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Boku no hero Academia – Cosplay Crack Part 1

Denki: So sad Deku died of ligma Bakugou: Who the FUCK is Deku Denki: –ligma balls Todoroki: I don’t think that’s how the joke goes Denki: You think so? Denki: It’s a mental breakdown Jirou: Hello, vegans If pigs are so smart why does 66% of them build houses that are stupid with ineffective materials? Deku: What do you think it would happen if I put coffee instead of milk in my cereal? Aizawa: Guess we’ll never know Deku: ARe YoU Ok Ay ? Denki: You calll yourself my best friend but where were you when my meme only got 4 likes? Kirishima: Making 4 accounts.. Denki: Bro… Kirishima: B r o Bakugou: Don’t correct me Todoroki: Don’t be wrong Deku: Todoroki what are you doing in my house? It’s 3 in the morning! Todoroki: Please teach me how to use emojis Bakugou: Y’all still beat your meat?Pfft. Lol Denki: Yeah? What do you beat then? Bakugou: Deku Denki: Okay, man. Have fun with that Denki: Why can’t tress give us something useful like WiFi? Jirou: So like, fuck oxygen, right? Denki: Yea Bakugou: YOU WANNA FUCKING DIE? Kirishima: Kinda.. Bakugou: Bro, we’ve talked about this Todoroki: So, what’s the plan? Denki: I’m gonna yeet this at them Todoroki: You’re gonna what Bakugou: Son of a B– Kirishima: BAKUGOU! There are children here! Bakugou: BISCUIT. Son of BISCUIT. Kirishima: Nice save. Bakugou: Fucking nailed it. Deku: HAsn’t he BeeN tHROugh ENougH Todoroki: Hey. How do I get revenge on someone? Deku: Hm. The best way to get revenge is letting go and living well Todoroki: Hey, Bakugou! How do I get– Todoroki: Guys, we gotta find Aizawa Kirishima: I got this! DAD! BAKUGOU AND DEKU ARE FIGHTING AGAIN! Aizawa: Oi. I will erase you guys’ quirks if you don’t get along Kirishima: Found him Todoroki: I wish I could be as stable and put together as sensei Jirou: Uh… Once he dropped a pizza and he cried for 10 hours Todoroki: Mood. Kirishima: [trips on air in dramatic slowmotion] Bakugou: Haha. You’re so clumpsy. Bakugou: [fighting the air] Who the fuck do you think you are? WHO THE FRICK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??? Denki: Who calls tree skin “bark”? Okay, Mr. Scientist Jirou: So, what do you call leaves? Denki: Tree hair. Denki: There are three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way and the Denki way. Kirishima: Isn’t that just the wrong way? Denki: Yeah but it’s faster. Kirishima: This guy has been bothering me. Bakugou: Kill him. Bakugou: I kill him for you? Kirishima: Bakugou NO! Deku: Why are you banging your head against the wall? Todoroki: I have a headache. Todoroki: Two negatives cancel each other out and make a positive so, theortitically… Todoroki: I wanna be like a caterpillar Deku: Explain? Todoroki: Eat a lot, sleep for a while, wake up beautiful Deku: You do know they have a lifespan of a week right? Todoroki: That’s another highlight WHATCHU SAY? WHATCHU SAY? Aizawa: I said whoever threw that paper, your mom’s a

100 thoughts on “Boku no hero Academia – Cosplay Crack Part 1

  1. Kirishima:this guy is bothering me….

    Bakugo:kill him.


    Bakugo: i can kill him for you?

    Kirishima: BAKUGO NO!!!!

    ME: i think i pulled a muscle 🤣🤣🤣

  2. 1:40 when kirishima said "kind of" I said it at the same time they did and I have never seen this video… I'm actually concerned…😐

  3. Bakugou: “SON OF B-“
    Kirishima: “BAKUGOU, there are children here”


  4. the pig joke I get it but its not that funny because… its 67% 2/3 is the only fraction you round up so you can get 100%… but still its funny if you don't over think it XD

  5. Bakugou:" son of a bi…"
    Kirishima: "Bakugou there are children here."
    covers Midoriyas ears
    Bakugou:"son of a biscuit"

  6. Bakugou: SON OF A BI-
    Kiri: BAKUGOU! there are children here!
    Bakugou: ….-BISCUIT! SON OF A BISCUIT!
    Kiri: nice save!
    Bakugou: ..fuck *something*..
    Me: LOL 😂😂

    Deku: (wtf?)

  7. Was it just me that thought Spider was Akrcos?? Idk why but to me in Bakugo cosplay they look kinda similar
    In a good way ofc- canon Bakugo’s right there bro

  8. Denki "Its a mental breakdown " *play the kazoo

    *Denki and kirashima try to draw on bakus face *
    Baku : pull a gun *
    Denki and kirashima : * pull away*

  9. I’m laughing my ass off when bakugo was sleeping and denki and kirishima went to draw on him HE HAD A FUCKING GUN LOMA

  10. OML

    Kacchans jaw line 🥵 😂
    It kinda looks like Spider
    I thinks how you spell it 😬 don’t hate me plz

  11. i love how everyone is being all cute and trendy and todoroki is like tEaCh mE hOw tO uSe EmOjIs and uR gOnNa WhAt?

  12. You 2:13 of course bakugou has a gun. Who the hell gave him a gun who tf SLEEPS WITH A GUN IN THEIR HANDS.

  13. 0:09 Im dead
    0:46 with subtitles
    1:54 yea bakugou nice save
    2:14 why does denki have a kazoo?
    2:19 hi todoroki
    4:17 oh
    I watched this with subtitles and it made it more funny

  14. Denki: So I saw Deku die of ligma
    Bakugo: Who tf is Deku-
    Denki: Ligma balls
    This had me ded 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. My favorite character is Denki, and Denki has a blue kazoo just like mine.


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