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By the way, we did your challenges

Today’s video is sponsored by VRV click the link in the description now to get a 30-day ad free trial of VRV premium. “Hey, Daniel, let’s Stephen be the host for an episode.” Are you sure that’s a good idea? Are we recording? Yeah. Oh, what the heck, okay? Ah… Hey, hey Stepen here. We’re gonna be… Hosua: What are we doing? Stephen: Something Daniel you didn’t give me a script for this Hey guys, so we’re just gonna be reading your comments from the “Jigsaw” video. And I’m just gonna ignore all the ones that tell me, Hosua, or Daniel to kiss someone else. Holy crap there were so many. Kids, kids like you’re 14 stop it You can’t just diss your own fans man. If I want to I can go solo. I will take everyone with me. (Laughter) This is why we don’t let Stephen be a host. Alright, no I got a suggestion. This is from Tim Tron. “Hey Steven, eat sh*t.” Thanks Tim Tron for that comment You know what? I just so happened to have some garbage right here too! – It’s your YouTube channel. I’m gonna eat this. This counts. That’s so mean, I don’t know I we can use this. No, let’s push the boundaries on how far Stephen can get away with. Let’s start this off. “Hey Daniel, do your best Naruto impression?” “Hey Daniel, shave your leg.” Oh my god… Hosua: Is this a little to hard-core? No… it must be done. Stephen: Okay first off… Hosua: This is so stupid. Are we now “How to Basic” Did you guys not like my masterpiece? We’re gonna get so much dislike because of this. “Hey Hosua, in the video refer to everyone you talk to as “Senpai” (Hosua trying to hold back laughter) I can’t do this. It’s too hard… Daniel: So yeah, Hosua: Even you guys too? Daniel: Yeah, of course. Hosua: Dang it! Daniel: Is that too difficult? Sure, alright, alright, okay, Daniel Senpai Do you just get turned on by people saying “Senpai”, Daniel? What was that? What was that sound?! “Hey Steven, confess your suppressed feelings for Daniel.” Okay, you know what, it’s been a long time coming. I’m just gonna say it right now, Daniel.. I always hated you, and you know what, I don’t understand why I keep putting up with you. I don’t know how Hosua keeps putting up with you. You’re so demanding, you’re so ugly and all your ideas are terrible! True feelings out! Oh that feels good. It’s okay Daniel “Senpai”, you got this. (Laughter) “Hey Steven go do an impression of five cartoon characters.” Okay, so this one’s gonna be shouty Cuz you know what this comment is “Unacceptable!” (Squidward Laughter) That’s all folks! GRAPPLING HOOK! That’s so cute, oh no… “Hey Steven, come to DanPlan Discord for once.” Now, the only way I’m gonna give you a point is if you go to 10 peep’s Voice Chat right now. All right, how many peeps are there right now. Stephen: All right. How many peeps are there right now? Daniel: Nine. Stephen: Damn it… Daniel: Hosua you too Daniel: Ready? Three, two Stephen: I can finally hear myself now. “Hey Daniel, your least favorite food.” (Throws up) “Hey Hosua, jump on Legos with your bare feet.” “Hey Daniel, do a blog again.” Did you guys know that I actually used to make vlogs like every day, and then I privatized all of it? So the face reveal is real It’s there, but I think this… I don’t know what do I vlog about guys? ” “Hey Hosuh, sing a song.” (Singing) (More Singing) (Even More Singing) Hosuh: I tried… Do you guys want us to try singing? “Hey, Daniel do a face reveal.” Okay! Hello, it’s me Daniel. Daniel from DanPlan. Do I have to do this? ಠ_ಠ You look a lot different than when I last saw you. And when did you get a Korean accent. I don’t know how to react to this one honestly… “Hey Daniel, do another RPG survival video.” So many people have been asking for this, man, well… DONE! “Hey Hosua and Steven, switch personalities.” Stephen: Oh, I don’t think I can do that. That’s hard I don’t know how to be Stephen though. Here, le- oh I-I’m sorry, let me just draw a picture to make it all better. Housa: Well dicks, well dicks, penis dicks! That’s so garbage, Daniel, your so garbage! Get down, bow before me! “Hey Stephen, pet a cat.” Oh I swear, this cat looks like you man. Your face. “Hey Daniel, open the P.O. box.” Well, done! I can’t believe I just used $80 for that joke. Uh… do you think we’ll get anything? I don’t know. I think the only way people would send us anything is if we say: Guys, whatever you send us we will eat it, we will use it whatever you send us I will do anything and I will do it, and I will force Hosua and Stephen to do it until the end of eternity. Hosua: Woah “Hey Daniel, do a sponsored video.” Wow, okay Annabelle plays who I definitely did not ask to post that comment so we could do a sponsored video today’s video is sponsored by VRV Click the link in the description now to get a 30-day ad free trial of VRV premium. Now, this is only for a limited amount of time, so don’t hesitate. VRV is a place that hosts channels like Crunchyroll, Roosterteeth, Funimation Cartoon Hangover Curiosity Steam, and more. It’s available on Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android. It hosts shows like “Harmon Quest” “Bravest Warriors” and even “One Piece”. You all really love me in our RPG survival videos and “Harmon Quest” is just like what we do but done with comedians and professional D&D players. Yeah, and “Harmon Quest” is exclusive to VRV Select, and if I were you guys, I would just go in there and just binge watch “Harmon Quest”, because it’s so similar to what we do and we… I personally just love what they do, and VRV also lets you watch shows On-The-Go, which basically means you can download shows and watch them without the internet. So you can literally watch “Harmon Quest” on the Bus, and I mean that that is pretty cool. Also on a side note about that P.O. box, We’re not kidding, it is actually our P.O. box, and you guys can send us whatever you guys want. Now, I think it is only open for, 2 months. It really depends on how well things go. If you guys send us amazing things, and I know how great this community can be because that “Jigsaw” video, the amount of comments and the support and just the, and just the weird stuff that you guys asked, man. Oh… It was amazing! Like, we obviously didn’t do anything too weird, but we just had a blast reading them. And I think, I’m not sure I’m honestly not sure, but I think you guys can get just as creative with the P.O. box stuff except poop, and Dildos. Don’t, don’t send dildos. Come, come on guys, just… just, just send normal things if you’re gonna send anything. But, until the next video: Bye bye!

