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BTS ‘You Laugh = You Lose’ Challenge [HARD]

Hola hola hola RM: Here are my friends BTS. It is RM Man: I’ve seen it how do you guys deal with just.. the girls? Jin: I.. I don’t have.. think.JH: Chants, chants! MC: Their chants? RM: So there’s.. there’s kinda like a, ritual “Kim Namjoon” “Kim Seok Jin” “Min Yoongi” “Jung Hoseok” “Park Jimin” “Kim Taehyung” “Jeon Jungkook” “BTS!” MC: Guys! MC: Looking.. MC: So.. MC: Handsome! MC: Who do you guys want to collaborate with on maybe future projects?JH: Jed. IMC: Do you guys.. do you ever get TIRED of each other? JH: My bro, yeah? MC: You guys are altogether, but you didn’t bring your girlfriends! MC: You’ve got to be exhausted at this point, right?RM: No! MC: No?RM: No!What would you do if you found money on the ground? Jin: Pick up Jin: And, uh.. Jin and RM: Find it. JK: Original..RM: Original? Jin: Find eh.. Jin: master RM: Find the money master?Jin: Money.. Jin: Master! RM: The God of the money? Jin: Yeahheheheha!RM: I like Blake Lively. In English um we we will we produce the whole album in English that’s the question You got the bass Meanwhile Meanwhile What does 2018 hold for BTS this is tops c3 you know Top secret. This is confidential yeah top secret. Where do you go to get pissed and piety? Yes, I go to the place without chin wait. We all wake me up with my camera. Go ok. Bye Really nigga But it’s all have you found Americans for the most part to be pretty kind? They love you know not just between the men and women or or genders Bruce I remember Buzz Lightyear infinity Flashback to Infinity You guys should do a track with rice boom you know the rapper the Asian He’s really good. He’s a good career What’s the craziest thing a fan is done to meet you they love us Everything they love everything about you. Yeah, yeah, do they ever grab you and try to Attack you sometimes sometimes. Yeah touch me my face. Yeah. Do you like when they grab you? ouch Who is your Hollywood crush I Think BTS why not right What is it about them that makes you so crazy? The music is really good Right and the dance really well if they were like 50 year old slobs with you. Do you think it’d still be into them? Eat em burger And meet you I just met you guys, and I love you ts already. Thank you very much You know her Facebook you don’t know her Yeah, the fans don’t hurt me myself So together with Meanwhile if you guys could say anything to your younger self what would it be Teacher laughs or teaching

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  1. REUPLAODED!! (Because of copyright issues )
    🎉 GIVEAWAY WINNERS are tAECCI and Daniella Esmeraldo.
    I've already paid for their albums, and after about a month they'll arrive to winners houses.
    A big thanks to all giveaway participants, if I could I'd give each one of you an album..
    But I think that I'll make more giveaways in the future too, so look out for it 🙂

  2. I don't know why some people hate them🤔🤔
    I think those are the dumbest people in this world who are jealous of them as their stupid mind and eyes cannot afford to think and see them progressing 😡😡😡😡😡
    Even I am a new army
    I love them so much🤗🤗🤗

  3. 8:11 “meet the Korean “lesbian” pop group BTS”. First of all….. they are boys. Second of all……. don’t mess with my babies.

  4. "Oh cmon cmon im ot afraid" •death stare•

    Then gets scared

    ahem ThAtS WhAt ShE SaId-

    Lol im not hating but it was soooooooo funny XDDDDD

  5. I lose for the first clip. They're soooooooooooooooo extra in any english interview. I can't hold my laugh. I love them.

  6. 2:01
    you don't understand that they are trying to say ZED insted of JED and that is the cutest thing ever like i am CRYING rn like omgosh

  7. Happy birthday hobi ❤️❤️💜💜💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💜💜💜Jhope u purple me 💜💜💜💜


  8. I've been realizing that people lately are like "Do you like BTS?" and like "Yes=Like" and something like that. It kind of pisses me off. Yes, I understand that you want to know people's opinions and yes, I understand that people want likes. It's just that it's getting out of hand. In literally EVERY SINGLE BTS RELATED VIDEO I WATCH, it includes that kind of stuff. I think it needs to stop now. Comments are meant to share your opinions, not beg for likes. And some people literally USE BTS for likes, which really sucks. BTS is human, just like you and me. They're ordinary people with different lives. So, please, stop doing this.

    I'm sorry for people who felt offended by this but by no means I have intended to do so.

    Please spread this.

    I did not write this, I'm just spreading this around like Namjoon's Dumplings asked us too. All credits go to Namjoon's Dumplings

  9. Your Sunshine – ☀ My Sunshine – J Hope Your Bunny – 🐰 My Bunny – Jungkook Your Angel – 😇 My Angel – Jimin. 😄😃😊☺😍😘💓💗

  10. Interviewer: I've seen it, how do you guys just deal with the girls
    Bts: I dont have think
    Me: sir you dropped these 🕶

  11. Nobody is going yo Talk about the moment un 7:35 when every member gets a gift like a t-shirt or toys and taehyung only gets a packet of gum? I was very shocked and sad for him

  12. It's sad that my married mom has a crush on Rm because I listen to bts and take over her radio

    This girl said Rm has a baby face and he's hot😅
    Pls help I think I'm adopted😂😂🤣

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