Laughter is the Best Medicine

By the way, Can You Survive Bird Box?

Dan: Ha-Have you guys seen Bird Box? Hosuh: No.
Stephen: No. I haven’t seen it. I heard it’s really good though. Dan: Okay, GOOD!! Because today we’re gonna be playing… …Can you survive BIRD BOX. :D!!
Thankfully, they haven’t watched it- Hosuh: I mean, Daniel told me not to watch it. So… Stephen: Daniel told me not-not to watch it. So I didn’t out of spite. 😉 Hosuh: *Cute giggle* Dan: Spoiler warning! If you guys haven’t seen the movie… Dan: …I suggest you will watch it because this video is *very* inspired by the film. Dan: So you’re watching TV, right? Dan: There’s been some news… of MASS SUICIDE. (Oh no :0) Dan: It’s almost becoming… an epidemic. Dan: It hasn’t hit your town yet, but you know…it’s going on. Dan: You walk to get groceries. Dan: You see someone look up and he suddenly starts to bang his head on the wall.. Dan: He’s killing himself..?! Stephen: Wow. That’s a really dedicated heavy metal fan. You know what?? I will help him do it faster! Dan: Wait, Stephen- Before you go. Hold on, hold on- Now what do you think’s going on here? Dan: What will be your first instinct? Dan: You’ve heard there’s mass suicide, a person looks up, and then he starts to kill himself. Hosuh: I would run away as fast as possible, D: (Sonic Hosuh Style) put the keys in my car, and GET OUT OF THE TOWN. Oh my god- Dan: *suspicious voice intensifies* Ar – Are you sure you don’t want to look up? Dan: Aren’t you curious of what’s going on?? Hosuh: No, wait, do I have to look up?
Dan: Okay. It’s your choice… Stephen: *suspiciously* Okay, so suddenly Daniel’s tone changed. So I feel like we should do the OPPOSITE of what he says. Hosuh: I think so too… Stephen:Okay, so I look DOWN! Dan: You panic, because it’s not just him killing himself… Dan: A lot of people are starting to kill themselves suddenly all around you. You run to the nearest house and ask to be let in. Dan: Eventually, they let you in… Stephen: Everyone’s in a suicide cult and everyone doesn’t like it. Dan: People look at Stephen strangely… Dan: No, man. My- My wife- My wife just killed herself- Dan: She was happy as a bird can be… There’s NO way she would just KILL herself.. Stephen: Happy as a BIRD..BOX?? (((((((; (Forshadowing intensifies) Hosuh: I’m SO sorry for your loss- *sad laughter* Dan: Wha- What do you think is happening? What- What’s causing this? What’s going on here?? Hosuh: It’s… I… Okay. Hosuh: So it’s either a virus- Or it could be like- A flying UFO. Hosuh: So when people look up they get mesmerized by some kind of light source… Maybe?? And then they start killing themselves. Dan: It’s not just when you look up, but certain things appear… *Stephen quietly leaves* Dan: …and disappear. And if you look at it while it appears, you die.
Hosuh: Hmm. Dan: Stephen, stop trying to look for it-
Stephen: ShHhHhH- (your scaring them away LOL) Stephen: DANIEL, don’t tell me what to DO. Dan: You get scared, and let’s say you just cover all the windows with sheets… …you lock the door, you don’t look outside… But eventually food runs out, so you need to go for a supply run. It feels like if you look at something outside, you die. How on Earth are you going to get supplies? Where are you gonna go, and how are you gonna get there? Stephen: Horse blinders… they seem to be pretty effective at making horses look straight, so why not humans? Hosuh: What if that thing Daniel is talking about appears right in front of you? Stephen: Daniel made it sound like looking UP is what caused it. Hosuh: Can I use echolocation??? Dan: *casually laughs* You guys can try whatever you want. Dan: But Stephen, it’s not just when you look up. It’s anywhere outside you might see this thing. Hosuh: So we have the information, that we-
If we see things we will die. Dan: Yeah. Hosuh: Can we just close our eyes and try to navigate our way with a blind man stick? Dan: Sure. You can try, ..yeah. Hosuh: I will do that. But I forget where the grocery store is. So that’s gonna be fun. Stephen: Can these things physically hurt us? Like can they touch us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) and like… remove the sunglasses? Dan: *interrupting* No, they cannot physically touch you. Stephen: WHAT?! Then why is everyone so afraid of them?? Hosuh: ‘Cause if you see them, you’ll die. Stephen: But I feel like as long as you don’t open your eyes- just GOUGE out your eyes. Stephen: Geez, I don’t know why people don’t think of this before… Hosuh: Cause it is PAINFUL?? I don’t know! 