Laughter is the Best Medicine

36 thoughts on “"Bolo Tara Ra Ra" – Stand Up Comedy by Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

  1. Why didn’t anybody tell me i wasn’t supposed to watch this while eating?
    Now i am that sand burn safari girl. Thanks. Amen

  2. When he started talking about poop & shit I was like where this is going 😅😅
    BTW had a good laugh

  3. Yr I feel very apnapan when I listen to you……think that we are buddy ……carry on :spread happiness brother"*#

  4. Well there are other places near Mumbai such as Mulund and Titwala. God knows who comes up with theses names 😂

  5. Haha.. Is this funny? It's not even the same pincode as funny. Worst stand up ever. Sala hagne wale jokes. Bangalore ka mausam (ofcourse copied from a better boy), rubbish jokes. Kaun karta hai be aesi stand up?

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