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Boys vs Morning comedy|bachelor vs morning  | what the dude

You are back ! to see my drama so now like a good person click on subscribe button & press the bell icon too or else your wood will die its just fucking 5am in ottawa(cannada) screw it lets sleep more bro! shut the lights off manh dumbf**k who turns the lights on middle of the night dumbf**K that the SUN! since 2 days there is no electricity in the house you fu**ker forgot to pay the bills Then why the F to get up? Let me sleep Its 8am wait a minute I am jobless Screw you life f***k BRO!!!! tomorrow we are going to gym For sure Tomorrow we backing out ! Tomorrow we are Gonna Workout Thats it ! no talks needed for sure Early morning 7:30 AM we are going !! pack your bags & all your shits Chest biceps triceps everything we gonna do it tomorrow Dont you ditch me 7:30 am The moment i call , pick it up in one ring did you get it ?! Cya !! He got the tiger like share & subscribe or else you wont getup tomorrow

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