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Bob and Carl 2- The French lover (humor Sketch)

Anyway, will you help me or not? Ok ok I’m in but What’s your plan? Have you a plan? I don’t know yet but Maybe You can follow her at where? on youtube, instagram, facebook? How about on the streets? Oh, many guys do it already Let’s think together What do we have of this guy? we have jealous What Because he is fucking your wife I mean cloes Wait, I know there’s a phon number in the motel’s soap So what he can be our man Maybe your wife’s man I know, I have an idea You can call to him and find who this guy is but why me? Because he can be my friend, I don’t know He can know my voice Ok ok I’ll call to him hello Who’s talking? wait a second oh no, he’s a French guy I don’t speak french Don’t worry! I will help you Just repeat everything I say ok Ok Say (Bonjour mom ami) Good morning my friend Bon jour mom petit (Good morning my sweet) Mom ami, mom ami (my friend, my friend) he said (Qui parlê) Who’s talking This means who’s talking Say Je mapelle Pierre (My name is Pierre) Je suis chercheur (I’m a researcher) It’s terrible Time time Je t’aime (I love you) Time stupid time Wait I have an idea Let me try something Ok Go ahead excusez moi monsieur (excuse me sir) Are you fucking my friend’s wife? no no no damn

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