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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake Cracks Down on a Robbery (Episode Highlight)

– OK. It looks like they broke
through this window, rifled through the
drawers, and then noticed– [gasp] It’s a dorbs photo of tiny
Holt with a tiny bow-tie holding a tiny toy. That was his first slide rule. He carried it with him
all over preschool. And then I learned to
do trigonometric functions in my head, like a big boy. Let’s continue with
the investigation. Copy that. The alarm company said the
break-in happened around 7:30. Most people are
home at that time. Is there anyone who
knew you’d be out? The people who were
with me at wine club. Oh, my. I just remembered
Carol Spitzheim’s house was broken
into several months ago, also during wine club. Interesting. The odds of that
happening coincidentally are vanishingly small. I would say infinitesimally. Yes, and I would
say teenily weenily. We all know words. So sounds like we should go
undercover to the next wine club meeting and scope it out. You think you can get us in? I think I can arrange that. There’s one tonight.
– Great! Final question. Is this little
Raymond’s macaroni art? No, that’s a
macaroni infographic he made about
educational spending during the Johnson
administration. Ah.

12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake Cracks Down on a Robbery (Episode Highlight)

  1. I was taking a drink when Jake said "teenily weenily" and it took everything in my power not to spit-laugh.

  2. It's really sweet she kept that macaroni infograph about the educational spending during the Johnson administration and can explain to Jake what it is without having to pause to remember


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