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Breaking Up with Snapchat

– So, listen. We’ve been together for a while now, but I don’t think it’s working. – What? – I’m sorry, Snapchat. I think we should break up. – You’re a pig. Who is she? – Oh, who says there’s anyone else? – I know you, you hop from app to app and then you get bored and it gets old. What am I, old now? – No.
– Is that it? You found some hot young
thing to replace me like I replaced Twitter?
– No! Yes, I… Her name is TikTok, but that is not why. – How old is she? – I don’t think that matters. – How old? – Three.
– Unbelievable! – Don’t put this all on me. You’ve changed. You used to be fun and flirty. Nudes! Nudes for days. – Is that what you want? I want a long term relationship. – Why? So we can wind up stuck
together and miserable like Janie and Facebook? – I got a new kind of money! – Shut up, I hate you! I should’ve left you years ago! – Oh, you’ll never leave me! – You’re scum! – You’ll never leave
’cause you’re a coward! – See? – You’re just afraid of commitment. – I just want things to be how they were. Every conversation we had
was just mindless and, you had a filter that made
my face look like a dog. Now you just take up so much space. You are obsessed with brands. You use up all my hard earned data. – I need it for my original programming! – I didn’t ask for that. Nobody asked for that. – You don’t understand me. – I don’t. You are aggressively hard to understand. (inaudible words) – Hey, babe, give me a second. – Okay. (blowing kisses) – Okay, you know what? Go have your fun. And you, you better watch out. ‘Cause three or four years
down the road, he’ll get bored of you too, okay? And this jerk will find some
new app to use and discard. I already made my mistakes,
but you don’t have to. Get out while you still can! – I’m sorry, who are you? Snoop choot? Could you just leave us alone, okay, me and Grant are in love. Goodbye! – That’s right babe, ready to go? – Yeah, you know I’ve been
thinking about opening up my own little store,
a TikTok marketplace, what do you think?

100 thoughts on “Breaking Up with Snapchat

  1. So what would Twitter be, then? The hateful, racist ex I’ve been booty calling off and on again for the last ten years?

  2. Grant: So,, can we visit your parents? Make this official? Your mom must still be a riot even though she retired.
    TikTok: errr, my who?
    Grant: You know, Vine!
    TikTok: …
    Grant: what?..
    TikTok: Didn't you know? They killed me because I wasn't "hip enough". I had to change. They call it "rebranding"
    Grant: What?!
    TikTok: I have to be this way to live! I AM VINE! [eyes bleed, a fresh avocado falls out of mouth]

  3. Remember when facebook offered to buy snapchat and they refused, them facebook just went ahead and copied all off snapchat functions into isntagram and now snapchat is dieing alone and broke…

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  5. the only way to make it better would have been to bring in Instagram but this is one of the best skits ive seen in a while well done guys

  6. how would this work with youtube? You used to have so much free and original content but now everything is banal and corporate friendly?

  7. said goodbye to snap about 2 years ago..instagram is next if they dont stop trying to sell me shit on every other post..

  8. Me, whose last social media thing was Bebo: Hah. I get it. No, I totally get it. I understand all the nuances and everything.

  9. When some idiot filming himself watching Breaking Bad gets more views than their videos, I honestly gotta wonder how CollegeHumor manages to keep people employed.

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