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100 thoughts on “Bolton’s Valiant Effort To Get Trump To Release Military Aid For Ukraine | Deadline | MSNBC

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  3. So is msnbc now the war party network? First Obama engineers a coup that splits Ukraine, driving ethnic Russians towards Russia as a protector. Now a sort of stalemate obtains but at least no one is dying. And now you think what would help THIS situation would be US military intervention of some kind? Do you think this is a good idea? Really? Do you think this is a vote winner in 2020? What do the opinion polls say?

  4. Bolton Cares not for the U.S. BUTT for himself, what self respecting human holds information advertised by themselves and then say"s NOTHING!

  5. And the great orange one still has his base supporting him like they are part of a cult?!?! The rest of the world cannot believe he is still in office 😒

  6. You can’t be serious, a supposedly left media outlet embracing the one country’s foremost anti-libert, anti-free press, pro-war profits, warhawks!! Can’t you all see that left right was, is and will continue to be a distraction to prevent us from seeing that they are all criminals.

  7. It’s a material that people with Trump gave him advice what to do and what not to do what’s most important is what did he do at the end if everybody in the office agreed with everything that Trump did it will be dysfunctional you never surround yourself with people who agree with you only because you never see the other side

  8. So Trump releases military aid including javelin bombs that can destroy Russian tanks. But Trump stipulates Ukraine cannot use them. I wonder why Trump would forbid an American ally at war against Putin and Russia from using weapons to protect themselves from Russia? Do you really need a ton of more info to see Trump is a Russian asset?

  9. Does anyone think that Trump came up with the idea of withholding military aid to Ukraine on his own? Putin’s fingerprints are all over this. That also explains why Bolton was unable to get Trump to change his mind.

  10. good ol' Ronnie Ray-gun must be spinning in his grave watching trumpf's allegiance and willingness to facilitate the Russian dictator's desires AND all the republicans who back his actions.

  11. Maybe Mr. Bolton is not as unethical as he has been portrayed. I have never liked many of his policies, But I do believe he has had the welfare of the country as his goal in being involved in government.

  12. Mr Bolton. Do it. Go ahead and give it up. Not only will you look like an American who cares but an American who does what is right for us all…don't be a shallow 'dumper' but an honorable American. I have faith you will.

  13. I've discovered the truth: Rick Wilson, John Heilemann and Steve Schmidt are the same person. Notice how they never sit on the same side of the desk?

  14. I've discovered the truth: Rick Wilson, John Heilemann and Steve Schmidt are the same person. Notice how they never sit on the same side of the desk?

  15. That’s it ; The Master of life Jesus Christ tells us; their is nothing hid that will not be revealed, all lies and liars will be exposed. The President and his men is guilty. And must be impeached and remove from office.

  16. its a weak argument that there is an election in a year, and so therefor let the voters decide. trump has proven he will not run a fair and clean campaign. he lacks the confidence that people will vote for him unless he makes his opponent look really bad.this also speaks to his poor decision making. look what it's gotten him as proof.

  17. Why didn't Bolton lobby the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment? We could be done with this crap by now, and tRump locked up for his own protection and ours.

  18. After all this evidence, any congressman not matter what party doesnt vote to impeach and remove is a trader to this country and need to be voted out

  19. I know someone else sees what slapped me in the face: 2 times, in1(one) sentence & a sorta 'let's not go ther|||…' bs cor(porate) pol (policy, duh) re ref to 'cannabis'/laws/cp/INTO- MR. SONDERLAND re Trump's 'issues'.THAT'S #1- CENSORSHIP! 2nd: a picture (profile) of a man; I instantly thought FKG RUSSIAN JEWERY. THE PRINT, I NEXT SAW, & TO LEFT, INDICATED IT WAS MR. SONDERLAND! NO ONE EVER PUTS THESE 2(TWO) VERY SIMILAR FACTORS TOGETHER. DIDN'T THIS GUY-OUTRIGHT- PAY 1 (-") MILLION {"DOLLARS"- as we used to say} FOR A JOB?

  20. ….mmmkayy…we're done here hoax masters. These guys today have completely cleared the president. ….no bribery, no extortion, no quid pro quo, no demand from Trump, no withheld aid, no corruption, no treason….no dice. Poor dems, Mueller flat tire…Ukraine flat tire…talk about a resounding cricket chirping. Egg on faces, feces on shoes, its a wrap. Let's see how the left spins these witnesses. Get the popcorn. This will be high theatre.

  21. Nothing valiant about Bolton. By refusing to testify he is complicit with Trump. Nothing patriotic about him at all. In fact with the first hand knowledge he has and his refusal to testify, I would say he is comparable to a traitor.

  22. I wonder did the Turkish president inform TRUMP that the post news employee will be in Turkey on a certain day and time. and trump are cushions related it to Saudi Arabia crown Prince .

  23. Bolton went to work for a TV game show host who had zero political, foreign relations, or diplomatic experience. Stupid career choice. Just plain stupid.

  24. Until Bolton cooperates with the Intelligence Committee, I will refrain from using any adjectives like "valiant" to describe him. His aide Ms. Fionaa Hill has testified. She is valiant and courageous.

  25. Seems the brain inside this Heilemann's bald head is in a fantasy brick castle, in a make believe sky, on planet fantasia. BUT, its not is it , as he is obviously to clever, cunning and devious for that to be true, right ? Snake ?

  26. Who I really feel for is the Ukraine, They are a new democracy that needs help against Russia. They are trying to get away from Russian influence, they will say anything say anything too get away from them. What would you do if you had a wolf (bear) at the door? What would have happened if France wouldn't help us during the revolution because of political pressure.

