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BRAUMIX | League of Legends Champion Remix

Braum Braum My shield is my sword Show me your best Let us go! Uh uh No dilly dally Take heart No dilly dally Move It is easy, don’t worry, see? Is on the job My shield is here for you Mother always said “Stand behind braum!” When going get’s tough You call Braum! Don’t move Not so fast! Braum is here! Life is good, no? Now this is fun No mister nice Braum Move like the herd Think carefully Baby ram is on the job Good shot Look! Keep your spirits high Kick it back Today we fight! No time for worrying You thought you’re in trouble First we fight Then we eat! LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU You are safe with Braum

100 thoughts on “BRAUMIX | League of Legends Champion Remix

  1. 3 years its still as beautiful as ever I mained braum for as long as I can remember I almost got all the legend figurenes

  2. Вот что надо ставить на рекламу лол а не то что щас делают ты круто сделал👍

  3. I like how most people’s comments about Brain as a person aren’t like the usual “I’d tap” “I’d let him destroy me” and shit like that, it’s mostly things like “I want him to be my grandpa” and “I want to be friends with him.”

    Shows you how nice Braum is—he can change the YouTube comment meta lol

  4. where did you get the the "LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!" i looked at all his lines and i couldn't find it. iv also never heard it so if someone knows how to hear this voice line that would be great

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