERE IT IS!" To which everyone starts looking to where she pointed and she just reminds them, "That's what it will sound like when one of you finally spots it" Waving a hand in front of her own face with that dorky smile. Like, jokes like that work really well to lighten the mood and I am in full support of that.

  46. ugh, that guy pulling the plate away from you is so rude, like I feel like a prank like that is more funny if you do it at sighted people while maybe they're not looking at the moment, but at a blind person is not funny, it just confuses them and then makes them feel embarrassed or sad that they were used as a prop like that. damn, that's so rude.

  47. I have a brain tumor and I had to take Cemotheropy (don’t mind my spelling) and no one has made any jokes about it but I can see people in middle school bulling me and make inferences jokes about it so I think this is some good advise.

  48. I just discovered your channel yesterday. You kind of remind me of Toph from Avatar: the last airbender. She's a badass too that others just forget she's blind (she often cracks a joke whenever they forget)

  49. I have blindness as well and one blind joke I tell is. What does a blind person call there sighted significant other?
    A seen eye person.

  50. as a southerner, I hate the incest jokes and the bestiality jokes. like we don't want those sickos associated with us

  51. I’m Christian, me and my friends make tons of jokes about it. I don’t really no what the line is because no one has crossed whatever it might be which is good I guess😂

  52. Personally I don’t like any jokes about blindness especially and I don’t like any jokes against people with disabilities. Because I’ve had so many people pull what they would call jokes on me which I threw in the mitts very insulting and there many times but hurtful so much to where I just run away because it’s so painful I have had so many jokes pulled on me that ever thought was funny but was insulting and offensive and painful to me for a banded up crying and being hurt and I have had that one thing that you had pulled on you was somebody moving something away and nobody but nobody came in my defense at all everybody is enjoyed the humor of it which hurt really bad so bad I just couldn’t stay around I couldn’t be there so I missed out on having what I wanted to drink or eat when stuff like that happen because I just walked away really fast crying when I am ran into people trying to get away from the situation and to this day all of that still gets to me that’s why I don’t like jokes. About blindness or disability now I’m hearing all the jokes about people with mental illness I don’t like those either considering I have a mental health illness to be exact for things and now I may have five primary is borderline personality disorder PTSD generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar too and there is the possibility I could be developing did dissociative identity disorder I have enough going on in my life I don’t need the jokes it still hurts to this day all of it there’s ever been done to me and I can’t even go through all of them because a lot of mine were in public spaces that happened to me at one reason why I don’t like being in crowds very much because I’m afraid that somebody’s going to pull a joke on me at my expense for their fun

  53. My dad is legally blind he has RP

    I leave things open so he bangs his head on them.

    In revenge he plays loud noises to make me twitch (i’m sensitive to loud and or high pitched noises)

    Practical jokes are okay so long as both parties participate.

    So in my opinion the food tray thing would have been okay if you in place player a prank on him. But obviously that didnt happen

  54. I love this video Molly. You got me thinking of when people make jokes around you but not with you. I'm not blind, but I do have OCD and people love making jokes about this disorder, almost always just because they don't really know what OCD is. I personally don't like jokes like "I have Obsessive Christmas Disorder" or "I have OCD until my dyslexia kicks in, then I have DOC" because people just laugh without trying to understand that OCD is a lifelong battle that never ends. I am so happy that over 163,000 people have viewed this video because you have impacted their lives and made them more conscious of the lines of jokes in general, and especially jokes directed toward disabled people. I love that you educate people, and I want to do the same with OCD. You are an inspiration!!

  55. So kind of touching on the jokes being offensive portion. Anyway I have an extremely heavy british accent even though I’ve never been to Britain (someone from Britain actually talked to me and asked why I moved to America) and I have adhd and I stutter a lot. In class I constantly fidget and people think it’s funny to make jokes about that even though I’ve told them that it isn’t. And people (full grown adults) well mock my stuttering and they think it’s so funny even though I tell them it’s not. And i agree with you on the part that it hurts. It really does.

  56. Love you molly ❤️
    I'm really short and somtimes I make jokes and other people make jokes but I defenitly have a line:
    •I make short jokes about people not seeing me or squeezing in to small spaces
    • I don't mind if people make jokes about it but only if I've meantioned it or its in the context of the conversation or what we're doing .
    •I don't like when people randomly come up to me and say something
    eg.i had a friend and we were sitting at the classroom table and she turns to me and says
    "Oh Georgia you have an achievement this year !"
    I said what
    Then she said " your the smallest in the year!"
    •this was to far because
    It was nothing to do with what we were doing and it was just mean
    Hit the like button if you are tiny too!👍🏻⬇️

  57. Blonde jokes, eye or skin colour jokes, etc. are a hard no for me just because none of those things are actual traits. It’s like joking about the fact that someone has nails. Like yes, yes they do.

  58. I love most jokes, and I'm really laid back. I love South Park, and comedians like Bo Burnham, but what I consider going too far is crossing someone's religion. That's actually the reason why my least favorite song of Bo's is "From God's Perspective." And that's just because it's not really respecting people's beliefs. I love all of his work, Bo is one of the funniest people I've listened to, but that's just where my bar lays personally.

  59. I like to point out to people in the comments section that seed it even though it's been a year since this video came out that I have actually been the same situation with Molly not digs Axsain situation but in the same after spear and what happened to her was disgusting but what happened to me was different from the guy that I was fit but I'm trying to be despicable or disgusting he was trying to be funny about it and I know fairness he actually was now that I realise it but what he did move in the play food out of her reach when she greets first that's not okay and it doesn't matter if you do this to a blind person should not do this to anyone like to do to anyone forget the person that blind it's disgusting

  60. Why don’t blind people skydive?………… Because it scares the crap out of their dogs!…… I thought it was funny…… LOL

  61. I just LOOOVVVEEE what you do!! It has given me such great perspective and insight. I am sighted but I just love getting to understand how your world works. And I really admire your "Let's educate people in hope of change mindset!" you are a great inspiration.

  62. I don't like jokes about my cat. I can take whatever jokes are directed at me but my cat is one of those things I can't laugh about. I get annoyed by man jokes (because I'm a lesbian people just call me a boy) but only when they're excessive and not witty.

  63. i have autism and am trying to work on some jokes to tell about it. all i have so far is: "as an autistic person, i don't always see eye to eye with people, but i see eye to mouth, sometimes eye to nose if i'm really feeling confident." i'd love to hear any other autism jokes from any other autistic people in the comments. there's so many mean jokes about us, it's time we turned it around and had some real good autistic humor.

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