100 thoughts on “By the way, we did your challenges

  1. If I was in that discord chat and hosuh said hi and no one else said anything to him i would be like


  2. I am offended that Stephen called me a quote on quote " 14 " like I'm 11 so stfu

    Just kidding I'm an adult I just wanted to use that meme.
    P.S. I want Stephen and Hosuh to do a fanfic reaction. I don't read the fanfics but… I know Stephen would hate it so that's why. I just want to drag Hosuh into it because his innocence is comedic.

  3. Hosuh: sings

  4. Hey Dan and Steven and hosuh have you ever visited your fans at their houses and homes

    PS. I love your videos guys keep it up also I was thinking about it and what if you did a video with me

  5. Hosuh's voice is just like the cute anime guy who's kinda shy but still everyone's favourite hahaha I do love stephen and Jay their personality more…

  6. Daniel:Stephen pet a cat
    Stephen:*pets cats*
    Daniel:Stephen that cats looks like you man
    Stephen:hahahahah your face
    me finds two clues
    Oml it’s either Stephen looks like Daniel or looks like that cat OML

  7. Hosuh: sings

    Me: It’s so calming almost like a forest stroll

    Everyone else: dude it’s just a song

    Me: nOtHiNgS jUsT a SoNg

  8. Hosuh : Ok, Daniel senpai…
    Daniel : OOOOHHHHH!!!!!! “ bloody nose “
    Stephen : Are you turned on just by people saying senpai. 😏

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