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Bruce Bruce - Granddaddy vs Uncle (Stand Up Comedy) 2 of 2

my god SC I'm like my granite my granddad where I'm from the South you know I'm saying so you know down the South you still get a whoopin when you 23 24 years old you know I'm talking about old people in play you know to me my granddad with type person he say something one time that's it that's where it go I remember one time back in 1969 I remember I was a little bitty boy my own little driver's car without any insurance you know what I'm saying and he he something driver comes to my granddad when I'm older hold on pan check out with his they look at why you'll need to drive that car unless you get some in each and my lip dog Hilton would do wrong tour through you know I Drive my car my brothers let me get to eat a potato pie then you tell me what you feel about that car I saw all by my friend anything to get his hands boom man my granddad to beat my uncle to death you know my grandmother said nothing only reason I know she said something I had to go to the bathroom by 12 at night and she was talking to him in the bedroom she my grandmom say you didn't have to hit him all in here my grandma every time he dropped that lift I jabbed the shit you're not old manner we had to go by refrigerator one time like the saying here we didn't know no other store but Sears my granddad walked in with my grandmama my girls I won't look at the refrigerator he said I don't care what you look at this the world we're getting right my girl so I don't I'm gonna look around on the secret I found some he's I don't give a goddamn waking look that's the one we get he said Bruce come on over here sit down are we gonna be here quite awhile you know old people can talk to each other without saying anything my grandmother walking through the store with the salesman he's to have had this refrigerator right here it's a new style it has a double door my brother looked at it look back at my granddad no I don't think we gonna get down you know it's when we got don't you owe me and then play he's got some old people coming here hang on got a Wolfman in the wrong Steve hey your brother y'alright I'm not gonna bother I'll try to find your seats you know I know how it is why y'all late man what happened huh did eat will you eat it you don't know where you don't want to turn me on to the spot it'll be killing me with evil chicken wing yeah we'll talk Lord may get your ten weeks time I enjoy she's you better give me fifty and keep him cooking you give me chicken wings there gonna be a fight unless a turkey wing inside the other cell nothing and I hate skinning people man I do me I gotta close it on game no way be all in front of me with a Cinnabon you can't eat it you know I've been trying to work out in that man I got a trainer he want them tight brothers don't think nobody's fool to be fat give me one more me you get one more I'm tired I want some meat want you to get up eat oatmeal early in the morning who want to eat oatmeal but you've been giving some eggs and grits and buy four pieces that raisin toast FN that raisin toast some shit in my night raisins over oh my god I had to walk past in the stove my club I'm on psycho ji came my mother like girl man but my momma is real real to face anybody mama like that my mama to face we gonna be sitting outside she be talking my phone look at her she's selling dope over there hey baby I said mommy you just said shut your damn now i'ma tell you I'll stop I don't know how you feel about our BT by me hosted by the show's number one last year and so bias being number one you know they gave me to repeat another year so I'd be hosting again so you all better get ready you know what I'm saying the long ball I'm getting stupid but it just remind myself he'll go to the mall and get me get away food in the fool quick you don't come out on the toothpick I won't panting lady one time about 12:00 time make your faces like I'm somebody else I've got there she said you've been right here give it a damn – let me get my cigarette out y'all smoke cereal I don't smoke with my alpha dude oh you'll go y'all house anything on the boxes always a t-shirt becomes a don't see me moving hey how you doing how your mom doing hundred a bar so loosing hot something other than like it my lady doing on the job and everything oh how you in I've been doing all right you know he also be smoking I'm heating he'll see reform he would heal dang what his goddamn summer get bitch man I had all he's a confidence Allah he tried to get it all out his stomach it was totally different it was no call light wait what's wrong with you you are you Marie how you doing baby everything all right she is still talking I'm not talking to you I'm talking to your girl she's dear I'm gonna be saying that there look at this brother shirt you put yourself all the way in the garbage game baby but it looks good on you ain't never see the muscle shirt was slack in it damn you must about that before you start working at me the only way only with somebody rate the hair anybody gonna play rescue Louie with you and the grantor blessings alright that's what old people say what's wrong with you bless you holiday get me in church time I got a ugly baby your grandma moi from the way is that your baby bless his heart