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Bruce Lee’s Daughter Has Harsh Words For Tarantino’s New Film

Bruce Lee’s daughter is none too pleased with
Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie. Shannon Lee, the 50-year-old daughter of the
late martial arts master, recently opened up to say how disheartening it was to see
what she described as the “mockery” Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood made of her
father. An actor, director, martial artist and philosopher,
Bruce Lee was one of many real-life icons featured in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,
a film that explores Los Angeles in 1969 around the time of the gruesome Manson Family murders. Within the flick, Street Fighter: Assassin’s
Fist actor Mike Moh portrays Lee, seen opposite Brad Pitt’s fictional stuntman character Cliff
Booth on the set of the real action-adventure television series The Green Hornet. The two men battle backstage as others look
on. Lee wins the first round of the fight, while
Booth shoves Lee against a car in the second. The third round is interrupted before a victor
can be crowned. Shannon Lee told The Wrap that: “I can understand all the reasoning behind
what is portrayed in the movie. I understand that the two characters are antiheroes
and this is sort of like a rage fantasy of what would happen…I understand they want
to make the Brad Pitt character this super bad-ass who could beat up Bruce Lee. But they didn’t need to treat him in the
way that white Hollywood did when he was alive.” She later speculated that perhaps Once Upon
a Time in Hollywood was trying to offer commentary on the ways in which Hollywood falsely stereotyped
Lee, but Tarantino failed on that front. Shannon added that Lee wasn’t interested in
fighting outside of martial arts, and actively avoided conflict: “He comes across as an arrogant a–hole
who was full of hot air, and not someone who had to fight triple as hard as any of those
people did to accomplish what was naturally given to so many others…It was really uncomfortable
to sit in the theater and listen to people laugh at my father.” She also pointed out an inaccuracy in Lee’s
physical appearance in the film: he was shown with a haircut and sunglasses characteristic
of the 1970s, while The Green Hornet aired during 1967 and 1968. Shannon, who was just four years old when
her father passed away in 1973, has kept Lee’s legacy alive through the website,
a podcast, and the Bruce Lee Foundation. She continued to say that: “What I’m interested in is raising the consciousness
of who Bruce Lee was as a human being and how he lived his life…All of that was flushed
down the toilet in this portrayal.” However, Shannon Lee added that she didn’t
find fault in Moh’s performance as her late father. She stated that she believes he was quote,
“directed to be a caricature,” but still praised him for capturing Lee’s mannerisms and voice. For Shannon, it was especially difficult seeing
the way her father was portrayed in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood given that other real-life
celebrities in the film were characterized but not mocked. Shannon wasn’t the only person who took issue
with Lee’s portrayal in the Tarantino-directed film. Matthew Polly, author of Bruce Lee: A Life
told The Wrap that he had his own issues with Lee’s depiction: “Bruce revered Muhammad Ali; he never trash-talked
him in real life. Bruce never used jumping kicks in an actual
fight. And even if he did, there wasn’t a stuntman
in Hollywood fast enough to catch his leg and throw him into a car.” Tarantino has a penchant for revising history
and clearly kept that passion burning in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Though his decisions clearly didn’t sit well
with Shannon Lee or Matthew Polly, with any luck, Tarantino will hear the criticism and
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100 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Daughter Has Harsh Words For Tarantino’s New Film

  1. I dont care what she has to say really…she was 4 when he died, she probably doesnt remember anything about him. And now she use her dads name to make money…

  2. I looove Bruce Lee, but even I laughed hard at that scene. Still dosen’t take anything away from his legacy imo! But I can understand her feelings.

  3. If I was Shannon I wouldn't worry about the words of one man too much. Her father's legacy is secure. No one with more than two brain cells would really believe Tarantino's version of Bruce Lee to be accurate. Everyone knows that Bruce was the best. I would rise above it, & just ignore it. Tarantino is clever. I feel Shannon is being used as a pawn to sell the film. He probably knew that she wouldn't let it go. If the dragon was still alive, that portrayal would not have happened.

  4. The dude that played him even felt uncomfortable with the scene, just didn't work. Was hoping to be blown away and all they gave us was sparklers. The dog deservers an Oscar and some biscuits.

  5. More polarization of a world in decline. This clown doesn't even come close. There is one problem with all of this. There really is no one person in the entire world that can really duplicate bruce today and this will likely be to the end of time.

