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BT Daily: Donald Trump Quotes Scripture

[Darris McNeely] Republican Presidential candidate
Donald Trump was a t Liberty University this week addressing a student assembly. Mr. Trump,
in his remarks, made reference to a biblical verse, and it was the way in which he referred
to it that caught the attention and generated a great deal of commentary. He was quoting
a verse from 2 Corinthians, actually, it was 3:17 (2 Corinthians 3:17). And in doing so,
Mr. Trump called it “Two Corinthians”. All right? A few people in the audience laughed
at that. Now, “Two Corinthians” is not normally,
in the United States, the way we would refer to it. I understand in other parts of the
world, they would say “Two Corinthians”, “Two Timothy”, “Two Peter”, etc. but
normally we would say “Second Corinthians”, and certainly the audience to which he was
speaking at Liberty University would have said “Second” Corinthians”, as well. Now, he did say some quite interesting things
beyond that in his speech about religion, about Christianity, and some of the problems
the attacks upon Christianity, especially in the Middle East and other of his particular
points that he usually makes in such a campaign speech. But speaking to a religious audience,
Mr. Trump betrayed, again, admitted – by his own admission, a lack of basic knowledge
about the Bible. And as I was watching and reading some of the comments about this, the
point that came back to me was, certainly when you’re going to speak to any audience,
one of the cardinal rules that you always want to follow – know your audience. But
beyond that, for all of us, as we think about our relationship with God and especially the
word of God, let’s also make sure that we know our Bible. And let’s know not only
how to talk about it, but how to put it into the walk of our life. That particular episode,
I think, brought that point home more to me than anything else. That’s BT Daily. Join us next time.

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