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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle Uses Humor to Get into a Club (Episode Highlight)

– (WHISPERING) Now, focus, Jake! My boy’s happiness is at stake. I mean, read the email
Genevieve just sent me. Skip the part about her bra. Impossible. It’s in all caps, bolded.
– Well– [clears throat] Here we go. Nick-Nick is so excited you’re
getting him Captain Latvia. And then there’s a photo of
him karate chopping a cat. Oh, yeah. That’s Captain Latvia’s
move, The Riga Hammer. You hit a guy here,
he was down instantly. Sounds a little far-fetched. OK, well, tell that to
Captain Latvia’s enemies. Uh, wait. You can’t, because
they’re unconscious! OK.
The door is guarded by the mob. You want to figure out our plan? Already did. Well, I’m just going
to talk our way in. [loud laughter] Hey, there, jokers. I got a joke for you. What did one Estonian
farmer say to the other? Our crop yields
are so much smaller than that of mighty Latvia. MAN IN DISTANCE: Yeah,
yeah. [non-english speech] [laughter] Ah! OK. Come on in. Ah! Laughing is fun!

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