  6. this movie was dragging on, but when i saw that bruce lee scene i just felt uncomfortable in my chair. i’ve been a fan of tarentino but by the end of this film i just felt like a white teenage boy had tried to pass off a tarentino film as genuine to me.

  7. Tarantino has an axe to grind?
    Django Unchained was heavily censored after been banned in Chinese cinemas.
    And more of his movies were banned and sensored in China so maybe for him a motivation to get even and vent his frustration on a beloved chinese cinematic icon.
    Just my two cents.

  8. I agree with Shannon Lee's criticisms of this movie…whether Quintin Tarantino wants to admit it or not – but his betrayal of Bruce Lee was showing his implicit bias of Asian people, where he betrayed Bruce Lee in a negative, stereotypical fashion that was totally inaccurate….he needs to understand that these negative, false, stereotypical betrayals are very offensive & oppressive to Asian Americans in an industry that is hostile….

    Quintin needs to be socially conscious & aware of his poor, irresponsible choices of how he is directing films….

  9. While it's true that Bruce was portrayed in a McDojo master way, it's caricature of Lee, just like the whole movie. None of this actually happened, so I don't know why people are having such a meltdown over it. The fight scene with Lee was loosely based on his encounter with Gene Label, who was indeed a stuntman and world champion Judo fighter – as in actual fighter, unlike Lee who is more of a martial arts enthusiast. Gene ragdolled him and ran around carrying Lee while Lee screamed "Put me down or I'll kill you!" to which Gene playfully replied "I can't put you down or you'll kill me!" It's actually not all that different, because Bruce looked like a fool and Gene would absolutely smash him if he was being serious.

  10. Shannon was like 4 years old when Bruce died. It's possible that Bruce was a very arrogant guy and she has a different memory of her father. Anyways, it's just a fucking movie. Everything that happens in it is different than how it actually went down in history. If y'all cant separate fact from fiction that's your problem

  11. Quentin Tarantino's Movies all take place in a Alternate Universe, this is a proven fact so the Characters in his Movies are and aren't the same Characters that we have come to Know and Love or Hate in ours. So this Bruce Lee in Quentins Universe may have travelled a different path then the one in our Universe took, so maybe the choices he made to get to this point that we see him in Quentin Tarantino's movie caused him to be arrogant or cocky. This isn't our Bruce Lee, it's the Bruce Lee that smokes Red Apple Cigarettes, and our Wise and Humble Bruce Lee is still Safe and Sound in our Universe in the Hearts and Minds of so many who have learned and are still learning from his Teachings and Wisdom that he has giving us through out his Life.

  12. As a Bruce Lee fan I was slightly pissed off with his depiction, but I can forgive it as Tarantino lampooned other real life characters in the film. No one is moaning about his caricature of Steve McQueen.

  13. Tarantino ?? … maybe he make it real to wake one day up of his Fantasy World …

    This man did only 1 real good movie …
    The rest is the impressive work of his actors where he got really lucky for it…

    This man is so unprofessional… with all the coolnes he try to implement.

    Making only movies for teenagers …

    What you think ? Are we going to see 1 serious movie from this guy ever again like Pulp Fiction???
    I absolutly dont think so …

  14. It’s just a movie and a badass one too! Get over it Jesus. I love Bruce and know what his capable of but we don’t have to cry about it.

  15. From my perspective Tarantino is an asshole a plagiarist and a degenerate foot fetishist (he actually is)but hey that is just a daydream and fictional so I get away with that

  16. Personally, I really like Bruce Lee. I also think that he has made a lot of contributions to martial arts. I like Quentin Tarantino and think he is a good director. However, I think that Bruce Lee's contribution far exceeds Tarantino. He gave us Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee was a real Kung Fu master. Having said that, Tarantino has the right to make his film. That is his freedom. We have movies criticizing people, from making fun of Jesus Christ to making fun of Lincoln. I think it's weird… we can make fun of Jesus, but we can not make fun of Bruce Lee. I am not saying that I agree with Tarantino. However, just because I disagree with him, this does not mean that I disagree with his freedom to make movies. This is not a documentary. This is a fictional piece.

  17. Watch the movie. There is only one scene in which he is depicted as a douchebag. During this scene he gets offended by stupid remarks. And she's complaining. Seems like she hasn't got anything else to complain about.

  18. Q-Tip Head called Sonny Chiba the Greatest Martial Artist in the History of Film !! So that shows how highly respected he considered Bruce Lee !!!

