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Boomers React To OK Boomer Memes

– Obviously, the boomer generation
is being attacked by this milleniums. – (Jayka) We feel attacked,
literally, like… – They feel attacked? – I guess I wasn’t aware
that the millennials were feeling so,
so downgraded by the boomers. ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – ♪ This one goes out ♪
– Oh, TikTok! – At the airport for a flight
that boards at 8:15. – All the old people got up
at 7:40 and are mad they aren’t on the plane yet.
(laughs) – It’s literally 7:43.
– ♪ OK boomer ♪ – Rude!
Talkin’ about old folks. (laughs) – Well it don’t seem like a joke,
it seems like respect that the boomers should get, they’re not getting
from these milleniums right here. – Well, I guess, they’re
making fun of old people. That’s not nothing new. – You know, as an older generation,
we’re always on time. I’m here at least half an hour early
than I’m supposed to be, you know. – Me: the enviornment is dying.
We need to change. – My grandpa: it’ll be fine,
it’s fine as it is. – Places are literally burning.
We are polluting the Earth. – My grandpa: Ah, it’ll be fine.
– ♪ OK boomer ♪ ♪ OK boomer, OK boomer ♪
♪ Ok boomer ♪ – Oh, same thing, huh?
Old ladies suck, OK boomer? – Picking on us boomers, it’s alright. We’re the one paying
for your college, buddy. (laughs) – I get it, I mean,
there’s so many problems right now, and a lot of it was caused
by my generation. – It’s not funny to me,
but it’s just, it’s generational. I did the same thing
with different words, we just didn’t have
the internet to spread it. – Millennials: I’m so proud of gen Z,
like they actually care about the environment.
I’m so proud of them. – Boomers: but they’re using slurs
and are being super mean to us. – I guess they’re trying
to get back at us. – But who’s using slurs? – Millennials who have been
the main focus of boomer jokes for years:
– ♪ Old ladies suck ♪ ♪ Ok boomer ♪ – (laughs) We do talk about them. – Obviously, the boomer generation
is being attacked by this millenniums. – Every generation criticizes
the upcoming generation. And you know what?
Someday, they’ll be criticizing the generations
behind them as well. – Oh, the Joker! – Boomers complaining about
memes on them. You think this is funny? And gen Z: (laughs) – (laughs) I love it. I wanna see some Robert De Niro,
you talkin’ to me? (laughs) That’s what it reminds me of. – It doesn’t bother me at all! Gotta be some pretty
sensitive boomers out there if they’re getting
sensitive about that. – He’s no spring chicken,
the guy’s below. (laughs) – You know, there’s some countries
where they respect their elders. – I am your father.
OK, boomer. (laughs) I like that.
That was good. – Who started this? (laughs) – This was the ’70s, so,
the boomer here is Luke. I mean, that’s what’s so funny.
That’s why I’m laughing. – It’s okay to be laughed at,
it’s okay to laugh at yourselves. You know, OK boomer
is not like some solid insult. – (FBE) So to help you
understand it a little better, we have a news report
on the phrase, alright? So here’s what the news
had to say about it. – Oh, okay, news usually
like gets it wrong. – OK boomer. – (woman) Don’t look at me.
– (man) I’m not looking at you. – She’s not a boomer! – (man) We’re not even, there’s no
boomers around us right now. – Nope.
– Pity for you! – (man) It’s the millennials’
newest clapback directed at baby boomers
who have become indifferent, some say, about the concerns…
– I don’t know if they’re indifferent. They’re overwhelmed. – (man) This all started on
the social media app TikTok, and then it exploded into
the meme of the moment, it even made it to New Zealand,
and to New Zealand’s parliament where a 25 year old lawmaker
responded “OK boomer.” – Oh, I saw that, yeah. – (man) After she was heckled
by an older colleague during a debate on climate change.
Take a listen. – (Chloe) In the year 2050,
I will be 56 years old. – Ah, yep. – (Chloe) Yet right now, the average
age of this 52nd parliament is 49 years old.
OK boomer. – (laughs) That was rude
to interrupt her. – (Chloe) Is 49 years old.
OK boomer. – I think that was appropriate.
