Laughter is the Best Medicine


(speaking in koren dialect) Who are you? What is wrong? it’s a dialect, i also don’t understand it Ah San!! What? How did you know that there was cake and wine in the room? DANGER!! *helooooooooooo* * AND * *gooodbyeeee* Why should we believe you? Believe it or not that’s your business I just want to hear the answer i want 1..2…3… You’ve been yelling for 20 minutes>again wait, He is the one who doesn’t believe you, not me, you got the wrong person R I P FOOD 🙁 This hurts.. why is it bullet-proof but not pain proof? What are you doing? Oppa! You can just call me like that Oppa? it’s open! Oppa!!! * actually being close to him isn’t that bad * it was tommy, TOMMY! I’ve come! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY *GRANDMA MODE ON* We’re going to kill you AISH *GRANDMA MODE OFF* ( No seriously, what did this guy do to you all ) #AWESOME #FLAWLESS #RIP GRANDMA MODE OPPA! *something isn’t right tho*

5 thoughts on “BOUNTY HUNTER MV – HUMOR

  1. Hahaha I thought it was sooooooooooooooo hilarious <33 This is the best crack video you made and I just had to laugh and I am sure to watch it soon just because of your clip hahaha <33 it looks really amazing and I love it yeyeee

  2. Ahahaha how did I just see this now??? This is PERFECT!!! Gahh I must absolutely go watch this movie now. I've wanted to for a while now but I never got around to it. But now I must…mainly for lmh oppa!! Gahhhh but this edit is hysterical!! I can't stop laughing XDDDDD

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