🙁 Dan: So you attempt to go outside, blindfolded, with the little stick. You know a supermarket’s right around the corner. Stephen: Wow, how plot convenient! Dan: That’s right. Dan: I’m trying to make this a little bit EASIER for you guys. You’re welcome… Hosuh: Thanks, Daniel. Dan: But you hear a voice… (no human interaction, I have the big anxiety) Dan: Sounds like someone familiar. It’s saying: “Help… Please, look over here. I-I need your help…” What do you do? Stephen: Don’t tell me what to do, sir! I threw a rock at wherever the sound is coming from! *Dan snickers* Stephen: I find it rock and pick it up and throw it at the guy. Dan: You throw the rock, but there doesn’t seem to be anything.
Hosuh: Did we hear the rock colliding? Stephen: So whatever this alien thing is- Wait, is it a UFO? Dan:*spoopy voice intensifies* You don’t know. Stephen: So it can’t touch us. It can’t interact with physical things- Hosuh: When Stephen threw the rock, did we hear it collide? Dan: It collided on the ground. Hosuh: What if it’s like a ghost kinda thing, and then it’s luring us to a hole or a cliff? Stephen: Oh My GoD- Dan: “Please, look over here. I really need your help..!” Stephen: I feel like this is also might be just a virus that’s infecting our brains. Dan: “I’m gonna die if you don’t look right now…” Stephen: Well then, I’ll keep looking over here. Screw you guy. I FLIP HIM OFF. Hosuh: Oh no- *laughing intensifies* Dan: Okay. Alright- *shuffles through imaginary script* Dan: So you guys somehow make it to the grocery store… Hosuh: I’m sorry guy! :,( Dan: …and you get your supplies and you return home… Dan: …let’s say you made it back.
Hosuh: Oh- We made it back! WOOOO- Stephen: Wait, can they come into the house? Why don’t we- Wait, I’m gonna keep my blindfold on (genius 10/10). Dan: Stephen’s the only one that wears a blindfold, but no one’s getting suicidal- Stephen: Screw you all, you guys are idiots! Dan: Stephen walks away, smashes into the wall-
Turns, smashes into the wall AgAiN- Hosuh: It’s okay, – I- I will help Stephen.
Stephen: Seeing eye dog help me-!! Hosuh: Yeah, yeah, go through his daily lives- (“Lives”) Stephen: Wait- Are there even animals? Dan: Animals seem to not be affected. Stephen: Get me a seeing-eye dog right NOW, Hosuh! Stephen: There’s one right outside.
Dan: No, there isn’t- *all laugh* Dan: But SUDDENLY… You hear a very desperate knock on the door… *cue “very desperate knocking” sounds* Dan: What do you do? Stephen: Well, I feel the door for vibrations. ‘Cause these things can’t interact with physical things. Stephen: So if there’s vibrations, it’s probably a thing (physics 101) Hosuh: So- *studders* Do we do we get any physical vibration from the knocking? Stephen: Yes. Hosuh: Oh, so it’s someone! uUuUh, can you tell- Tell us about yourself?? Stephen: Wait, we’ve had it too easy for too long. (crap) Stephen: I think Daniel’s trying to kill us now. Do we have weapons? Dan: Uh, yeah, you guys do have a shotgun.
Hosuh: *excited gasp* Stephen:That’ll blow right through the door. So I mean like that’s kind of useless- Stephen: I have an idea, Hosuh. When I say go open the door. I’ll shoot with my eyes closed. Hosuh: NO!! (smart choice) Stephen: WHY?! WHYY?!! Hosuh: You’re gonna SHOOT ME! Stephen: Hosuh, I’m a- I’m a good shot. I won’t hit you. Hosuh: But you’re bLiNdFoLdEd- Stephen: How else can we kill this guy without breaking down our own door? Hosuh: We don’t have to kill this guy-! Hosuh: We can just tell him- Stephen: I would like to kill someone! Dan: Eventually someone else lets him in because you guys been arguing. Hosuh: -NO!! Stephen: Shoot the shotgun!!
Dan: You guys have been arguing for too long… Dan: ..And this guy, when he comes in, he has a blindfold on his face. Stephen: I would like to sho- Dan: He explains that him and a couple of his friends were inside a house… Dan: …But weird people seemed like they didn’t mind seeing these creatures. (more deep foreshadowing) Dan: They said everyone else needs to see these beautiful things. Dan: They FORCED us to look at these creatures. I escaped somehow. Hosuh: How do we know and you’re not one of them? Stephen: Well, I don’t think he’s killing us right now is he? Dan: No, he’s not-
