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By the way, Incorrect Quotes

All of these quotes are from incorrect quotes from DanPlan. (Link in description) S: So as your best friend- D: -Hosuh’s my best friend. S: As your best friend! H: Being cute is really hard.. Because even when you’re angry people kind of giggle at you and say Aww- you’re so cute when you’re angry. Like, no stop. Recognize my power! D: Hey, what’s for lunch? S: Oh, I already ate. D: Without me?! S: Well, I was hungry Uhh did you want me to get you anything? What do you want? D: Loyalty. H: I’m worried. D: about what? H: No clue. S: He died as he lived.. Being a goddamn fool! H: I hope you have a good explanation for this S: Oh, we have three actually. D: pick your favorite! S: Ugh, why are you calling me this late? H: I need your help, I’ve done something.. bad S: Ugh- Okay, put the corpse on ice I’m on my way. H: No, no, no! It’s.. Okay, why would I- H: Don’t you want to be a team player? S: No- no, no. D: Don’t you NOT want to be a team player? S: ..Sure D: Stephen’s so annoying. S: I heard you were talking shit about me! H: Stephen look on the bright side at least things can’t get any- S: Excuse me, were you about to say worse? H: No.. S: -No? You sure? H: Def- definitely not. S: I feel weird. D: That would be your conscience. S: Ah- No, that can’t be it. I think I got rid of that thing a while ago. D: What would you do? If I got hit by a car? H: I would run into the street to get you and I’m very sad ‘cos- H: You’d be pretty hurt in the head. (Laughter) I would run the street to get you- I’ll be very sad because I know how painful you’d be in the situation. S: I would call 9-1-1 and make it someone else’s responsibility, like I do with all my problems. D: Guys, I think I have a bad idea. H: What kind of bad idea? S: I would prefer a good idea S: Uhh, yeah, so I just have a question for you- Umm, Are you out of your damn mind?! D: No, D: That is.. Technically an idea. H: I have narrowed it down to two possibilities; Yes, or.. Yes. H: I’ve Finally gotten over my fear of ghosts! D: That’s the spirit! H: Oh shit! where?! S: I am the most intelligent, Valuable person on this team. H: ..Is your hand stuck in this vending machine? S: I paid for my Cheetos, I’m getting my Cheetos. H: I am disgusted- I am revolted. I dedicate my life and my time into this channel! And this is the frickin thanks I get!? H: Uhh what now? D: I don’t know. S: Wait, what do you mean, “I don’t know.” This was your plan! D: Yeah, but I didn’t think this much would actually work! S: What do I do now? H: Be honest. S: Why would I do that? H: I just took a five-hour nap. D: I’m pretty sure that’s called sleeping. S: I’m pretty sure it’s also 15 hour nap- But okay. H: I’m sending good vibes your way. They’re coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them S: That’s the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.

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  1. I'm probably not the only who noticed this but, when Stephen gets the call from Hosuh in the middle of the night, it's at 4:20 (you can see it on Stephen's clock). (You can see it at 0:58 on the video)
    And "4:20 blaze it" is a thing, so when we get back to Hosuh, the shirts are literally ablaze. Like , I just thought the timing was cool

  2. Hosuh: I’m sending good vibes your way, there’s nothing you could to to stop them

    Gets a nuke gun with good vibes in it and shoots it at Stephen

    Stephen: That’s the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up

  3. I just don't know why there

    My vision of them each:
    Daniel: the Basically Father…
    Stephen: a Murdering spree!
    Hosuh: an adorable MANLY MAN!

    Everytime I watch their videos,
    They add a smile to my day!

  4. I actually agree with the “it’s hard being cute” thing because sometimes I get really mad and because I’m short no one takes me seriously

  5. 2:26 You give Hosuh (maybe so much) work, and this is how you repay him? Why?- WHY?- (Mother dragging me away from the pc) WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO HOSUH-?!? *(I might've turned a little bit mad.)

    Charlie: Guys I think I have a bad idea
    Grizz: What kind of bad idea
    Ice Bear: Ice bear would prefer a good idea
    Episode panda gets surgery

  7. OK so i can't be the only one who is reminded of Sanders Sides, right??
    Josuh is Patton
    Stephan is Virgil/ Remus
    Dan is Ronan / Logan

  8. 1:11–1:16 at school an actual fight started with those exact word and there was 3 fights in a row and almost 4 and and almost 5, on the first day there was 3 fights 1 fight the next day and another the day after

  9. I knew what the reference was when Hosuh was going to say "worse" and now im questioning if they have watched like the best dreamworks movie ever :3

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