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Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

[robotic whirring] [camera-man] Right on in. [robotic whirring continues] (poor guy..) Clint! Tell them if they liked this video to go to “CorridorDigital.Store” and check out our sweet merchandise! -Show them! Show them the sweater! -Show them the sweater! This is brand new, one just like it already sold out! -Other side! The oth- yea there we go. -Tell them U.S. orders of $75 or more get free shipping! And if you order $60 or more you get a free autograhped pin signed by all of us in the studio! -Show them the-uh the wide selection of merchandise! Half for sale! -“”! Right now! -Tell them the URL! -Clint! Tell them the URL!

100 thoughts on “Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

  1. I thought this one was actually real. Then I looked at one of the guys and recognized him, and instantly knew this was made by Corridor Digital.

  2. You guys…this is very bad. It's really cool, but it's very bad, what you're doing….
    Edit: i thought it was a real robot, lol…

  3. Lighting looks nice on model but feet contant point expose cgi. And When u hit the robot, robot reacts too slow like after hitting. Story telling of this was fun, but a bit too much when u start whip it that tells me this is joke video.

  4. Making up a hoax like this and using it as clickbait should be against the law.
    Its hard to find real videos with all you fake wankers using green screen/cgi.
    At least put CGI in the tittle you waste of time.

  5. I thought it was real, and I was super impressed with the robot.

    Then they bought out the revolver. And, being a gun enthusiast, seeing the obviously faked recoil and sfx gunshots, my brain immediately went "OH"

  6. Wow, I have watched so much Corridor content recently that I was actually able to see that the robot was motion capture by Clint before it was revealed at the end, just based on the type of movement. What the hell am I doing with my life?

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