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100 thoughts on “BTS CRACK 4 | Namjoon cleans the house [10 MINUTE SPECIAL]

  1. Um question. Why is it that there’s two diffrent army’s? I-army and K-army? Did BTS split that up or did the fans ? And why is it that when I see that the “K-army” is represented as loved more. It pisses me off. We are all fans so there for we should all be just considered as ARMY period. If you want to be like that okay but if it wasn’t for “international Army” BTS would still just be popular in Asia not anywhere else. 🙄 if it wasn’t for all of us loving them they wouldn’t have had the chance to experience what they really deserve so just stop. I’m saying this becouse this is like the 100th time I’m seeing some shit like that smh.

  2. I’m just gunna say my friend isn’t a real ARMY cause she doesn’t like J-Hope or Jin. She says they’re ugly. I aM tRigGeReD.

  3. I’m so sorry RM but Jimin is my bias now sorry Jimin Jhope is now my bias sorry Jhope V is now my bias sorry V Suga is now my Bias sorry Suga Jin is my bias now Sorry Jin y’all all are my Biases

  4. 5:10 awwwwwww….. HE'S SO CUTE ASDFGHJKL
    5:28 wait… why'd it stop?? Over so soon? T^T
    5:29 OH…. OH YES…

  5. stop doing that ;( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, M Y B I A S I S H O S E O K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this definitely made my heart melt.

  6. Im a international army but trust me you will be seeing screaming like grazy when it comes too BTSespescially jimin 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. I honestly can't chose who so my bias bc one moment I want to marry kookie(my husband obvi) but at the same time I wanna marry jin,V,jimin,suga,Rm,and JHOPEEEE

  8. Me: OK let's try not to look weird in front of my mom right now.
    Vid: 6:44
    Me: rolling on the floor trying to catch my breath

  9. I saw my two bias on the thumbnail I clicked it's a simple way of life._.

    6:44 now all I need a video of chimmy:) then my life is complete

    6:26 jaimin


  10. Honestly your videos make me laugh to the point were I can’t breathe, it’s unhealthy. This is the content I signed up for

  11. 6:22 "ιм нєℓριиg SIMON иσт υ"

    ι'м ∂уιиg
    σмg ѕιмσи 😂 αи∂ ι тнσυgнт ιтѕ ʝιмιи..му ℓιfє ωαѕ α ℓιє XD

  12. You’re my honey bunch sugar plum
    You’re my sweetie pie
    You’re my cuppy-cake gumdrop
    Schnukums Spukums you’re
    The apple of my eye
    And I love you so
    And I want you to know that I’ll always be right here
    And I love to sing sweet songs to you
    So dear

    -The Cuppy Cake Song

  13. My boy classmates are CRACKHEADS looking like shrek and btw there very annyoing
    When class is starting we cant start cause their really noisy there is only like 3 quiet people in my class and they are all girls

  14. Omg that vid of namjoon and yoongi arguing bout whos gonn help jimin w/ rap….I have seen that video and if i remember right…it was in arabic😂

  15. When you said you were jikook trash and in my head I'm like no you said it wrong it jikook is trash. We stan Taekook in this Christian household

  16. how do i only get Korean advertisements and ads of bts and txt? I don't mind it tho i watch all of them without clicking on skip ad.

  17. Namjoon: Ugh I Hate Being A Dad Of 5 Kids
    Namjoon: You Gotta Be Fu–

    tO bE cOnTiNuEd

  18. 6:34 hearthoseok is really to much to the reality Im crying😭😭…how could you make it obvious than its really the reality im an international army a PH ARMY and its hard to accept that bts cant even go here on our country…and the saddest part i cant even go through their concerts in PH my mom wont allow me even i can afford the ticket😭😭…ph army i know your with ME✊…ps:IM NOT ANGRY😅😁💜 sorry for what i said…and also i like your videos😊 #ipurpleu

  19. When the one of rm winking when jin was talking and turned and looked at rm it looks like he winked with eye that was not facing the camera

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