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Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

I’m not finished with you!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Big Show looked like he
was gonna come out the top. Now Braun Strowman looking for
a superplex perhaps of his own.>>Strowman and Big Show.>>No way.>>Above the ring Big Show
going to the top rope now.>>What?
No way, this can’t be possible.>>What on earth? My god, imploded. Wow!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Brock has no idea where he is. Strowman again turns his attack to Lesnar,
again with Lesnar on his shoulder, he is man-handling The Beast.>>You can say that again.>>And again, Lesner
>>Right through the table! Another power slam!>>Never seen anybody handle
Brock Lesnar like this. This is unfamiliar territory for
Lesner, it’s gotta be. Brock Lesnar came into this match
with a giant target painted on him. All three challengers are going
right after The Beast.>>As well as he’s got
a big chip on his shoulder.>>Cory, I have covered
Brock Lesnar’s entire career here>>Since the day he arrived on the scene, I have never ever seen
Brock Lesnar in this state, manhandled this way by one human being.>>Let me correct you, Paul. Brock Lesnar hasn’t been man handled,
he’s been monster handled. Watch this, this was the first one. The Powerslam by Strowman. And then as Brock somehow made his way
out of the wreckage back to his feet, this happened.>>There is no way on Earth that a human
being can survive what Lesnar just endured. We are about to truly find out what
the universal champion is made of.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>16,000 strong at Barclay’s Center on their feet in awe-
>>No, no, no, no.>>Of the monster of a man, Braun Strowman
>>No, no, don’t do this, Strowman.>>The announce table. The announce table standing. And Braun Strong and a champion! Might have broken Lesnar’s legs! Paul is begging and
pleading with Braun Strowman to stop! Past your old man. Got it. [INAUDIBLE] God,
what the hell’s Strowman doing? My god.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Uh-oh.>>Wow. Got caught Cain up with right there.>>Strowman is not finished.>>My God, powerslam. Through the ring!>>What? My god.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Braun, Braun, what are you doing?>>What the-
>>Braun, no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One, I said stop.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE] three, five I know this [INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] What are you gonna do now, big boy? What are you gonna do now? Come on, big boy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>God. Braun Strowman just crashed
the ladder with his bare fists.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is he gonna try to hide in the TV truck?>>Anywhere, Kevin needs to find a place
to hide from this monster, period.>>No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, you don’t have to do this one,
you dont have to do this Braun, no.>>No!
>>No my God.>>No!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Now somebody stop this, what is Strowman he gonna do?>>Anything he wants.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on out!>>God!
>>If I were Colman I’d be running for my life right now!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>What are you doing?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Are you kidding me?>>[APPLAUSE]>>You better run.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Dear Mr. Strowman, last week we both said and
did things we regret. To show there are no hard feeling
the cast of Saturday Night Live and I got you this brand new car. Hopefully you treat it better than
you did Mr. McMahon’s limousine. Because I don’t think there are any more
title matches left to screw you out of.>>LOL JK. See you at Wrestle Mania. Your pal, Colin Jost.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Let’s see what this thing is made of.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s real cute. Sending me a present,
trying to win me over? This is what I think of this present,
your stupid car!>>[SOUND] He gave me
something I can’t even fit in. It’s too small. [SOUND] Look at this. David, wash it! There’s crap on the window. [SOUND] I mean,
what’s under the hood of this thing? [SOUND] Hey, come here. Give this to Michael and Colin. And you tell him the next time I see him,
it’s going to be live from New York. And they’re gonna get these hands.>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is nothing but a mauling. Braun Strowman,
[INAUDIBLE] Right into the LED board.>>It could turn into something else.>>EC3 should go home.>>Like what?>>I don’t know,
something more brutal than a mauling. And EC3 can’t go home. He can’t get away from Strowman.>>Yeah. I don’t know what the term is. I’m just expecting the worst right now,
as Braun Strowman has taught us to do.>>My gosh.>>My God,
EC3 trying somehow to fight back.>>Not on the stage Strow,
no, this is too far.>>Braun Strowman.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[CROSSTALK]
>>My gosh.>>Stage.>>Strow, what did you do?>>Strowman choke slammed
EC3 through the stage.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Hand on the bust.>>Lashley’s primed and ready. Gonna do it proper this time.>>No, Strowman is ready, too, Corey. Look at him.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The look in the eyes, the intensity of the, let’s go.>>And Strowman’s pissed.>>And here we go.>>All right, gentlemen,
here we go, one, two, three, go!>>Locking up, and
Lashley trying to take Strowman down, and Strowman out, trying to reverse things,
set of matches before Friday. Lashley’s close, the power of Strowman
>>He’s almost got Lashley there.>>Lashley still in this,
forcing the monster’s hand.>>Strowman fighting back.>>Strowman’s putting
everything he’s got into this. [APPLAUSE]
>>Strowman wins.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>The official and now you’ve got to
pull your opponent over the red line in the middle of the ring in order to
win this tug of war here tonight.>>Place a bet. Who you got? Look at Lashley trying to drag Strowman
now toward the center of the ring. Strowman trying to play defense. And look at Lashley.>>He is dragging Strowman.>>Look at Strowman’s toes
digging into the mat.>>Yeah, but look at Lashley. He’s pulling this 350
pound man across the->>Inches away.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Strowman better do something.>>He’s gotta get Strowman’s full
body over the middle of the.>>[LAUGH] Was he playing?>>Wait just a minute, now it’s Strowman
trying to drag [INAUDIBLE] he does.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Bobby come on, it’s over.

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  1. Yeh yeh you can see the winch and all from the truck but the sound of the car getting ripped apart is so fake 😂😂 sounds nothing like a car

  2. I get putting on a show like this but for me it’s too nonsense that’s just me though I don’t get a nice experience from watching these unfortunately but oh well I tried.

  3. That's funny .. you can see the floor chocks anchoring the tires right after it flips …. tires are anchored to keep them from side slipping as the winch cable pulls it over …. great special effects … if you are under 13 or I.Q. is below 81 , it's an awesome sell !! LOL

  4. Honestly he probbly could turn over a car. Albeit a small one, but still. His physique is perfect for stongman contests

  5. Jsmxuwismxjis sis. Sis s8s s8su makes a as s8s dhdiwsj suseu is a used song to love this song I wanna was a day I wanna join me in

  6. I really feel bad for the staff or whatever they're names are. The wrestlers keep destroying stuff like pc's and tables also flipping cars

  7. My 89 year old grand father did this very same thing after eating two cans of Nalley's chilli. The jet propulsion he got when he farted was incredible. The trunk went over like a Tonka toy.

  8. No way. It can’t be possible. Stromann lifted big show. No way. Broke the ring. No can’t be possible. Especially when Lester and big show did this in the early 2000’s.

  9. Did you see the first clip when Braun lifted the ambulance
    He didn't close the back door but when we saw it again, it was closed
    It means roman was taken out from there before the ambulance was lifted

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