She was getting heckled. – (Taylor) Initial shots fired
were, you know, fired by the boomers who, for years,
have criticized millennials as being lazy, entitled,
you know, while they’re suffering under
crushing student debt and all of these policies
that boomers made, so, this is kind of a friendly
clapback. – Well, the boomers actually created
problems for millenniums, right? Like student debt and stuff like that? So I understand what they’re saying,
there, OK boomer? We’re gonna do our
own thing now. – Any time you say OK, whoever, you are slamming
the door to communication, and that’s an unhealthy thing to do. ‘Cause every generation has
wisdom and experience, and ideas to give to the other. – (FBE) As you can see,
the phrase has been quite popular, especially with millennials
and those in generation Z. So we actually brought in
some of our cast who are part of those generations
to talk about the trend, and we want you to see
a little bit of what they thought
about those memes. – Okay. And I’m more interested
in knowing what the old, what the boomers think about it. – (FBE) As a millennial or gen Z, do you think this is actually
causing a generational divide between your generation
and baby boomers, or is this all in good fun? – (Carson) Uh, I think it’s definitely
just playing up on it. I don’t think,
I’m not taking it seriously. People shouldn’t take it seriously. – I agree with you 100%. – (Darius) The divide’s
always been there, they’ve always been
taking their shots at us. – Oh that’s interesting. – (Darius) We finally got
a shot at them, and they’re mad, ’cause you know, the little kid
finally stood up to the bully, and now they’re all…
– He’s a little cocky. – (Mikaela) Normal thing.
The most normal thing our generation does…
– Oh, Mikaela. – Is make a joke out of it,
and make it something relatable. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.
The divide’s already there. – That’s true. – (Mikaela) Their reactions back
is making it spread even more, because it’s making us
laugh at them and be like what are they saying? But also, I think it’s
gonna kill it real quick. (laughs) – Interesting. These kids are like okay,
I’m entitled, pay for my school, oh you can’t, so I’ll just,
you know, run up, you know, 60, 70, $80,000
worth of government loan, and yeah, maybe I’ll pay it back,
maybe I won’t. Take responsibility. But the other side is
boomers need to take responsibility for putting money
over environment always. – (FBE) Do you feel the response
of OK boomer was bound to happen,
based on the views other generations seem to have
towards yours? – (Carlos) Yeah, I think we stayed
quiet for a little bit too long, I think it was the whole like
respect your elders, but I think us saying something back,
it wasn’t that serious, it was kinda just more fun. But if they wanna take it that way,
that’s their problem, not ours. – It’s not disrespectful,
it’s just funny. – Exactly, if you don’t take offense,
there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you take offense,
then it’s something bad, so it’s on you,
yet again, boomers. – (Jayka) You feel attacked,
literally, like… – They feel attacked? – I guess I wasn’t aware
that the millennials were feeling so downgraded
by the boomers. Many of the boomer generation
feel that respect is something that you earn.
It doesn’t just come to you, and I go well,
this is the generation you’ve created. I think boomers were
at a lot of levels not the best parents. – (Jayka) They don’t even realize it,
they just think they’re being smart. – No, they’re actually just old. – (Jayka) We don’t wanna
be disrespectful. – Really? – (Jayka) So all I’m just gonna say.
– You don’t wanna be disrespectful? – Can’t have it both ways.
– (Jayka) And reply OK boomer. – (Sergio) It was bound to happen.
Somebody, somebody… – Revenge!
– (Sergio) It was bound to happen. Somebody, somebody was gonna say it. If it was not one kid,
it was gonna be the other. I don’t like it,
I think it’s inconsiderate. I think generalization period.
