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Boost your Brand with Xsomo’s NEW Crack and Peel Labels!

Xsomo goes the extra mile to ensure that we have satisfied clients For Xsomo it’s— It’s more than just a printery It’s a one-stop-shop when it comes on to commercial print, Customized print Technology Digital print You name it It is actually the only printer you need to know Our client sends data to us And we print, seal, and deliver to the post No hassle, quickest turnaround time Accuracy is guaranteed Know we are the best at what we do One of our new areas is the printing of labels Via Crack and Peel An area we have gone into and find to be very successful The Crack and Peel Stickers by Xsomo are to me really good The quality is good They look like they will last And that is really important The honey business was actually a dying business in Jamaica Nurturing the bees does affect the quality So what we try to do is to establish the standard operational procedure Where we try our best to handle the bees as hygienic as possible Being that what we do is try our best to take the honey From the hive to the bottle It is not processed nor anything there so So we try our best to maintain the quality Branding is everything for us Because we are not representing just us But we eventually will represent our country And that’s where we see ourselves when we are exporting on the international market We branched out to get the labels on the bottle And it definitely had a positive effect Because people felt more trustworthy in believing what’s in the bottle And you can see where the whole branding takes place And how people take to the brand differently When there is a label on the bottle versus off In terms of recommendation to Xsomo to other customers I would definitely based on my conversation with Damian Who enlightened me on the products that they offer Which includes labels, flyers and stickers Just communicating with him was just pretty awesome So I would recommend Xsomo to anybody Just want to say a special thanks to Xsomo Continue to elevate brands with the quality printing that you guys do Appreciate it Xsomo, 50 years and beyond We are the best at what we do Xsomo, the only printer you need to know

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