  19. Movies are like a mirror of the current society. Let´s take a look at ours: Become someone without any skill, talent and most importantly real effort, like e.g. the guy from the movie Mortal engines who became a pilot just by wearing a pilot jacket. Use fake views, facts, likes, subscribers, etc. to bait and trick as many dumb followers as you can, then force your twisted opinion on the rest and silence everyone with real talent and skill.

    The last part is the most important one! Do not miss any opportunity to disrespect and talk bad about everyone who actually has/had skill and talent or invested a lot of time and effort to master something, like e.g. Bruce Lee. Build walls to keep foreigners out of your country, but trade with them, make vacations in their countries and exploit them at the same time.

    Breaking mirrors brings bad luck? Biggest myth ever. I would gladly break this one!

  20. I remember the days When i Met Bruce Lee he was a fucking awesome legend person I Trained with Bruce lee I Met Him In San Francisco in 1968 he was a true legend I Wish i can meet bruce lee again

  21. Bruce Lee wasn't a competitive fighter thats what most of the fanboys don't understand, also wasn't the first martial arts movie star getting his ass kick by a stuntman.

  22. I don't think Uma Thurman know how to kill one man with palm heart explode move

    I mean, I never heard about a heart explode in 5 footsteps

  23. You don't need to get upset over racist laughing at this scene Shannon cause end of the day even every generation know Bruce is no joke he is a legend!*

  24. “Bruce revered Muhammad Ali; he never trash-talked him in real life. Bruce never used jumping kicks in an actual fight. And even if he did, there wasn’t a stuntman in Hollywood fast enough to catch his leg and throw him into a car."
    Thats right exactly the opinion I am also, the worst movie of tarantino an insult to bruce

  25. Well, if two people with a vested interest in how Bruce Lee is remembered by the public disagree with what Tarantino put on screen, we should take their words as gospel, shouldn't we? After all, one of them was four when her father died and the biographer was two when that occurred.

    Interesting that Shannon Lee would say that Bruce had no interest in fighting outside of martial arts. How much fighting did he do IN martial arts? Most of the documented "fighting" Lee did was on screen. The rest tends to be hearsay and rumor. And, no, training doesn't count as fighting.

    Finally, if someone could put together that apparently extensive list of Caucasian martial artists who cruised to huge Hollywood success while Lee was fighting "triple as hard" as them, please do.

  26. This just in: Morgane Polanski is none too pleased with any depiction of her father having had intercourse with anyone older than 13.

  27. Watch the video = "" Does Bruce Lee stand a chance against modern MMA fighters ? "…..YES .and listen to what Joe Lewis says about Mr. Lee ,who was  more than a legend … BL  !

  28. Bruce Lee didn't even sound like that. He had a Voice Over talent do all that "wAaaataaa" sound effects. Lee is was an experienced enough martial artist to know that you don't always make verbal sound during attacks.

  29. I agree with ms Lee, Bruce Lee my hero not only as a martial artist by as a philosopher, and human being. Bruce Lee was very disrespected in this movie. I know it's only fantasy, and that's the only someone could actually handle a a jump kick from Bruce Lee. Is by fantasy. Bruce Lee was a fighter street fighter, and I believe he would have ripped someone apart in a real fight. This movie was a disgrace to Bruce, but I guess when someone has passed away people can do what ever they want to their legacy. It sucks.

  30. It's meant to be satire, I don't know why anyone would be upset by this? Every character in the movie is a joke of himself/herself. Sure Bruce Lee is a cultural icon, but should not be exempt from being made fun of.

  31. "Bruce Lee never seek to fight outside his professionnal life" !?! Biggest bullshit I ever heard. The guy loved to fight, had many street fights and unofficial 1v1 confrontations. Stop idealizing him.

  32. It was Cliffs day dream. So it was a fictional characters fictional daydream of a fictional situation. If they don't like it then they should eliminate human fantasy and finction/imagination.

  33. Quentin Tarantino's an overrated hack his movies barely even make any kind of sense half the time and he just I'm going to play the end before I play the beginning s*** as old as hell and played out besides all that the big problem I have is that as an instructor in Bruce Lee's JKD I can tell you for sure that the depiction of Bruce in this movie besides his mannerisms and look are bad. The actor is hardly in shape enough to pull off the look correctly and is slow as molasses in January…..shameful!

