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39 thoughts on “Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor (New Pics)

  1. Shameless promo from MrLovenstein. Crappy music too no doubt another shameless promo. CLICKBAIT ALERT. I have funnier stories in my middle finger.

  2. 1:17 I never noticed that those were two people about to kiss, I just saw the white and questioned myself saying “it that a vase”?

  3. Lets be honest here. Noone of these were dark humour. Anyone could understand them. This was clickbait and you got clickbaited..

  4. Dont you just hate it when your ex-girlfriend catches you killing her new boyfriend so you have to kill her too?
    Well I do.

  5. 1:34
    Step 1: Abduct enough dogs to re-establish the species.
    Step 2: Destroy the planet! You heard master Urlulun!

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