Laughter is the Best Medicine


as they say you want it, you get it (subscribers) how were you detained? (2 part crack) brilliantly (channel author YoonLisen) well guys let’s go my name is Kim Taehyung oh you lazy person, lazy to make new screensavers a shame! a shame! a shame! ok, ok, want a new screensaver? there will be a new screensaver for you:D My name is Kim Taehyung I am an ordinary boy living a very ordinary life but nobody knows something about me when the city falls asleep, I wake up XD (they made me) (let me go, you’re too big) (come with me my blue friend, I will show you one place XD) (I’ll give you a candy) (only shh) attention, this video contains mate, gay jokes, vkook’s, Yes, and many other peyring too .. each person who wrote “you hater. they are not gay” I add to the black list;) when distributing this video, indicate the author, that is, me you have been warned, enjoy your viewing:3 straight and yes, this video is not recommended for viewing jikookers, and sick BTS fans hugs? okay my dad would hardly let me go watch this movie oh no, just don’t say that these are horror movies, I can’t stand them are you stupid? (Jin) (Hoseok) I think it’s yours, Jin to hell (Taehyung) (Taehyung) omg Where am I??? why are you so sad there are pluses you can watch the whole concert just lying on the bed I just wanted to go to a friends concert, Suga so why didn’t you tell me right away, I’ll give you a concert that you will never forget in your life and we are again on air with Ricardo Milos, see what he does here Look, there’s more photos of this guy than mine, apparently the girl fell in love (SUGA) Wow, one more secret admirer Accustomed to relying on your legs, now you will have two left legs that’s how was born Jimin that we all know:3 sorry, but this place is taken for jimin again this jimin I will deal with them mom typical Taehyung who talks about how cool he is:D (Jimin) hyong, it will eat me mister Jin you have a place oh finally in the second row:D monsieur the dove we deserve *haters* *how do they see Koreans* to hell jungkook came to get married to Taehyuns:D though I’m daddy, but for you I’ll become the oppa – Jungkook:D

7 thoughts on “BTS ON LADYBUG #2 [RUSSIAN CRACK] (feat. vkook)

  1. Ну почему это так круто, у больше нет слов……… 💓💓💓💓💓👍💓💓💓💓

  2. Ля… я натуралка… мне нельзя смотреть😭😭😆😆😆😆😆
    (А я все равно гляну)

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