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100 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 – FL4K Character Trailer: “The Hunt”

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  2. Funny how the non-binary character is a robot.
    It makes more sense than them having a gender, but its still ironic.

  3. Imagine if Steve was a dlc vault hunter his entire trailer would him just saying ehooooo in different ways and I WANT THAT

  4. i like HIM, HIS jacket looks cool, HIS voice sounds dope, HIS pets are interesting and i think im gonna max HIM first, if I buy this game even. Seeing that non binary bullshit they tryna pull off on HIM is a real turn off chief.

  5. Me: a genderless robot with pets voiced by prozd????? I need this game
    Also me, 1 day before launch: yeah i have like 10 bucks

  6. 'Meet FL4K, an emergent AI whose three loyal pet companions help him track and claim his quarry on a never-ending hunt across the galaxy.' FTFY, socialist scum.

  7. Why don’t the devs add the pets to allow them to carry your loot? Can have a backpack or something. Have like an auto pickup when something drops. Could be just the skag to have this ability.

  8. NoT tO bE pOlItIcAl

    but seriously the non-binary solidarity this character's bringing to the table is really empowering. Not gonna make a big deal about it though because everyone's defaulting to "he."

  9. He kinda looked cool, until they decided to make him so damned politically charged and started banning people for imaginary offences against imaginary guys. Won't be buying this game, pre sequel was too preachy and even they didn't go this far.

  10. You gotta appreciate how calm Fl4k is on the battlefield. Between their pets and their invisibility. They have good handle on the chaotic fighting that Pandora and the other planets are famous for. Gives them the edge in a fight and win it all.
    Just like a proper Alpha.

  11. FL4K and ZER0 both have numbers in their names
    Both have 4 fingers
    Playing as FL4K the first thing FL4K says when he sees ZER0 is that he is familiar.
    Angel isnt sure if ZER0 is a robot, human, or alien. when askes she says, "I dunno".

    ZER0 is a sentient robot. The same as FL4K

  12. Needless to say that as main hunter/ archer from the past 13 years around MMORPG/shooters this was first love from the trailer and now playing it makes it even more badass! Finally a tactical class that it juices up your thrill to kill and HUNT! Hunter for liiiifeeeeee!

  13. my favorite part of this game right now is that when you command your pet sometimes flak will say "this one was talking shit" its hilarious

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