that mean that baby's fucked up cuz everybody child and I cute somebody got some little gorillas in the house yeah that's about show your picture right there this will be real well-heeled until I get there let an old player right now don't don't get into what don't don't do what I do don't don't don't do what don't do dois mmm What's Up player everything all right yeah everything cool and I'm tired of old people I'm tired of old people saying what they want to say that's hurting I feel as in walking off and you know you talk as a child of old person say something to you you don't talk back but now I am an adult I let they ass I'm tell you say something mean hurt my feeling I got something for you I'm in church sudden I smelled is au lait that's hey man how you doing she said hey baby how big you gonna get I say bitch I owe you go here she got man here fat motherfucker y'all bitch we in church like even lose hair they gonna have me to take a home take me home on fat ass boy I said well get on there to call your own bitch we are get all the way home you know hey hey doesn't stupid shit be the only the Haggadah charity oh my god I'm still as well by the way I gotta close here a little bit bigger than me right yeah here big dude for real he went about a 1999 Ford Escort became a house nigger then Sonny that's his shit when was it he's not gonna front you get in the back I said god damn it let's ride we got a street car like his full of he made by man another people nutjob pull these photos over 60 I'll get out oh I'm sorry about 650 I'll Drive all that to our paperwork driver the trouble being you'll see some sob when they eat maybe humming you know talk about losing all you need restaurant like me they neither gave our breath hey man you are young strength you know you being when you walk in the restaurant and the cook take a deep breath my mouth closed we water restaurant he looked at us he's Haley come out the back hang on bleeding shit oh my god I'm stupid as well I mean you ever know the stuff by people the people don't know this man like I got a pilot he always check it here when he talked to you finding a name Jim what's happening Jimmy shit ain't that baby ones gone up what's called your hand shit ain't never learn he do the shit so much I start doing nothing so what the fuck going on he's along with your head I say shit roll a what no have message game tell your mom I said thank you how you doing brother tall brother everything all right scared us am i ugly I go to go to bed you got everybody beat help now I got one like that why I can see the old school player right house here my hair then the water how to fight you right now come on you young nibble how you doing sir ma'am how's everything don't flip up down well you fall I laugh in your face up huh is that your offer do you know here man y'all riding together yeah I understand he'd be getting on I can tell him used to getting out bless its heart leave off the loan just don't you see I'm Tommy and this dog that's y'all for real let's go I thought you were playing I'm sorry oh I was feeling wet his ass how human I'm sorry player I didn't mean the message off I don't get mad you leave all alone your uncle cool that's your dad that's your son over but that's a right old look that's all right baby that's all right too big I ain't seen my dad in Tennessee year and when I see him i'ma beat the goddamn shit I did i'ma sit down and talk to him but on the way that hands at first but long as you still got your damn man daddy number the blessing you know what I'm sayin and lover watch out all right got dad over the day you are right down y'all right I like them old player they tell you something let me tell you something I tell you the doc there do something you know my old man all we get there twist when I tell you the motherfucking who talk let me shout sir you're gonna warm up by 3:00 in the morning you know people like 12 people in the store and you'd be on our twelve and then somebody come on the microphone security I swear so then you go to add 13 they'd be like security out 13 that's right I'm watching me lismo and if you are a mall security you are not a real police y'all nigga too serious but they love money you don't know sad baby I love the mall got a little stealing they go stealing he's still in I got him right here in the food court he's stealing

42 thoughts on “Bruce Bruce – Granddaddy vs Uncle (Stand Up Comedy) 2 of 2

  1. This is one of the best comedians that doesn't get the credit he deserves. I enjoy every minute when I listen to this gentleman

  2. That's real talk this makes me miss my grandfather he was a man's man bring home the bacon king of his castle.

  3. He right ole folks didn’t play back in the day.daddy wouldn’t whip you but mammas would tear your ass up and you said yes maam.he talking real ole school.

  4. Hey! Bruce Bruce! Just wanted to say your AWSOME! That was funny as all ever. Me and my family would love to go to one of your stand ups again. Keep up with the great work!😂💥

  5. 🎶🎵"All the big girls, get loose wit it, all the skinny hoes, LET BRUCE BRUCE HIT IT!!" 🎶🎵
    Like if u remember this

  6. BRUUUUUCE!!!! for the Win!,swear i never knew a MF funnier…this nigga is top of his game,keep clownin my nigga, Bless up!!

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