  27. Bolton won't do the right thing by testifying. He's a republican. They obviously don't know how to do the right thing anymore. They are all crooks!

  28. Bolton just wants the insulation that a court order will provide him. It's the same reason that he wouldn't let Mulvaney join his law suit to push for it; Bolton wasn't planning on fighting it, but Mulvaney was.

  29. traitor-trump is a monster, a lying, corrupt, greed-driven, arrogant, vile, vulgar, perverted, sick, twisted, psychopath.

  30. land slideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee trump 2020 like i said it 20166666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

  31. msnbc trump haters american haterssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss trump land slide 2020 take my word for ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  32. US is not even a remote player in the aid to Ukraine. Many billions of dollars have been donated by many other countries to Ukraine since our country approved our aid package in 2016. This illustrates the need to fact check everything that anyone in this administration says. – PS and you should also look carefully at the Javelin – (1) there are photos of Ukraine soldiers constructing fake Javelin models to fool the Russians into thinking they really have them and (2) the Javelin's have a fatal flaw which the Russians have already exploited – when launched from ground locations it's easy to see where they came from and the Russians fire off massive artillery barrages at the sources which can cause massive casualties and wipe out an entire battalion of ground forces and weapons.

  33. "Valiant" .. This is one of the major unrepentant proponents of the Iraq war, you know that thing with the hundreds of thousands dead and the middle east destabilised for a generation, and the normalisation of torture, all for a cynical lie. the same guy busily pushing for a 10x worse war with Iran.

  34. From what I've heard today, a judge in a certain case dealing with a trump subordinate on the issue of responding to a Congressional subpoena will be dealt with Monday, 11/25 …. I think the judge is going to rule, that you have to respond to a lawful subpoena. Then – BOOM!!! BOLTON gets subpoenaed …. Bolton testifies, the coffin gets nailed shut on trump!!!

  35. This was a complete and utter incompetent description of a high crime. I know he was making fun of republicans but for the general public the description of a high crime needs to be correct.

  36. This praising of Bolton just shows how f***ed up msnbc is.
    Bolton is a war monger of the highest order. He's the best friend the military industrial complex has ever had.
    It's not surprising that he fought with Trump over military aid. Of course he wants military aid for Ukraine. There's no country Bolton wouldn't go to bat for on military aid. Keep those wars going.

    I hate Trump but I'm not going to lose my mind and praise Bolton for anything he's done or will do. His testimony is not needed. There has been enough people already who have testified as to what was going on.
    Shame on msnbc.

  37. I agree with Elise Jordan… Bolton should rise to the occasion n speak up. In this case he acted honestly n honorably n knows right from wrong. He tried his best to right the ship but Trump is a stupid hopeless n couldnt understand what he is doing is criminal!!!

  38. Trump is literally pardoning criminals just so they can go on FOX news & say something good about him. There is noone left to say good things about Trump other than his children, or ex-cons who he pardons.

  39. TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    Impeachment testimonies are clearing Trump…if you actually watch the FULL testimonies for yourself instead of watching bits and pieces you will get the whole story. Nothing there.

  40. Can you imagine being an ordinary citizen asked to testify at an IMPEACHMENT HEARING and basically telling Congress to F#[email protected] Off? This is not Democrat versus Republicans, it is THE HAVES versus THE HAVE-NOTS.
    Stormy Daniels told a TV reporter that prior to the election while she was sitting beside Trump he rreceivedi a call from Hillary Clinton. She kept asking him if the "deal" was still on. He assured her it was.
    This system is rotten to the core – the pedophile priests have nothing on America's filthy corporate media who think nothing of protecting, in many cases for years, men who have damaged youmg womens bodies so badly that they require reconsrtuctive surgery..So tell me, Hillary, was keeping your husbands filthy desires secret worth it?

  41. Bolton wants political cover it's clear Trump didn't give a ** about Ukraine it was all about him, him and him.
    Sondland is screwed he's lied to Congress and the GOP will rip him to shreds if he dishes up the full story

  42. Denial? Like it or not, "this for that" — when you need a PERSONAL favor for which you hold the power cards of YOUR Public OFFICE — IS BRIBERY and the Name of the game. Period.

    Whose firing whom?

  43. Bolton: Trump incompetency is getting in the way of our hawkish foreign policy.

    We could’ve invaded Venezuela with Bolton in charge.

  44. Some comments here r saying that Bolton could b the whistleblower but he's not! He/she is someone in Intelligence! It was almost reveled thru Morrison at the impeachment proceedings yesterday by a Republican pushing him to answer n Shiff intervened immediately! Whistleblower can b killed n that's why their identity had to b kept a secret! As well… their family could b jeopardized in many ways!

  45. If that phone call was being listened into buy a foreign government it seems that they would probably have a recording of it, if that foreign government didn't have something to hold over Trump before they do now.

  46. Bolton's gonna blow it. He's the man of the hour. But the door will close and lock him out. Both sides will trash him next year

  47. Trump ran on ending corruption, when he finds it… hes the bad guy? Why are yall okay with the Bidens getting millions from foreign countries?

  48. Bolton’s appearing before the committee would represent the patriotic and right thing to do. To refuse to appear in the hearings is certainly not valiant.

  49. Its all about the benjamins……Bolton is holding out for book sales…… money is clearly more important than patriotism…and by the way, Bolton was always a warmonger, doing the right thing was never a priority…

  50. Treason! Every person talking and every person leading this impeachment should be under arrest for high treason against our elected government

  51. This is where we've sunk to.

    2018: You're appointing BOLTON? The only lunatic that still thinks Iraq was a good idea?

    2019: Bolton. Yep…the voice of sanity in the White House.

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