Laughter is the Best Medicine

Bystander Revolution: Lonjino | Humor

Saying it’s – it’s not cool or
telling your friend something, a lot of the times,
it’s usually the friends who don’t listen in
the first place who are saying bad things. What’s worked best for me
when I find one of my friends sort of making fun
of somebody else is reminding them that they
have similar qualities that could be made fun of. Everybody does, and
that’s the whole point. I’ve noticed that
a lot of friends criticize another person
for – for acting, uh, a certain way or
being a certain way, and then I just
casually remind them in a teasing manner,
of course, and then you have to know the
parameters of your friendship, and how far they can go. But just letting them
know that they’ve been in a similar
situation, most of the time, if you know your
friends well enough, you can – you can
remind them, whoa, whoa, what about this time? And so, they can really be
empathetic to the other person. If they can relate to
the person, then maybe, they won’t make fun
of the other person. And I think, humor, it’s – you
have to be careful with it, and you don’t wanna tease
another person neither. You don’t want to be
a bully, yourself. Saying something
unexpected is really – I think is really key to get
people to calm down and just look at the bigger picture.

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