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Brazil Pranks – Infrared Camera, Funny Snake Attack !

They are looking for job Where are Dr. Roberto ? He is , but this interviewing candidates I brought these snakes to his daughter Okay, to her class right? – Is because she is studying biology.. I work with reptiles and she asked a few poisonous snakes These snakes are poisonous ? She will take ? You can wait a little bit? preferably .. I’ll be on that side which is safer preferably away from me with this ugly animals I do not think, oh my God .. let me open the door! Turned off the light Oh what was that? of time there, do not move there, wait there. for , for woe , who fell just stand snakes , do not move , stay calm stand still , stand still stand still , do not step on it if it bites you – It is a special camera that works in the dark! I like working with these strange ugly snakes I earn well $ So wait a minute I open the door What happened ? Dropped the box of snakes here waiting there. let me join the snakes do not move ( panic ) ( panic ) This this with a belt in his hand is an actor , he is the João Alberto is scaring people ! laughs…

23 thoughts on “Brazil Pranks – Infrared Camera, Funny Snake Attack !

  1. Man this with a glass cage with the snake.

    The room light off and the man leaves the glass cage down and the snake escapes. the actor is biting people's legs as if it were a snake ..

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