Hosuh: Could be tricking us- Hosuh: Why are we even staying here? D: Stephen, let’s leave this house. Stephen:I feel like everyone’s conspiring against us. Hosuh: Even YOU, Stephen-?! Hosuh: How do I know I can TRUST you? Stephen: You can’t, I can’t even trust myself! (personality disorders 101) Hosuh: Oh No! aaahHH- *cute giggles owo* Stephen: Okay, so are these idiots going around killing people, are they physical do they have a human form? Dan: Yeah, they are human beings. Stephen: So these guys are real? Stephen: So we can hit them with rocks-(bashes man’s head with rock) Hosuh: Mm-hmm. But they can also kill us. Stephen: No, they’re trying to kill us by like… Hosuh: Making us watch.. things. Stephen: Yeah, right? Dan: So you guys are sitting down and discussing and trying to figure out what is going on. Hosuh: Wait.. We got no answers! Okay. Dan: You hear a scream in the house..!? Hosuh: Uuuhh… What’s going on? Stephen: Where’s the guy that we just let in…? Dan: You come out the room and you see some of your housemates on the ground… Dan: …dead. Dan: They all appear to have killed themselves. The seals that covered the windows are open. Hosuh: It was the guy. Dan: And the man you let in before is just standing there.(big douche) Stephen: Okay. I shoot him. Dan: YOU’RE BLINDFOLDED!! *confused Dan laugh* Dan: How Are you gonna AIM?? Stephen: I take off my blindfold and start shooting him! Dan: Oh. So you look. Stephen: Well, not at the window side, but like- Dan: He’s by the window.
Stephen: Okay… Stephen: Well, then I’m just totally out of ideas. Hosuh, take the gun. Hosuh: Okay. I look at the ground… Hosuh: …I look at the shadows on the ground and shoot. Dan: Oh, you’re looking downward. *LE gasp* That’s so smart- Stephen: Yeah, Hosuh is actually really smart at this. Dan: Go for it. Stephen: Boom shot boom Dan: He’s dead. Stephen: Get rekt, I teabag his body (rekt nerd) Hosuh:Here’s some tea bags… Stephen: Shut up- Hosuh: I open a bag of teas- So we did it, but he’s a normal guy, right? Hosuh: He’s not a monster. Dan: So in the movie, crazy people apparently are immune to this suicide thing instead.
(Hooray, I’m immune-) Dan: Instead, they think it’s beautiful, and they want everybody else to see it. So they’re kind of like minions of these creatures. Hosuh: Okay- Dan: Where do you think is the safest place you guys can live in. Hosuh: Live- Dan: There was one place that they ended up in the movie. (SPOILER WARNING) Hosuh: Safest place, huh. Hosuh: Hmm… A hospital with facilities made for blind people? Dan: NoOoO- Hosuh: No? Dan: No way. You just got that. Hosuh: What do you mean? Dan: Yeah, that’s- that’s actually so accurate. They go to school for the blind. Hosuh: That’s good. I mean, that’s what I would expected. Dan: No, my god. You must have cheated. There’s no way- Hosuh: NO NO NO I- I actually did. Hosuh: Wait, the video still going on? Dan: Yeah, because today’s video sponsor is ME. Stephen: Wow that’s horrible.
Hosuh: Uh huh… Dan: Oh my god, it’s so bad. Hosuh: Because today’s sponsor is… Hosah: …DANIEL!! WOOOO- *cue adorable clappig and cheering* Dan: I don’t know if you guys noticed, but all the side characters in this video are actually our animators! Dan: I don’t know why I needed to tell you that but that’s just.. uh… Dan: Hosuh, I don’t know what to say- Hosuh: Yeah, don’t worry about it, it’s good it’s okay, just keep going. Dan: Alright, we need more animators on our team. If you think you can draw in DanPlan style and have these requirements… Hosuh: …It’d be pretty nice to have you on the team. Hosuh: So we’ll give you an 8 second audio clip where you will use to draw in our style. So… Stephen: Daniel, I swear to God. If you eat that, I will MURDER you in your sleep. Dan: *weird eating noise* Huh? Oh, what’d you say? Hosuh: Huh? What?? He’s actually eating it- Dan: *weird slurping noise* Stephen: If I kill Daniel, can I res him? Dan: Click the link in the description. Dan: You’ll be directed to a form that you have to fill out and you’ll also be able to send your video link there as well. Dan: Have fun with it, but we would love to have quality animations! And if we like your application… Dan: …we’ll e-mail you for an interview. But if you don’t get picked don’t be disheartened. Hosuh: We can only hire certain amount of people. We’re not rich- Hosuh: Um, By the way! If you have any friends who you know are good at drawing… …tell them! They’re looking for animators! You should try it out. You know, maybe they’ll say “Amazing. I want to join.” Dan: Yeah, that’s it. Bye bye! Hosuh: *whispers* Tell them. Captions by SnowyAce, StLuna and CutieRuby123

