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hey guys it’s Jose and I’m back for another reaction video we are here to do another crack reaction it’s been a while you guys seem to enjoy them I enjoy them a lot because they make me laugh so hard so by the way thank you thank you so much thank you so much for 50,000 subscribers that is crazy but that just like surpass like when I started I was like you know what if I get 50 people to see and then like I got 50 then I got a hundred I was like wait and then I got 300 then I got a thousand and then fifty thousand subscribers I just have to say thank you so much thank you thank you thank you for your continued support thank you for those who have been with me since the beginning thank you to those who just joined if you’re new I really do appreciate it you guys keep me motivated to keep going and we’re here to do another BTS crack now this one is buy cookies and cream chocolate sister cookies agree but this is for BTS crack number six shine sugar I’ve been recommended this and mostly it’s like really funny and I mean I expect it to be because these crack videos they get me all the time so we should just get into it last press play okay not the spidery yes okay okay family again [Music] that is like new armies right there how can I make my the rest of my life about it okay I remember this mystery but in the Japanese version by you did not just ruin them for me now just like in the myth have y’all seen my misheard lyrics reaction a lot of the lyrics were ruined for me since that video like I can’t stop thinking about for the Japanese how did you like how did you know this how did like it does release oh wow okay we’re gonna continue I can’t okay I know this where he gets mad ooh [Music] what’s going [Music] yes he is in a mentor oh my god no wait okay wait wait wait yah no I’m a pastor if you have your new now you know I’m a pastor when I need to like gather man that just like my brain exploded we are bulletproof we are why did I not think when I saw that not today video and then then getting shot and falling on the ground like why you lying why you lying big hit okay that is genius like that just I didn’t even think of it okay okay listen now we got it they see me roll and then okay I’m sweaty guys you fast forward breathing yattaman oh wow oh this is where the sunshine shake apart I love when he shine he’s like starts like scratching back in his head or oh don’t what girls better get the mom no oh I remember this impressive so cute I love it Oh Oh God I didn’t know it was gonna be like what I mean it was four minutes I mean that could be longer that could be short for some that looks a bit short for me but I enjoyed it nonetheless like Wow cookies and cream again like y’all with these kind video get me every single time I can’t with them but then I can like because I want to continue doing it because you guys are so creative I love it I love it I love it thank you so much guys for recommending this thank you so much for watching I’ll leave a link in the description box below for you to watch the original video even the comment section be like you’ve seen this that you haven’t maybe you watch it like for the first time with me and you can let me know what you’re like what gotcha like cuz like but mr. Leary just like blew me away how like in the Korean version is there’s no more you know yeah and then in the Japanese it’s like the opposite and like you know like hurry Jin’s like stop and Japanese like more okay mmhmm yeah what did I just say I don’t know see this is the thing with these tears I sometimes don’t finish I sometimes don’t finish sentences see I wasn’t even finishing that one anyway we about to end this right now thank you so much for watching comment like subscribe share thank you safely so but what thank you so much what the hell with that thank you so much for your support in until next time adios [Music]

100 thoughts on “BTS CRACK – Shy Suga REACTION

  1. I live for your reactions to crack. It's like sharing the funny with a friend.

    Congrats on 50k!!!

  2. Please react to Kookmin World 2 – tension it was a recent update of hers and I think your reaction would be amazing! Thanks, love you! ♥️ (congrats on 50k!)

  3. Can you please do more BTS ship reactions?? Nammin/Minjoon is one of my favs and I'd love for you to react to it!!😀

  4. Awwww congrats on 50 k
    Does anyone know if he's Mexican? I'm of Mexican descent and I just think that if he is, it's really cool cuz I rarely see other Mexican kpop stans and his representation online is sooo cool. I hope no one takes offense.

  5. Ugh Jose! I have no friends who are ARMYs in real life so i always come here so I can have a person to freak out about BTS with! I absolutely love your videos and I feel like we are already good friends 🙂 keep being awesome!

  6. That realization at 3:44. That bulletproof part really got me too! I can't believe I didn't think about that! Also, Kookie putting that hat in his mouth at 5:01! 😂

  7. That girl jamming to AGUSTD was gold I want that toothbrush and then the mom at the end oh gd I laughed so hard!!!

  8. I've caught myself singing the misheard lyric "No more d*ck for me…stop" to BS&T since I first saw that misheard lyric video!

    We Are Bulletproof and Why You Lyin' go together like Jungkook and Taehyung!

  9. Jose you're my favourite reactor on YouTube!! I love your personality and your reactions so much they are so relatable XD we even have the same bias!

  10. Because you are one of the very few genuine ones in youtube ~~ Also love your unique & cute reactions…. That's why you are very worth subscribing !!!! Please keep going ~~ I love your reactions

  11. Please react to some of justt ally's Theory Thursdays
    Disclaimer, if you haven't seen any yet it's pretty sad 😭

  12. please react to BTS& Puma' advertisement☞jimin'solo dance is so beautiful💕all the advertisement series (。>∀<。) very beautiful and interesting ! ☞

  13. congrats for 50k subs! I'm so happy for you and I hope you get more because you're one of my favourite youtubers!

  14. Aww when v said impress ed i fangirled so hard he was so cute! Also the misheard lyrics get me all the time XD

  15. So Jungkook has officially said he's Troye Sivan's fan, you might have a chance with him Jose! lol Si puedes despegarlo de Jimin que parecen pegados con pegamento xD


  17. please please react to my vkook moments or my kim taehyung sweater weather it would mean a lot im also a huge fan!


    From 2:00 until 2:13, oh my god kkkkkkkkkkk I had never noticed!!! (Maybe because English is not my native language, but okay…) I will never hear this part of the song the same way kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. Teoria da conspiração: eles lançam um vídeo dizendo que são a prova de balas, depois o Suga mete o bultourone no carinha ai, logo em seguida o carinha do bultourone se revolta chama os parceiro e vai matar o BTS com um tiro… (super sentido)

  20. Hi there Jose…I really like your reactions, this one is a TaeJin Crack actually so here's the link and I hope you'll react to it.

  21. you should watch Crack #1 from Kookies and Cream. There's one part featuring Kookie that I've been laughing at for 7,236 years xD

  22. 3:40 when you were ready for Jungkook's part, same. I laughed so hard when It stopped and you looked so lost😂

  23. Same I literally didn't notice that they should be bullet proof and then they got shot WHY U LYIN..XD

  24. that's why they freaking added a new name "beyond the scene" cause " bulletproof scoutboys" ain't working anymore after Not today mv.

  25. They got caught lying, that's why they added a new meaning for BTS. Sorry I had to.😂

  26. 2:06 whoever made that is rlly evil cuz now thats all im gonna hear and think of whenever i watth that part of the mv

  27. 3:27 I love how he lip-syncs the ad-lib and says "Oh my God, that fits so well!" at the end. I purple you, Jose!💜💜💜

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