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35 thoughts on “Bumbleworth Animated | WHAT DO WEDNESDAY! | Episode 3

  1. haha omg i was laughing so hard!! 🙂 i love what do Wednesday! 🙂 WHAT DO! 🙂 btw i liked right off the bad cause i knew i was going to love it!

  2. YES!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Dr. Meep is like Chris get rekt! That's very interesting! I loved it! Good job Mr.B! Absolutely great stuff as always.

  3. Holy crap Dr. MeepMeep just wrecked that dude, it was awesome lol. I feel like that is what Ali actually gets like when we play rocket league lol. This was an outstanding episode and I have to vote for Boom Facial, it was just too good not to vote for. I can't wait for next months episode. Keep up the amazing work, you should be really proud of these they are incredible.

  4. Thanks for choosing one of my comments, your work with these animations continues to be amazing. I am now a bit scared of Dr.MeepMeep though, I shall remember what she is capable of the next time we play Rocket League. =P

  5. hahahaha #WHATDOWednesdayvote Kovic plays "boom facial" that has to be the funniest one that i ever seen, haha well done mistre bumbles that just made my day.

  6. And congrats on 500!

    Very nice – it is about damn time we got some balls humor on here! Looking forward to the vlog – and while these are awesome you shouldn't stress over it. I mean…it isn't like we will hunt you down and hide in your bushes and please turn on a light it is dark out here..

  7. Together with the animation, "Boom facial" was just…sooooo good 😀
    Great work Bumbles, that was, once again, super awesome! 🙂

  8. All of these were awesome! #WhatDoWednesday it's gotta be "Boom Facial" This one had me laughing because of that headbutt XD That remix at the end xD Awesome job! 😀

  9. hahaha "Move your baaaalls! Chris…move your balls…" haha the first one was my favorite

    The end with the remix was so great! Love this series Bumbles!

  10. Lol im super late for this again haha but I LOVE This series man!!! Your animation skills are amazing!
    Dat headbutt doe! This was great once again bro!

  11. bumbles I have a question and yes I know this vid was two years ago but is animating fun or frustrating easy of hard

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