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  1. Before watching video: what if you put on your face a VR mask for cellphones and start a videocall with another Phone in front of you

  2. Hosuh: Even you Stephen! How do I know if I can trust you?!
    Stephen: You can’t, I can’t even trust myself!!

    I bursted hahaha

  3. I meet all requirements to apply except for being 18. Actually is "not terrible drawings" on that list? No? alright ill wait till im 18

  4. I don't know if yall noticed when it said all people in the video are our animaters it said (slaves) for god's sake XD

  5. I mean,its easy to tell the random guy was one of thos monsters because,if he wasnt one of them ,how would he know all of those things about them or one of the crazy people?

  6. Dan: you go to the nearest house and ask to be let in.
    Also Dan: thankfully there was a grocery store right down the corner
    Stephen:hOw PlOt CoNvEnIeNt
    Me: Are you kidding me

  7. Haha Stephen how did you guess the original plot of some side characters gouging out their eyes so they don’t see the monsters

  8. daniel:steven stop trying to look for it

    steven:Shhh daniel dont tell what to do

    me:steven stahp trying to look for it .-.

  9. Stephen is probably one of those immuned guys and so i came up with a convo of stephen and the monster
    S:oh there goes my friends just killing themselves with pencils

    M:hol up how r u not affected

    S: anywayz ur having alot of fun huh?

    M:dont change the subject how are you immune?

    S:well i mean its life

    M: life?

    S: law says u cant steal another pet from its owner


    S: u cant possess something twice

    M: oh fucc

  10. wife commits suicide
    husband: she was happy as a bird could be
    stephen: you mean HAPPY AS A BIRD BO-
    hosuh: stephen,it's your wife.

  11. Lmao crazy metal fan 0:36 |
    Random dood: ~*Bangs head on the wall as hard as possible*~

    That one kid called Steven: WOW! That’s a really dedicated heavy metal fan! You know what I will help him do it faster!!!
    I can’t 😂

  12. Okay i take my Oculus quest Tape it on my had and there we go i have 3 hours to look throuh a kamara for food

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