Stereotyping. – Dangerous. – Stereotyping should never
be a thing. – He’s got the right, yeah. It depends who’s saying it. – (Sergio) It’s just
a selection of words that will dictate whether something
is okay or not. Saying you know, a lot of millennials
do this, is different, rather than saying
millennials do this. – Fair enough, they’re all right. I’m a boomer who says
it’s okay, millennials. – Neither one wants to
offend the other one, but the respect
has to be given to both. – I could understand why
a group would feel attacked because they hear so much
complaints about millennials, you know, and it’s just so dismissive
to just be like oh, you don’t understand,
you’re too young or whatever, it’s so dismissive,
but it’s dismissive too, to say like “OK boomer.” – I’m trying to change my thinking
’cause I don’t realize as an older person, that sometimes
I’ll say something, and they take it as criticism. It’s way, it’s my way
kind of communicating, and I don’t realize
it’s offensive. – Any time you have
one person in a group doing something that upsets
other people, I think human nature has this tendency
to say oh, those boomers, oh, those millennials. It’s dangerous to make
generalizations. It stops conversation,
and it makes us judge people for what they might be,
as opposed to what they are. – (FBE) So the majority of everyone
in this episode is a boomer, but those in generation z
or millennials might assume that all old people
are part of the boomer generation. The OK boomer trend
started out on social media app TikTok and has since gone viral
around the world. As someone who was on
the receiving end of this viral slogan how do you feel
about the OK boomer phrase? – Um, might be making it
too much big deal, but I do think it’s a shut up,
it’s OK boomer, we’ve heard your stuff,
and we may not be right all the time, but that’s for you to decide. But you can’t decide
if you don’t soak in the knowledge. – This is a very
closed minded attitude, how would they feel
if I just, if they said something and I just went OK,
whatever your category is. I mean, it’s so dismissive! It’s like pfft! – I think it’s okay,
because I’m sure I did it when I was younger,
called the older generation. I was trying to think of
what phrases we used, and I can’t even think
of anything as cute and clever as
OK boomer. – I don’t think
it’s really causing division. I think if there’s division,
it’s already there, and that’s not gonna make it worse. – I just think it’s
a lot of fun, get a lot of laughs out of it, and go somewhere
and have a banana split. (laughs) – (FBE) There was a tweet
from a conservative radio host, Bob Lonsberry, with his thoughts
on the OK boomer trend that went viral.
And in this tweet, he said, and this is a quote:
“Boomer is the N word of ageism, being hip and flip
does not make bigotry okay, nor is a derisive epithet acceptable,
because it is new.” – And I wonder how many
derisive epithets he’s said in his life, and he says every day
on his show. That guy is a beep! – That’s a big, big old stretch.
No. – Boom is harmless,
but the N word, the whole reason it was created
was to do some harm to people. So that’s the big difference in that. He cannot equate those two. – (FBE) Even if you do or do not
agree on his statement, based on what you know,
what you’ve seen today, would you consider OK boomer
to be ageism? – He needs to get a life. He needs to get out
in the real world. No, I don’t consider it offensive. – Is it ageist, sure.
Absolutely. I think he was upset by it, and I think that
by making that comment, he definitely caused people
to stop and think a little bit. But I think he also offended
a lot of people. – You know, we cannot take
everything seriously, you know, nowadays, especially. It seems like everybody
has so much anger in a sense, they’re using that type of platform
to send a message out. I think it’s wrong. – (FBE) So one response
that many boomers seem to have about his statement
is that historically, younger generations have a tendency
to criticize previous generations. Growing up, did you have
the same mentality about the older generations, as the millennials and generation Z
members do now towards boomers? – Yeah, I think so. Like when I was growing up,
it was just like oh, those old people,
they just don’t get us, and we’re like moving
into the future, and everything is changed. – Oh no, not at all. And the reason I say that,
is because I was raised by my parents and grandparents,
and great grandparents, and boy they had so much wisdom. Couldn’t get around them enough
to learn more. – When I was growing up,
I was taught to respect everybody, not just the elder. I think that is very important
that people realize. You don’t just pick group
that you respect and then forget about the rest. You know, I think that
you have to be, realize that everybody is equal. – (FBE) So finally,
what do you wanna say to the younger generations who
are using this phrase, OK boomer. – They’ll get theirs.
They’ll get theirs, it’s not even a question,
they’ll get theirs. Just respect what came before ya. – They should be careful
how they use it. If they’re saying it in,
you know, a joking manner, you know, somebody really did
say something to bother them. You know, just say it like that
to let them know, let me know, OK boomer, you know,
that wasn’t too cool. – You might say OK boomer, but you don’t realize that that
could be hurtful to a boomer. You could talk to them
if you wanna communicate with ’em, but you don’t have to use that. – Keep it light and funny
and it’ll go away. And we will ultimately go away. – To the younger generation
who are using OK boomer, have fun, get your laughs,
it’s just a word. This too shall pass. Tomorrow it’ll be another word.
(laughs) – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. Shout out to Simon Tobias. – Subscribe and hit the bell
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Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching,
bye bye! – Hi guys, it’s JC here,
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Bye guys!

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