  34. To me the bruce lee sceen was really about how boxers could knock the crap out of martial artists. Martial arts isent really fighting, its more of a discipline/Dance/exercise. Boxers know how to take a punch and M artists dont. The sceen where Lee was thrown into the car was hilarious. And yes casius clay would have destroyed bruce lee. But then again, im not race baiting, so i guess i must be wrong.

  35. Most jokes are at the expense of someone or something. We all know Bruce Lee is a badass and the movie just wanted to make a joke at his expense. No one really thinks Bruce Lee was a hack. It's a funny scene in a pretty light-hearted movie

  36. That was one of the few things that caught me off-guard about Bruce Lee in this film; he was actually a nice guy in real life from what I hear, and I don't think he'd be a cocky prick like the scene portrays him. Although he supposedly had an unsanctioned street fight with Wong Jack Man…

  37. She says so many stupid things about this movie it would take a 10+min youtube vid to fully dissect it all lol.

  38. It's funny because her whining and bitching has probably made that movie more money and got it more viewers. I'd never have even heard of this movie if it hadn't been for her so nice one. I watched the scene and laughed at it. It was funny. Shannon needs to grow up and stop living off daddy's name

  39. Bruce Lee was an actor not a fighter. His fans are pathetic thinking he can beat X, Y and Z professional fighters. You know Keanu Reeves can't dodge bullets either.

  40. I think Bruce Lee was a great man and philosopher but I believe people are taking this movie way to seriously and should take it for what it is, a movie.

  41. She either didn't watch the movie or didn't understand it
    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is about everything fake in Hollywood, from the first second when you learn about stunt doubles, to the last second when the Tarantino's Red Apple actually taste like shit

    The ENTIRE movie is about Hollywood being fake on all levels, including the movie itself, including every situation and emotion, including every character, including every fight, including Bruce Lee

    She should watch (and understand) the movie before being upset

  42. I hate quentin movies since I 've ever seen "kill bill Vol.1"!He is really racism!ofcourse, "once upon a time in ……" sucks for me !! I live in Tokyo now!

  43. I don't know why she's whining it's a movie and actually I've watched it four times its really good and everybody knows that shit wouldn't happen with Bruce Lee anyway so what's the big deal it's a freaking movie get over it she's just looking to make money that's why she's on there she knows once you start shooting your mouth off she'll start making money one way or another and that's the only reason she saying something because think about it they still play Bruce Lee's movies on TV all the time and she's bitching about this get a life try working like your dad did

  44. “Sterling Silliphant stated that two of the large stunt men on the set of The Wreaking Crew were giving Bruce a hard time. They had difficulty believing that this small Chinese man (5'7," 135 lbs.) was the master they were told he was, and they resented that Bruce had been brought in to do the fight scenes. Silliphant suggested Bruce "give them a little sample" and Bruce handed one of them his air shields and told them to brace for a kick. Silliphant recalls:

    " make it really interesting and do it beside the swimming pool … So with no movement — no run, nothing, just standing there — he kicked the guy up into the air and out into the middle of the pool. Then the other guy had to prove himself, too. So he braced really low — and sshhp … again! Bruce lifted him off his feet, up into the air and out into the deep end. Well, those guys stumbled out of the pool Christians! And from that moment on, those guys loved Bruce (Lee)."

  45. Bruce lee achieved so much the man was great. He would have never said that about Muhammad Ali. THEY HAVE TREATED HIM THE SAME AS THE WAY HOLLYWOOD DID! The thing is Bruce has had the last laugh, because he has broken the barriers of race as all countries love him and he has brought different cultures together. Far more than what Quentin has. I think the Lee family deserves respect they have been through enough.

  46. I think the fight scene was cool but I wish they didn’t overly comedically throw him into the blue car and make him look like an arrogant asshole.

  47. "Cliff is a FICTIONAL Character, so he could beat Bruce Lee up!" = "There is no real Person who could beat Bruce Lee up!" – Did the offended ones get it now finally? I'm also a Fan of Bruce and his Movies, but I'm not offended by this one Scene in OUATIH. Why? Because the "Once Upon A Time…" in the Title tells you already that this Movie is like a Fairytale (so, it's NOT REAL) and because I never expected any historical accuracy in a Tarantino-Movie.

  48. bruce kicked ass any people any race and he's still a winner tarantino know shit about bruce not only chinese dna is the best genetic that a person can have but with extreme training over the human limit bruce achieved the success in martial arts in movies he didn't let society lead his life but he imposed his mind his thinking his powerful body against any slaving

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