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Brandi Carlile Performs an Acoustic Version of ‘The Joke’

On Sunday night, our next
guest won three Grammy awards and delivered one of the most
talked about performances of the night. Please, welcome the
amazing Brandi Carlile! [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – THE JOKE] (SINGING) You’re feeling
nervous, aren’t you, boy? With your quiet voice and impeccable style. Don’t ever let ’em
steal your joy, and your gentle ways, to keep ’em from running wild. They can kick dirt in your face, dress you down, and tell you that your
place is in the middle when they hate
the way you shine. I see you tugging on your shirt, trying to hide inside of it, and hide how much it hurts. You let ’em laugh
while they can. Let ’em spin. Let ’em scatter in the wind. I have been to the movies; I’ve seen how it ends, and the joke’s on them. You get discouraged,
don’t you, girl? It is your brother’s world, for a while longer. You gotta dance with the devil
on a river to beat the stream. Call it living the dream; call it kicking the ladder. They come to kick
dirt in your face, to call you weak, and then displace you, after carrying your baby on
your back across the desert. I see your eyes
behind your hair, and you’re looking tired, but you don’t look scared. You let ’em laugh
while they can. Let ’em spin. Let them scatter in the wind. I have been to the movies; I’ve seen how it ends, and the joke’s on them. Oh! Oh, yeah. You let ’em live while they can. Let ’em spin. Let ’em scatter in the wind. I have been to the movies; I’ve seen how it ends, And the joke’s on– [DRAMATIC PAUSE] — (SINGING) them! Oooh! Oooh! [APPLAUSE] Yes! [CROWD CHEERING] All right. So you– I was so
happy to see how that room of all
these amazing people responded to your
performance Sunday night. Tell everyone a little
bit of your speech that you gave when
you won your Grammy. Well, I mean it– –one of three. [LAUGHTER] And she was the most
nominated female artist. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] I basically just outlined,
that I came out of the closet when I was 14-years-old because
of you, and just never attended any parties,
or was never invited to a dance, or
anything like that. And I basically said
that to be embraced by such an enduring
and loving community was the dance of a lifetime. And it really was. Yeah. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] And it’s a brave
thing to do too. I mean, most people
that are performing, and they worry
about their career, so it’s a brave thing for
you to be open and out. And you’re going to play
Madison Square Garden. Yes. How cool is that? That’s the kind
of thing, I mean, when you’re sitting in your
bedroom with your guitar, and you’re
17-years-old, you don’t think you’re ever going to
play Madison Square Garden, but you can hope. And I mean, it is going to be
an unfathomable dream for me. Yeah. I hope you come. Yeah. Well, if I can, I will. Awesome. I love you. I think you’re amazing. I love you, too. All right. Go to Spotify to stream
all of Brandi’s music. Everyone in audience is getting
a copy of her CD, By the way, I forgive you. Be right back.

100 thoughts on “Brandi Carlile Performs an Acoustic Version of ‘The Joke’

  1. love how ya keepin it real!!!! wowowowow i knew you would kick it GOD BLESS and keep that flow comin thanks so much!!!!

  2. Well..sometimes you can fall in love with a song because of a live performance and that is the case for me right this moment. Now I have seen BC open up for Amy Ray Years ago and I know she is amazing…adding that in here.

  3. Great song and message, another amazing performance by Brandi Carlile, I always play the note from 3:36–3:45 twice!

  4. brandi's voice gives me chills. this song gives me chills. her ability to write such powerful songs gives me chills.

  5. This song is so awesome. Every once in awhile you hear a song that rocks you to your core. This is it.

  6. As Great as any song in my Lifetime!! And I'm 63..and Have Beatles, Dylan, and the Rest!!.. Fabulous!

  7. I have been to the movies, but I never seen talent like this…. Outstanding runs and vocal control….I love the acoustic version…… well done!!

  8. The chord progression of the melody using those b (flat)chords make it so melancholy and gorgeously bitter sweet. It's a great song to cover. Benicio on AGT just did and he killed it.

  9. AWESOME. That voice, those lyrics, incredible. One of my favorite artists, one of my all time favorite songs…

  10. I just love her. Her voice is only part of her greatness. Her soul is GOOD. Honest and kind. She is rock and roll with tenderness.

  11. She's really talented but I'm sorry I'm absolutely not liking this one since I've heard benny in agt he just owned this song and made it much much better

  12. Well I did not know she existed until I heard Benicio sing this on Agt I loved the song right away had to find who sang it? I found her on you tube and listened to her sing this and knew within 10 seconds I was a fan!

  13. Honestly, and I don't mean to be hyperbolic….but, has there ever been a more beautiful performance?

  14. This is one of the most perfectly written and smashed-out-of-the-park songs in recent memory 💜

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